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* * * * * * * * * *    2008 ALUMNI    * * * * * * * * * *
320.0  APR 1ST: 191.0    LOST: 129.0  bigbrett22 brett
SW:  340.0  APR 1ST: 162.0    LOST: 178.0  danielle_20077 danielle

* * * * * * * * * *   2009 MEMBERS   * * * * * * * * * *
333.5  APR 1ST: 314.5    LOST:   19.0  amelieb    
SW:  360.0  APR 1ST: 324.0    LOST:   36.0  biggie52 urtaza
SW:  487.0  APR 1ST: 380.4    LOST: 106.6  billsaint bill
SW:  342.0  APR 1ST: 292.0    LOST:   50.0  boarpoint dave
SW:  320.0  APR 1ST: 190.5    LOST: 129.5  bryank1977 bryan
SW:  365.0  APR 1ST: 233.0    LOST: 132.0  capewanderer mel
SW:  331.0  APR 1ST: 326.0    LOST:     5.0  chicolatta  Pam
SW:  320.0  APR 1ST: 212.0    LOST: 108.0  dalmalama dalma
SW:  370.0      MAR 1ST: 272.0    LOST:   98.0  dc9393   derek
343.0  APR 1ST: 295.0    LOST:   48.0  denise07   denise
SW:  316.5  APR 1ST: 307.5    LOST:     9.0  determined82  tasha
SW:  381.4  APR 1ST: 372.8    LOST:     8.6  djwrob  diane
SW:  336.4  APR 1ST: 284.6    LOST:   51.8  dlbrown1020 denna
SW:  350.0  APR 1ST: 334.0    LOST:   16.0  dreamer_x   laura
SW:  420.0      MAR 1ST: 252.5    LOST: 167.5  fcondon forest
SW:  320.0      MAR 1ST: 295.0    LOST:   25.0  foofooguaridan  teighlor
SW:  360.0  APR 1ST: 346.0    LOST:   14.0  gatorlorraine  lorraine
SW:  357.0  APR 1ST: 314.0    LOST:   43.0  glennzol glenn
SW:  320.0  APR 1ST: 296.0    LOST:   24.0  glitterbug1981 trish
SW:  315.5  APR 1ST: 300.5    LOST:   15.0  godess_in_the_making 
SW:  301.0  APR 1ST: 254.0    LOST:   47.0  goingtolookgood   candice
SW:  300.0  APR 1ST: 254.8    LOST:   45.2  graciek82 graciek
SW:  303.3  APR 1ST: 284.2    LOST:   19.1  hatamoto rick
SW:  354.0  APR 1ST: 322.0    LOST:   32.0  humorpam  pam
SW:  302.0  APR 1ST: 230.0    LOST:   72.0  inescapable  jennifer
SW:  348.0      MAR 1ST: 344.0    LOST:     4.0  jessljoslin
SW:  565.0  APR 1ST: 429.9    LOST: 135.1  johnnybtt 
SW:  320.0  APR 1ST: 291.2    LOST:   28.8  kellytx1977 kelly  
SW:  314.0  APR 1ST: 276.5    LOST:   37.5  kindal  
SW:  329.0  APR 1ST: 291.0    LOST:   38.0  korali  Laurie
SW:  329.0  APR 1ST: 210.0    LOST: 119.0  laurabow laura
SW:  318.0  APR 1ST: 309.0    LOST:     9.0  lildab 
SW:  320.0      MAR 1ST: 319.0    LOST:     1.0  livsmama07  dee
345.0      MAR 1ST: 315.0    LOST:   30.0  lllsong leslie
SW:  310.0  APR 1ST: 267.0    LOST:   43.0  loudflower  katy
SW:  307.0  APR 1ST: 274.8    LOST:   32.2  marinehead e.j.
SW:  341.0  APR 1ST: 256.0    LOST:   85.0  mcdh1  MC
SW:  335.0  APR 1ST: 322.0    LOST:   16.0  mihrig6982
309.0  APR 1ST: 254.5    LOST:   54.5  mikey8400 micheal
SW:  410.0  APR 1ST: 332.0    LOST:    78.0 miss_sindel mandy
SW:  370.0  APR 1ST: 289.0    LOST:   81.0  mnic  carol
SW:  348.0  APR 1ST: 288.0    LOST:   60.0  moogiesue13 milli
SW:  347.0      MAR 1ST: 335.0    LOST:   12.0  mrkyriazidis  luke
SW:  442.2  APR 1ST: 399.8    LOST:   42.4  mwiowa michelle
SW:  330.0  APR 1ST: 320.0    LOST:   10.0  nanny317  karen
SW:  330.0  APR 1ST: 330.0    LOST:     0.0  newhabits84 chloe
SW:  471.6  APR 1ST: 474.8    LOST:    -3.2  njakamarilyn  norma jean/NJ
SW:  373.0  APR 1ST: 337.0    LOST:   36.0  oversix2 amanda
SW:  355.0      MAR 1ST: 271.5    LOST:   83.5  pen_coed  helma
SW:  325.0  APR 1ST: 254.5    LOST:   70.5  punkrockriot robbyn
SW:  517.0  APR 1ST: 438.0    LOST:   79.0  ravinyze kristy
SW:  315.0  APR 1ST: 224.0    LOST:   91.0  renaer14 ang
SW:  321.0  APR 1ST: 289.0    LOST:   32.0  scrletbgnias meagan
SW:  423.0      MAR 1ST: 396.0    LOST:   27.0  shadukes Shantrice
SW:  317.0  APR 1ST: 310.0    LOST:     7.0  shnitzel tracy
SW:  355.0      MAR 1ST: 332.0    LOST:   23.0  simplyweight jenn
SW:  330.0  APR 1ST: 306.5    LOST:   23.5  skulder  sandra
SW:  357.0  APR 1ST: 323.0    LOST:   34.0  sophisticatedsista06 shauna
SW:  380.0  APR 1ST: 375.0    LOST:     5.0  stacypenguinsfan
SW:  302.0  APR 1ST: 241.0    LOST:   61.0  stephanie76  steph
SW:  369.0  APR 1ST: 343.6    LOST:   25.4  suddenly_joy  joy
SW:  465.0  APR 1ST: 202.8    LOST: 262.2  sun123 jayne
SW:  385.0  APR 1ST: 335.6    LOST:   49.4  sunnyone24 belinda
SW:  330.0  APR 1ST: 330.0    LOST:     0.0  swansong2009 bernice
SW:  401.0  APR 1ST: 278.0    LOST: 123.0  the_siege  cj
SW:  326.0  APR 1ST: 312.8    LOST:   13.2  tonylayne tony
SW:  367.0  APR 1ST: 287.0    LOST:   80.0  topeze liza
SW:  337.0  APR 1ST: 252.9    LOST:   84.1  valtorpublic valtor
SW:  576.0  APR 1ST: 432.0    LOST: 144.0  velvetkiss  tonya
SW:  340.0  APR 1ST: 242.0    LOST:   98.0  victoriagirl 
SW:  312.0  APR 1ST: 289.0    LOST:   23.0  vikingthrone  viking
SW:  348.0      MAR 1ST: 317.8    LOST:    31.0 walkerboh_rumor pam
SW:  304.0  APR 1ST: 267.0    LOST:   37.0  wishiwasskinny donna
SW:  355.0  APR 1ST: 255.0    LOST: 100.0  wobbley christine
SW:  410.0  APR 1ST: 363.0    LOST:   47.0  wytchymama  cinn
********************************************* *******

