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The Cleanse (10 lbs in 10 days)

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Do you think this is healthy for you? 10LB in 10 days the video explains it all!
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I think it is if you are doing it to cleanse out your system - if it is a weight loss thing, no that's not good - you'll just gain it right back and be defeated.  But I can't see that cleaning out your system can be a bad thing....maybe not for 10 days...I could see doing 3 or 4 and have researched it a little - up to the point where they want your Visa anyways!!  I may go to the library and look it up one of these days.
No, this is NOT healthy for you.

1) That's not enough calories to live on for 10 DAYS. And while your body won't go into starvaton mode, I would suggest you don't consider trying to live life normally.,. no exercise, no work (since your concentration will be SHOT), and no living la voda lica after dark.

2) It teaches you NOTHING about how to keep the weight off. You wanna know what you're losing in 10 days? Maybe some fat, probably some muscle.. and the contents of your stomach.. the MOMENT you eat, you'll gain WEIGHT again.
roxanne.. I've heard a 3-day cleansing may be OK.. may help you feel
refreshed and such.. a 10-day cleansing is NOT a good idea...
I was planning on doing that, but seeing that its not healthy for you Iā??m just going to the traditional weight loss method!
Yeah, sorry vincenzo.. there's no... quick way to lose weight.. not and keep it off :)

Only hard work.. counting calories and/or exercising :)
I just completed 10 days of cleanse.  It was my second time in two years.  My goal was not to lose weight, but to detox.  10lb were gone and then 5 got back on, but I have been keeping it off for over 3 weeks now.  After my first cleanse, I kept off 15lb after losing 20 for over a year.  Going through it was not easy, but I feel great.  My skin, hair, nails look fantastic.  I have more energy than ever.  Btw, people fast for religious purpose also.  Half of my department is from India and, guess what, HK, they ALL fast on a regular basis.  And they ALL maintain healthy weight.  Though research is still controversial on this subject, I believe, there is some merit in fasting if done properly.
just because their indian and fast regularly doesnt mean they are -NOT EATING-

often in religiouse fasts you are alowed to eat after sun down,

this is how ramadan in Islam works
I used to be a Baha'i. Baha'is fast for 19 days in March. During the fast, they don't eat or drink (not even water) while the sun is above the horizon. But people get up early to have a big breakfast and say prayers, and have a substantial supper in the evening. It's not a weight loss thing; it's a spiritual discipline.

I was told NOT to fast, because I'm diabetic. People with illnesses, the very young and the very old, and those whose work involves really hard labour, are excused.
PS: the best part about it was being in solidarity with 6 million other people who were undergoing the same thing. I only did it once, before I found out how dangerous it was for me.

By the way the *really* hard part for me was you weren't supposed to smoke during fasting hours either!
Well, they all follow different rules.  Some of their fasts are more restrictive than the others, depending on their place of the origin.  Some of my friends practice skipping hard foods for prolonged period of time because that is how they were raised.  Not a single person reported any sort of medical issues. 

The only point I am making is that the cleanse is NOT a weight loss tool.  There is plenty of literature arguing pros and cons of the "lemonade diet", which, by the way, should have never been called "diet".  However, I can only rely on my own experiences or my friends and their families.  

When conducted properly, the cleanse can be beneficial for some individuals.  Therefore, I disagree when idea of fasting is dismissed so readily.   Nevertheless, and I can not stress it enough, it should not be used for weight loss purpose. 
funny, flamel's posts came in when I was typing away in my MW window.  But thanks, for your comments.  Apparently, "traditional" methods are plentiful depending on what you are used to; the trick is to identify the one that works for you.
o-o I dont know whats with me then....there was this time where I was sick and didnt eat for at least a day and a half and I went to work...I had lost 7lbs.  I havent tried to do it again, but occasionaly when I went to school and didnt eat much during the day I would lose around that much.
That's mostly water (seven pounds of fat? that would be almost 25 THOUSAND calories!). Keeping your metabolism burning properly is best done with a reasonable amount of food. Have a nice breakfast!
Alright, kisa, I'll back off to your knowledge on this one.

But I think we all agree that the cleanse is NOT meant as a weight-loss tool, right? :)
Aha, HK, you got it ;)  Those who attempt to use MC as a "diet" will be mighty dissapointed. 
rephrase for my last post. I didnt drink or eat anything ( slept most of the time after throwing up) except when I went to work I had maybe a cup of water. 
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