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Cinnamon and honey to lose weight?

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Hey everyone!!

I came across some papers explaining that scientific researchers found that taking daily doses of cinnamon could help losing weight. It's effect is that it lowers blood sugar, and bad cholesterol. Some studies say that it even could be a replacement of diabetes medicine...

I searched for more information, and found some blogs saying that taking a honey-cinnamon mixture could help you lose up to 4 pounds per week. With one teaspoon of honey, and half teaspoon of cinnamon boiled in one cup of water, make two half cup doses you take half an hour before breakfast, and before sleeping. 


Have anyone heard of/tried this? Do you think that it could work?


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There is no magic elixir or quick fix for weight loss.  

people like to 'hope' that doing this will just magically shed pounds but they really dont have much of an effect.  i do science at university and in my subjects recently ive had to study alot about plants and human nutrition. 

every one says drink green tea when you want to loose weight as it increases your basal metabolic rate, but they did a study and prooved that at best with drinking 5 cups of green tea a day, it only increased the metabolism by 4% (at best i think) so thats like an extra 50 calories a day.  but if you sweeten your tea with honey or have milk it pretty much counter acts hat 50 calories anyway. 

the only way to do it is eat healthy and exercise healthily.


Here it could be something to help your metabolism burn faster, just like coffee... And here it's a scientific study on 60 type 2 diabetes which showed that cinnamon (1 to 6 g a day during 40 days) reduced blood sugar (18 to 29%) and cholesterol (12 to 26%) (Khan A, Safdar M, et al. Cinnamon improves glucose and lipids of people with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2003 Dec;26(12):3215-8). That's why I would like to know if someone has already tried this.

It did not work for me and seemed a lot of bother for that very little "supposed" benefit. As stated, coffee or tea provides the same minimal boost in metabolism that this mix would provide and is more readily available.

Not sure of the wisdom of drinking a honey sweetened drink for someone who is type 2 diabetic. I could be wrong but I thought sugars are supposed to be reduced and very closely controlled as part of their regimen? Those diabetic studies I saw only mentioned cinnamon, not the mix of cinnamon and honey.

Multiple ways are touted for making the cinnamon/honey mix. Some even mention that a certain type of cinnamon is the only one that "works" (not the regular off the pantry shelf variety). Many of them also say it must be RAW honey (the solid kind, not pure or runny) and that cooking or boiling the "tea" with the honey in it removed all the benefits. Supposed to add the honey only when liquid is cool.

Best way I know to get your metabolism burning faster is to exercise. Nothing beats that and the heart healthy benefits are well known.

You can waste your time looking for shortcuts or cut to the chase and simply reduce your calorie intake and add in exercise. That regimen will get you weight loss results for sure.

Your choice.

Sounds really unbelievable to me - the benefits of cinnamon for improving glucose sensitivity and reducing insulin resistance in Type II diabetics is reasonably established but I've yet to see anything to suggest that it's more than a tasty condiment for individuals without diabetes. 

 I don't suppose adding it to your intake will harm anything though and as the old body builder saying goes, "everything tastes better with cinnamon" - at least my oats do ;)

 There is no plausible mechanism of action at all for how cinnamon with an overdose of pure sugar (honey is pure sugar with trace impurities) can even begin to help burn fat unless the sugar makes you so hyper you go out and run a marathon every day. And until someone can propose an actual biologically plausible mechanism for how consuming more sugar is supposed to help I wouldn't bother trying it out.

results are minimal at best

cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar, but I doubt it's enough to make a significant difference. Similar to how capsasin in peppers helps raise your metabolism.. sure there may be a slight change but not enough to cause a drastic weight loss. 

clean eating and exercise are the only way to drop pounds effectively 

Cinnamon is not going to help you lose weight.  Calories in<Calories out=Weight loss.  Period.

What I've read recently is that cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar, reducing spikes, which can help keep you from unnecessary eating.

cinnamon has been documented to help with blood sugar, but it isnt' a magic fix-all. Skip the honey, add some extra cinnamon to your oatmeal or other foods, and continue to eat healthy and get moderate exercise.

Don't make any changes to any medications with out first talking to your doctor.

Honey does have immune benifits but it can also raise blood sugar. If you want it do small amounts in other foods and adjust your other sugars accordingly to account for it.

There are no magic bullets are we would all be using them, and I'd be getting paid alot more money than  I am (work for a supplement company).