    -   WE  are committed.
    - THEY are temporary.
    -   WE  will persevere.  
    - THEY are wasting their time.
    They may annoy us.
    They wont deter us.
    We beat them in 2008.
    We'll beat them  2009.
    Just watch and see... 

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1.    Do you have a nickname? -  My husband has always called me Wob
2.    What State do you live in? – Hertfordshire, UK
3.    What is your favorite color? -  Green
4.    What kind of pets do you have? – None, but every stray visits and we feed them, including a fox.

5.    What kind of music do you like listening too? – Ballads, sing-a-long type, old or new.

6.    What kind of vehicle do you have or drive? – ford focus estate (station wagon)
7.    What is your favorite store you like to shop in? - Wal-Mart
8.    Name something you are not? – I don’t suffer fools gladly and am not patient
9.    Where is your favorite place to eat? – Anywhere posh! But everywhere I don’t  cook, clear away and wash-up.
10.  What favorite place would you like to be at right now? – By a pool in the sun with my laptop and internet connection.

Good Afternoon,

Pam - congrats! That's fabulous.

Steph - Sorry to hear about your gain. No wonder you have no energy.. 6 kids! I can't even handle my sister's 2. hehe Sealed

So I had a serious sweet tooth last night so I decided to make the hungry girl brownie recipe. I took the box of reduced sugar brownies and added a can of pumpkin. By the time they were done my craving had passed, so I just cut them up and put them in a Ziploc bag. This morning a took a piece (I know, great breakfast right?) I'm afraid they didn't turn out very well. The pumpkin really drops the sweetness. If I had known I would have tried adding more splenda.

