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The Christian Bale Diet - Slightly Downsized

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Im 6'1, 210lbs. The problem I have is that all the fast seems to be sitting on my stomach. I used to be able to eat anything and used to love wearing small T shirts. Over the past year my metabolism must have slowed down and on top of some excessive drinking, I slammed on the weight from 175lbs to 210lbs.

I've just started a safer version of the "Christian Bale" diet. In one of his movies he lost a significant number of pounds by eating only one can of tuna a day and exercising hard.

Last week I began to eat only 2or3 Weetabix with skimmed milk in the morning, a Weightwatchers meal in the afternoon and a tin of tuna at night. I have been doing this with a full vitamin supplement. I have been targeting about 800 calories a day, although this system tells me I actually need 2900 to maintain my weight.

If I need extra calaries I fill up the remainder with an apple, or Water biscuits with either the tuna or the main meal. So far Im finding it slightly tough, but manageble. I smoke, and although Im planning to give up I usually smoke a cigarette if I feel a hunger pang, or drink a cup of tea, white with sweeterners.

Everyone speaks about the health issues here of undereating - And I fully understand the idea of "yo-yo"ing and to avoid that I should just eat my actual calorie target when I am at my desired weight. But what are the real health risks??

Christian Bale managed to do it for his movie with Vitamin supplements and will power. And I have started doing a lot more walking to keep my body moving. I know he went to the extremes with only 120 calories a day, but if He can do it, why can't i??
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Oh, heavens. You ARE kidding, I hope.

Okay, maybe you aren't.

Not eating enough is bad for your body. Your body needs fuel to function, and that fuel is, first, what you eat, and absent enough of that, itself, whether muscle or fat.

I'm assuming that you are not interested in losing muscle. Usually, people want to lose fat. Do I assume correctly?

Assuming I assumed correctly, please hang with me for a minute in an analogy.

You are flying a plane. Through an accident, you have lost half your fuel. You have cargo on board that you can jettison to make the fuel in your tank last longer and get you to where you want to be. Now... what are you going to jettison, a cubic yard of lead, or a cubic yard of feathers?

The lead, of course. It weighs more -- takes more fuel to fly it. (Let us all bow our heads for a silent prayer for the cow hit by that cubic yard of lead when you jettisoned it.)

Muscle "costs" the body more in fuel than fat does because it is metabolically more active -- it uses up more calories, even at rest. Cut your calories too much, and yeah, you'll lose weight, but it'll come from your muscles, not from your fat.

If that's what you want, keep doing what you are doing, and plan to continue to have to undereat for perhaps the rest of your life, because once you go back to a reasonable food intake, your body will rebound -- right into major fat storing mode, to prepare for the next famine you put it through. Once you gain that weight, you'll probably decide to eat too little again. And so the cycle will repeat itself.

If you prefer to lose fat, for the long-term, start eating 2400 calories a day. You'll lose weight, but it'll be from fat loss, not muscle loss, and your body will not hate you for starving it.

Eating one can of tuna and exercising hard is detrimental and silly.

So toss that into the garbage.

800 calories for yourself is silly, now toss that idea into the garbage.

Here the real deal.

Eat healthy with the recommend calories,  exercise regularly and live your life knowing that your not harming your body.

As a volunteer Moderator here, I strongly suggest you use this sites resources.

Here are some great links to get you started.

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1223 0.html

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1730 4.html

Thanks to Salome ^^^^^
fibonacci ~ welcome :) 

this website is dedicated to helping people find a healthy way to eat....

losing weight radically following a fad diet can be harmful to your health and most always leads to failure, up to 95% of people will regain the weight.

instead, try to find a way to eat that nourishes your body and helps you lose weight, say 1 or 2 lbs a week, what is considered a safe rate to lose.  If you want to lose faster, it should be with the supervision of your doctor so he can make sure your kidneys and other body organs are not hurt by an extreme very low calorie diet and weight loss.

for men, a minimum 1,500 calories per day are recommended... but more if you are burning more than 2,500 calories a day so your deficit is no more than 1,000 which would give you roughly a 2 lb loss per week.

hope this helps :)
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you're using the WRONG Bale diet. For his role in the machinist, an insomniac who only ate coffee and pie, he needed to lose weight to become *sickly.* Look up pictures of him in that film (or go rent it). It is not a good look.

If there's a Christian Bale diet you want to emulate, try his Batman diet and exercise regimen. I think I remember it was featured in Men's Health.
Read this http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/core_march_8. htm

ALL OF IT.   It describes me and I think it might hit home with you too.

Why emulate someone who changes his diet just for a part in a movie?  We're talking about our whole lives here!  Or do you just want a temporary quick fix?

