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Weight Loss
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Cleaning out your closet can be DEPRESSING!

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Hi ya'll! 
I'm a new member here! I just officially started my weight loss journey today!

Its a rainy Sunday, so I took advantage of my downtime and decided to do some cleaning. My closet it stuffed with clothing, and most of it I don't even touch.

The ripped and stained clothing got thrown away, but there was a pretty big selection of clothing that was just too small for me (especially jeans).

I came across so many size 0 and 2's that I can no longer squeeze my butt into! At this point in time I wear a size 4-6 pant. The size 0's went to good will, but I couldn't help but hold on to the size 2's.  Keep in mind, I was wearing size 0-2 two years ago. 

I have mixed feelings. Part of me is depressed that I've let myself go from size 0 to size 6. Another part of me remembers my mom telling me I looked like a a lollipop when I was a size 0. 
Do I want to be that small again? I was 5'4" and my weight ranged from 108-112. I'm currently 135 :( 

I definitely want to lose weight, I'm no longer happy with my appearance, but do I want to be 108 pounds? I don't know...

Sorry, this is kind of a vent!
But I am looking for support! So if anyone has similar stats, please add me!

This site recommended I eat 1200 calories a day, which seems so low to me! I must have been overeating quite a bit!
So needless to say, I need all the advice and help I can get :)

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studies have shown a BMI of about 20 is most attractive

at 5'4" that would be 120lbs, at 108lbs it's going to be a little gross looking me thinks

1200 calories can be's like 4 bagels lol-the trick is to fit as much good food into that allowance as possible. Which is where whole unprocessed foods fit in :) Y'know how many fruits/vegs you can eat in a day on that (minimal) calorie intake? Tons!

However, I would think even with your small frame you'd need a few more calories a day

The American College of Sports Medicine puts 1,200 as the minimum calories for a women. Based on which I believe calorie count gives this number when you set your weight loss goals. Remove the target date and this goes up. Anyways ideally you should calculate your BMR n not eat below that as at that level if you are eating healthy foods you should get the nutrients your body requires. As you exercise your body not only needs extra energy which it can get from burning body fat it needs extra nutrients for maintainance so you shoul eat extra a part of the calories you burn.

Don't throw away those clothes. I didn't n am wearing them now.

Thanks for the replies!

I didn't throw away my size 2's! I still have hopes of fitting into them eventually!

Honestly, the zeros looked so small...idk if I want to fit into them again!

JMHO but a 0 is what is sounds like-nothing. Any grown person wearing a 0 would seem to be underweight. Unless you are aspiring to be a supermodel-a 4 seems very reasonable or as little as someone your height would need to go. I'm 5'3" and small boned and they tell me my ideal weight is between 120-125. If you are toned a 120 weight would "seem" appropriate. If you do get back to a smaller size then it will be time for a new pair-right? Don't worry about the 2's-you can give em away later or maybe get bk in em-Just be healthy whatever you do.

I know. It's hard to look at those pants and think I ever fit my butt into them! Then I remember...I didn't have a butt!!!

I would kind of like to keep my bum this time around. So maybe when I hit 120 I'll be happy, and not feel the need to lose another 10 pounds!

If that is a picture of you why bother thinking in terms of weight loss. Go on the lines of fittness to acheive / maintain body tone.

i think you need to also remember it's what YOU look like at 120lbs . Every body has a different build and way of carrying weight. I was 120llbs and super muscular so quite small , then i have also been 120lbs and it was definitely with a higher body fat percentage and it did not look as good. 

Weight is not the thing to go by , what your body looks like is a better measurement. 

Well I think so anyway :)

i need to have a look to find it (can't right now! in a rush!) but someone posted a link to a site where people submit photos of their bodies. You can put in a height and weight range and all the relevant people come up. It's a really good lesson that weight is not what counts because there are no two that look the same! Some carry off certain weights much better than others....

will be back later when i have a chance and send you the link!

sorry , exam time got the better of me but here you go....


Just type in a height + weight and you get to see how everyone 'wears' their weight differently

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