Anyone make loc cal brownies with any success? I'm thinking of taking reduced fat vanilla wafers and making a crust with them and putting sugar free cheesecake pudding over them to make a fake cheesecake pie. I'm wondering if I should mix in some FF cool whip to make it lighter. hmm..  

1.    Do you have a nickname? - Kris
2.    What State do you live in? - Michigan
3.    What is your favorite color? - Black
4.    What kind of pets do you have? - 2 cats and a chihuahua (did I spell that right?)

5.    What kind of music do you like listening too? - Metal and some hip hop
6.    What kind of vehicle do you have or drive? - Chrysler 300
7.    What is your favorite store you like to shop in? - Any where someone else is paying :P
8.    Name something you are not? fluent in Spanish
9.    Where is your favorite place to eat?  Greek restaurants
10.  What favorite place would you like to be at right now? - On a 100 ft yacht

Just a side note, this list seems ok. but use caution when answering question lists. The more unscrupulous of our society can use them to assist in password cracking.

Steph, thanks for the update! Just work on getting well :D.

Christine, for some reason I'd have presumed you were very patient - your so gracious, so suspecting you can have a clever tongue when appropriate too. 

Good point Pam - I love me some Walmart but I browse ebay almost daily although I rarely buy.  You spent no time dropping back down either on weight - awesome!

Katy, I almost sent NJ a disclaimer I'd be changing my answer for #10 but thought oh what the heck.  I thought you looked familiar - sitting on his lap is also located in the state of denial. That or a security holding room while hes escorted from the building. 

For someone whose not phased by flucuations, that big jump and it staying there did a number on me. I fell off the wagon. Crawled back on, fell back off, back and forth struggling.  Notice Im only volunteering it now?  Shouldve posted the first time I was back on- probably wouldve helped with my accountability, but posting now.  Today so far so good. My friend will be texting me tonight to checkin but feeling back to myself.  The off time was severe - binging, not overeating so serious damage calorie wise. Feeling fortunate so much month is left. 


1.    Do you have a nickname? - Bow
2.    What State do you live in? - UK equivalent: Yorkshire
3.    What is your favorite color? - Black (I know...)
4.    What kind of pets do you have? - My parents have a 14 year old retriever, he's mine too :o)
5.    What kind of music do you like listening too? - Rock, metal, alternative, punk.
6.    What kind of vehicle do you have or drive? - I don't drive- I'm very scared of cars!
7.    What is your favorite store you like to shop in? - Any quirky accessories stores.
8.    Name something you are not? - Boring!
9.    Where is your favorite place to eat? - A delicious Thai restaurant near to my apartment.
10.  What favorite place would you like to be at right now? - At a music festival, with friends, laid in a field with a cold beer listening to my favourite bands.

Apologies for not posting in a while, I have been super busy at work! Still weighing in at 211, and not budging!!! 3 weeks of same weight, but I won't let it get me down as I know it will budge eventually.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Hey all, happy Friday the 13th! Just thougth I would stop by, I was on a bit of a slump this week...but when I stepped on the scale today it was at 264.4 which is 36.6 lbs tossed :)   Hope everyone is doing well....can you beleive March is almost half over???!?! 

Have a great weekend all!

FYI - the waldens no calorie caramel is nasty, especially cold.

I'm afraid to try the chocolate dip.

Glad to have made it through yesterday clean. Also got my period yesterday so wonder how much of the prior days were influenced by PMS, not something I feel I deal with but you never know.  Also crazy sleep - I usually wake a 3am and sometime before 10am end up napping again. This morning not only didnt wake until 7am but soon was back sleeping until 11:30. I dont know what that was about although the whole day seems gone already.

Ive enjoyed reading the survey answers - interesting stuff.  Im still put off on Waldens because its pricy. Despite the calories, it have to be darn delicious for me to buy its cuz Im super cheap.  Until you posted that Candice, it didnt hit me what the date was as Im still feeling that Im in the onset of March.  Yikes, got to get these losses in gear.


I love the Walden Farms zero calorie carmel and marshmallow dip...but I spice it up a little...and make it 25 calories...put 2 tbps of cool whip in it, and mix!  I use that sometimes to hit  my sweet tooth and use it as a dip for my apples!

Hello everyone!  Yay it is finally the weekend!