Like everyone else has said, there is no magic weight loss solution-- be it diet pills, drinks, or cinnamon and honey. My mom, however, was a type 2 diabetic and with changing her diet (eliminating simple carbs and sugars with instruction from her dietitian) she reversed her diabetes. She also had a tablespoon of cinnamon and honey every morning. Now, I'm not saying it works per say, but she claims it helped regulate her insulin levels after breakfast every morning.

It's definitely possible as far as I'm concerned.

But I think any benefit you get from it is going to be minimal.

I've been exercising one hour  per day, and eating less in the dinner this last week, and I've already lost 5 pounds.  This after having tried so many diets (Dukan, Mayo, Chrono, pills...) which just made me gain more weight. So I can perfectly understand when you say that there's no magic weight loss solution.

As thecrankyone said, I will skip the honey, since I don't like to have sugar in the morning or just before going to bed, and have just cinnamon drink. I consider cinnamon as a natural tool which can't harm in all cases, and makes me in fact take one more cup of water per day. This combined with healthy food and exercising can give only good results. 

Thanks all for your answers.

Cinnamon can help with blood sugar regulation, but I don't think that that property of it is in any way related directly to weight loss.

I can almost believe that it might have some effect on cravings, but I know the only time I go crazy for sugar is when my blood sugar is already too low.  I'm a type 1, though, so it may be a different experience for people who produce insulin naturally.

Original Post by calisue:

There is no magic elixir or quick fix for weight loss.  

This ^

And for someone that eats too much adding honey to everything else will definitely not help, quite the contrary.

I don't know ... I eat cinnamon on everything and seem to struggle to lose weight. I don't see much of a difference on the days I don't have it either. It may have some sort of minimal effect over time, but I don't think it's anything to get excited about. Too bad, a quick fix is always a nice thought!

Well if you have insulin resistance like I do, it's very difficult to lose weight even when I cut calories low and do lots of exercise. It took me about 2 months to lose about 5 lbs with walking 2 miles a day, cutting out all carbs, and basically eating meat and veggies. I have tried the Paleo diet, calorie diet, counting points, Atkins, you name it I have tried. I never could figure out what my problem was until the doctor said my sugar was high and I was considered borderline diabetic. 

I started reading about insulin resistance that was related to being pre diabetic. If you have this condition a calorie is not a calorie. Your body will not cooperate when you cut out calories. I would lose about a 2lbs a month with exercise and being very careful about my calorie and carb intake. Now that is frustrating! By drinking apple cider vinegar (I sip it through out the day, 1 T in 20 oz water with a little stevia) I began to lose weight at an even pace about a 1 to 1 1/2 per week, which for me was awesome! 

Then I read some recent studies about cinnamon and it's affect on insulin resistance. I have started adding about 1/2 teaspoon of it to my vinegar concoction. No, it's not delicious but it works. I've been doing it for about a week and I can see an improvement in my metabolism.  

I have not weighed myself lately because that is so frustrating. Once my clothes get a little loser I will go ahead and weigh. I hope this helps someone.

I tried this last week an lost 4.5 lb. watched what I ate; smaller portions but it paid off! I was amazed! I love cinnamon so it was like a bed time treat.


Herbs and spices can often be beneficial in small ways but can not replace a healthy diet. For best results exercise, eat a balanced diet and add spices to your food for flavour and you will reap extra benefits while enjoying wholesome foods.

Pretty much what everyone else has said: there is no "secret trick," regardless of what banner ads claim.  


Cinnamon is one of the beneficial herbs/spices/seasonings, but it's not so for weight loss.  Others include cumin, rosemary, garlic; there are tons of lists on the Internet from reputable sources that list others and explain why.  As others have said, putting these herbs on healthy foods might give your health a boost, but sprinkling cinnamon on apple pie isn't going to turn it into a superfood.


Honey or agave can be good if you want to replace white processed sugar.  Both still caloric, and they're mostly carbs from sugar, but some kinds are low on the glycemic index, which is good.

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I have not heard of cinnamon being used so much for weight loss per se but to make foods seem sweeter without adding sugar.  I do believe that helps.

Still dont think they have magic bullets for sale  :)   Aw, shucks!

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I did this process about 2 years ago with my sister.  I lost 17 lbs in a month and my sis lost 13 lbs.  It really does work.   I moved out of my sis's place and never started back up.  I am about to do this again.  I will let you know my progress.  I have to lose 50 lbs before Sept for my daughters wedding.

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