Stephanie, sorry to hear you've been sick.  Hope you're feeling better soon and back on track. 

Pam, way to go!  14lbs dropped.  That is awesome. 

Kristy, if you find a good recipe for low cal brownies, please post it.  I LOVE brownies.  I believe they are my favorite dessert.

Jayne, sorry you've been struggling, but glad you're back here and working on it.  Thanks for posting the survey.  I have really enjoyed reading everyone's answers. 

Laura, good for you for not letting the plateau win.  They are so frustrating though aren't they? 

Candice, congrats on the 36.6 lbs dropped.  That is amazing.  I hope it continues to go so well for you.  You are on fire!

I had a great week.  Two of my teammates on my walking team at work decided that they wanted to walk across the bridge with me.  It's the one I was SO proud of myself for finally getting the courage to walk over at the beginning of the year.  It's very high (sailboats go under it) and about 1.5 miles long.  So after work on Wednesday, we all met there and walked it.  It was such a beautiful day and the water was just gorgeous.  We are going to try to do this every Wednesday after work.  They both weigh much less than I do and I was able to keep up with them. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 


Candice, I still cant get past your puppy avatar - its just the cutest thing (and Im not a pet person). 

Gracie, how great was that! Keeping up with your much lighter friends, I'd have been gleeming afterwards :D.  The bridge trip sounded so beautiful aside from the crossing it part.  I cant even drive over those high, long bridges no less walk one.  Used to drive 45 min instead of 30 to avoid the Tampa bay bridge going to USF.  Ive got caught a few times - there is a killer bridge on the south border of Louisiana - thought it would never end.  But knowing how beautiful it the water can be from the shore and if your not afraid, imagining it would be wonderful. Was it the length/height or distance you got the courage for to initially cross it?

Guessing it will be a long night (morning) having almost slept until noon.  Feeling great to be eating normal again.  Safe and in my comfortzone.  
Kind of weird but during prior binge time, I noticed I wasnt experiencing the extreme fan fixation.  After eating was on track, it came back although I looked back how I'd been fixated on the food (not overeating but binging).  Its like stepping outside myself both times and now wondering if both come from a general compulsion issue. Or maybe not.  At least fandom is harmless and I do enjoy the heck out of it but still something rolling round my head tonight.  

Happy Saturday everyone!  It's a beautiful day here. 

Jayne,you must be talking about the Sunshine Skyway bridge in Tampa!  My husband is deathly afraid of it.  It doesn't bother me.  There's no way I could ever walk it unless I had a death wish, but I don't mind driving over it.  The challenge for me of my bridge was the distance and the incline.  I'm not scared of the height, but I was scared I'd make it to the top, get excited and go to the bottom on the other side, and then be stuck because I wouldn't be able to make it back over to where my car was parked.  lol  They have a wide walkway for pedestrians over the bridge so it's safe.  I love the view from the top.  I took a picture with my cell phone and have that as my phone screen saver.  It makes me feel good every time I look at it because I was able to make it over and back (twice now). 

Glad you've gotten your eating on track.  You might have something there about the compulsion issue.  I have noticed when I am shopping, I get so fixated on finding what I want and can shop for hours without even thinking about food.  So, if I were rich, I would be skinny.  I could just shop all day every day and not eat.  Wink (makes note to work harder on winning lottery)

Well, pigs might be flying outside.  I have decided to become a gardener.  Actually the pigs will fly if my plants live.  I planted two tomato plants and two jalapeno plants.  I love homegrown tomatoes.  They are just so much better tasting when they ripen on the vine.  However, I don't exactly have a green thumb so we shall see. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!


Gardening: ... Yes, I'm trying my hand at it this year. I'm going to try bell peppers (green, yellow, and red varieties), sweet peas, watermelon, canteloupe, okra, & tomatos. I've started my bell peppers in 2 'batches'. One is 3 weeks old and growing cutely :) And the 2nd batch I started today. The rest all has to wait another month or two before I can start them or plant them right in the ground. I'm doing it for the taste and organic care but also definately for the price and quantity! I feed 8 people regularly (we have 6 children) plus I have inlaws visiting for a few weeks in July-Aug and my family lives nearby and will love some fresh veggies! We'll see if they do well, lol. I sure hope so!!! I'm going to do my best. And that'll be good fresh air and sunshine and a little exercise - at least the initial planting and such. I have to make my own raised beds because the earth is too hard and has few minerals in it, plus it'll help with weeds, too!. Let's just hope rabbits and birds don't try to get it all!

I'm hoping that getting well again after all the sickness in my family will help to motivate me because I'm having an awful, somewhat nonchalant attitude. I just eat what I want as if it's not affecting me. It's sad! And starting to anger me, too, so maybe I'll be able to kick myself back into gear! lol I worked hard to get here, albeit slowly, and I worked hard to lose an additional 12 lbs off and then gained it back over Fall & Winter. It makes me mad after all the willpower and counting calories and emotional hurdles to just let myself give in to temptation, ignore other stress relievers besides eating, and eat more than I should. It makes me concerned about if/when I'll be able to get down to a normal weight of whether or not I'll be able to maintain. Something to be thinking over...

Well.. have a great Saturday night all :)

~ Steph 

Wow everyone is hanging in there and that is great!  I have been busy getting ready for finals and then I can rest on spring break.  We are staying home, but I plan to not study and relax, enjoy some exercising by going to the coast if the weather stays good and not think about school.

1.    Do you have a nickname? - T or Tonna
2.    What State do you live in? - Oregon - originally from Ohio
3.    What is your favorite color? - Purple 
4.    What kind of pets do you have? - 2 male cats
5.    What kind of music do you like listening too? - All Kinds, Rock, Country and more.
6.    What kind of vehicle do you have or drive? - A mini van
7.    What is your favorite store you like to shop in? - Online or Fred Meyer
8.    Name something you are not? - Selfish
9.    Where is your favorite place to eat? - A good steak or great chinese
10.  What favorite place would you like to be at right now? - Visiting my parents in Ohio, or visiting my sister and nephew in Texas or laying on the beach.

I am so disappointed in myself.  I just can't seem to get back to counting calories DAILY.  Somewhere along the way, I had gotten out of the habit of recording everything that I put in my mouth.  I'm sure that I have been going over my calorie limit. 

OK ~ Here I am.  Standing here confessing that I have sinned against my body.  Now I need to get back to doing what I know that I need to do to achieve my goals.

For Better or Worse ...

Here are my stats for 03/14/09:

  • Age: 39  ~  Female  ~  Height:  5' 5"
  • Start Date: ................................... 07/1 6/08
  • Start Weight: ................................. 336.4 lb
  • Goal Weight: .................................. 135.0 lb
  • Total Weight Tossed: ....................... 50.4 lb
  • Weight left to Throw: ..................... 151.0 lb
  • Last Weigh In: .......... 03/07/09 ..... 283.6 lb 
  • Current Weigh In: ..... 03/14/09 ..... 286.0 lb
  • Weight tossed since last weigh in: ..... 0.0 lb  
  • Weight gained since last weigh in: ..... 2.4 lb 

\o/  Denna

Original Post by stephanie76:

Gardening: ... Yes, I'm trying my hand at it this year. I'm going to try bell peppers (green, yellow, and red varieties), sweet peas, watermelon, canteloupe, okra, & tomatos. ~ Steph 

Seph, I see you are going to start a new industry! If all goes to plan you can sell your organic produce for a fortune!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rabbits stay away. Smile

Denna, Rome was not built in a day! You're doing great, these slips are here to test us, just get back to writing it all down and you will soon be back on the road to your destination.

Good luck everyone.

My Sunday is great, the sun is shining and I think my plateau has finally ended, woke today to a new low of 261.6!! Yay.

I wont make my target of 255 by April 1st but I will keep trying.  

WOBBLY - Lol, I wasn't planning on selling it but I suppose if I had too much extra I could! I have 2 more days of rain here and then I can start prepping my vegetable and flower gardens in their new raised beds :) Our Labs cannot get to them because we have an invisible fence, but they can walk within 15 ft of where they'll be so hopefully that'll deter rabbits at least. I might be able to deter birds with nets if need be, too. I get to seed my watermelon and canteloupe in 4 weeks and sow my peas this week as soon as the garden is set up (the peas are actually my 10yo son's own vegetable he chose and wants to tend to). I doubt I'll have much leftovers but if I do and family or neighbors can't eat them, I'll probably donate them to a food shelter nearby. They don't generally take fresh produce, but if I prepped it by dicing it up or something they might. Hmm... have to ask about that.

SO... weight-loss. I'm looking for motivation along with good health again.. well, I finally uploaded my pictures from our Zoo trip! That did it! LOL I don't want to feel like I belong in the Hippo area yet I don't look much different, lol. SO, I think that'll do the trick: Pictures of myself beside my children so I can see the difference. I shouldn't be twice the size of my 9yo & 10yo sons! At this point I'm only about 6" taller than them so I need to get on the ball! :)

Pictures are Reality which is motivation for me.

~ Steph

Steph - The last time I was at the zoo was last May.  That was before the hernia repair and before the lifestyle change.  We were riding in the zoo train, taking the tour (getting a rest) of the park.  We came upon the gorilla exhibit.  They announced that the male dominant gorilla of the park was 350lb.  I decided right then and there that I HAD to do something.  How could I be the size of a dominant male gorilla?


\o/  Denna

Ok, I just did a ton of catching up, although hubby keeps reminding me that I'm procrastinating.  Oh well, glad to hear how everyone is doing.  I'm in the process of interviewing and catching up on work lately, since I have to take time off and interview.  We need to move in the next 3 weeks but really aren't sure where we're moving to.  In the meantime, my eating has been alright.  I had a horrible first week of March, had a fast food craving the entire week.  Thinking it was the lack of time, pre-TOM, and extra stress lately.  Hoping that within the next week, I'll have a good idea of what's going on.  Losing 0.4 lbs over 2 weeks is a loss.  But barely.

In the meantime, I've decided that I need to up my exercising.  I tend to do 45-60 minutes 2-3 times a week.  I need to be putting in more time than I have been.  I think that will help with the loss.  When I weighed in the next morning after cardio this past week, I did see a difference, although I was coming off my TOM and binging, so that may not be as accurate.  I started the C25K this past week and want to continue that (although my "jog" is quite slow).  But, I feel good trying it.  It'll take longer than 9 weeks, but still, I'll get there.  So that's where I'm at right now.  Cause I still have a goal to hit my 100 lbs tossed by my year mark in May.  I'm actually focused on 102 lbs because then I'll be 100 away from my current end goal.  So, that puts me 21.6 lbs to lose by May 12th.  Doable, as long as I can break this plateau.  Despite my mess ups and lack of exercise, I should be losing at a better rate, so I'm sure it is a plateau.  I refuse to give in to it.  It will have to give at some point.  I'm just hoping that when it does give, I get really nice numbers for at least 2 weeks or something.  A girl can hope, can't she?  I'm just tired of the really tiny losses those weeks that I am doing everything exactly "right".

Hey guys, just checking in as I haven't been on in a while. I've had a read through all the recent posts, nice to see there's been a lot of chat going on. I hope March is going well for everyone, and you're on the way to reaching your goals. I'm on track now, planning on doing a lot more exercise from now on. I visited family over the weekend who I haven't seen in a while and I'm disappointed in myself that I haven't lost a noticeable amount of weight since I last saw them. Visiting again in May, so my aim is to lose considerably more weight by then. Good work everyone, keep on going.

Also, I'll just fill this in while I'm here :)

1.    Do you have a nickname? - Lola
2.    What State do you live in? - Scotland :)
3.    What is your favorite color? - turquoise
4.    What kind of pets do you have? - 2 dogs
5.    What kind of music do you like listening too? - I like a bit of everything really, though my favourite is generally acoustic/easy listening
6.    What kind of vehicle do you have or drive? - I don't drive yet, public transport all the way
7.    What is your favorite store you like to shop in? - Monsoon
8.    Name something you are not? - loud
9.    Where is your favorite place to eat? - Subway
10.  What favorite place would you like to be at right now? - I'm in the mood for a break, a trip to Venice would be nice :)


Laura, sounds like great motivation for May! Betting you'll use this time to your advantage :D.

Liza, your doing more than hoping - sounds like your off to that goal, adding more exercise to your plan.  Youve every right to be looking forward to Mays arrival!

Steph, the garden sounds like fun! The idea of eating food Ive grown is so cool although the dirt creatures scares me off.  Maybe you can pose, even if not at the zoo, with you children to copy the shot of your before for an after shot.  Something maybe to aim for.

Gracie, yay on a plateu thats moved on! If you dont make April 1, thinking you'll get as close as possible.  I hadnt referenced Sunshine Skyway although I moved to Seminole, FL nearby in 79, months before it collapsed so that may be behind it. I was avoiding the Howard Franklin over to USF, going up to Clearwater to take the causeway with more land and less crossing water.  I like your shopping idea of fixation - I find leaving the house can force me into activity anyway even though Im not buying.

Denna, Im such a creature of habit - can relate to good ones and bad.  Thinking if you get on the counting path, it will stick.

Tonya, wishing you great weather for a getaway to the coast!

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