Like your name by the way - fibonaci's number is a quite a concept.
Fibonacci, I have another article for you. Please read this.  It's an article written last year about.. where to start losing weight in a succesful and healthful manner.  I stand by everything stated in this article, because it's worked for me and I've lost 56 lbs. this way. It works. Period.
Christian Bale was probably followed VERY closely by a doctor and and a nutritionist.  Are you?
^^^^^^ exactly.

CB has the money and can afford to go on whatever diet he needs, and a TEAM of people to help him every minute..... as well as all the equipment he needs.

We can't compare ourselves to celebrities, they simply have more resources to diet better than we ever could.
If you're talking about the weight that he lost for The Machinist, I suggest you find a new diet plan. Yeah, he was eating a can of tuna a day. He also wasn't sleeping at all (I don't think an hour or two a night counts for anything) and looked completely emaciated and horrible. On top of that, after the machinist, when he started gaining weight so that he could have muscle in Batman, his body couldn't handle the drastic change in lifestyle and his cholesterol skyrocketed.

Don't get me wrong - he's a great actor and very committed to his craft, but there's a difference between losing 85 pounds so you can look like a living skeleton in a movie and losing weight to become a healthier person.
Also, you are gonna get high mercury levels if you keep eating tuna!

I wouldn't have it more than twice a week if you're a male, once a week if you're a female at childbearing age.
As not only a man, but a man that is SIX FEET TALL you should NOT go under 1500 calories, any weight you lose will come right back when you start eating healthy.

Crash diets are awful for you and as future said you will get far too much mercury.

I'm only a 5' 4" woman and I never go under 1100 (I should be at 1200)
I eat tuna at leat 4 times a week; the whole can even!
People in Hollywood also successfully lose weight with cocaine. That's just not the kind of weight loss CC usually advocates.

Perhaps this make a molehill out of a mountain but I'd watch out for the sodium in those weight-watcher meals. :)
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Wow thanks for all the replies guys. The truth is, I'm new at being overweight and I'm new at the whole concept of trying to lose it. I used to be able to eat whatever I liked and no problems.

I'll take your advice on upping my calories and laying off the daily tuna, but I'll try 1500 calories a day instead. I still feel like if I ate that much I would be eating loads so.

I wasn't trying to emulate Christian Bale by the way - there's no way I want to look like he did in that movie, I was just trying to emulate his rapid weight loss, and I see from your advice that there's more than meets the eye when you lose weight, its not just about <Your body has less food so it burns more fat>, it's more complicated.

I'll keep posting, and I'll eat more, thanks for your advice.

fibonacci -- I'm glad you're listening to the awesome advice that's been posted here! It sounds like you've got the right idea now!
I'll go ahead and confirm it -- I was dieting last year on my own (ie, without c-c) and feeling really run down, cranky, and tired. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight! Then I found this site and figured out I was eating waaaay too few calories. I ate more, and viola! I was in a great mood, had tons of energy, and I dropped 5 lbs like magic.

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I'll vary it from 1500 to 2000 calories some days then depending on how much work I do in the day.

Im trusting you guys now - I really wanna lose this weight, I really hope this works.

becb, cheers for the support. I actually feel quite happy after having some Irish Stew, and thats helped my Calorie count today. I want to lose 30lbs, so i have a fair way to go yet. You know what - I don't even own a set of scales! hehe - Im gonna get some I think.
Good idea, fibonacci. 1500-2000 cals a day is much healthier and much safer than the diet Christian Bale used to drop weight for his role in "the Machinist".  He did not look healthy at all...

that was for a movie and he was getting paid millions to do so... You're putting yourself at risk by using that diet... and for what?
Crash dieting is no good--all you'll lose is water and you'll gain it all back when you start eating right again (if you don't die in the process).  If you're hungry, your body needs food!
I don't know if anyone's links touched on this, but I didn't see it mentioned glancing over the posts - so, in addition to everything you've been told about not crash-dieting, here's something else to consider:

The benefits of taking a vitamin supplement are hotly debated amongst nutritionists. Pay attention; recommendations for taking vitamins by health professionals are often followed by qualifying statements like, "it certainly can't hurt," "there are *possible* benefits to taking a supplement," "the following groups of people *might* benefit from taking a multivitamin."

It's unlikely that taking a multivitamin will hurt you, but (especially if you aren't digesting it with food) it may not actually help you much. Certainly it doesn't do as much for you as the naturally-occuring vitamins you'd recieve from healthy foods like vegetables, beans, fruits, etc.

Supplements are just that: *supplements.* It would be a gross mistake to think that taking a multivitamin will make up for what you would be depriving your body of.

-phantom"I'm-not-trying-to-knock-multivitamin s"Poe
Keep reading different posts and get information.

The best way to lose weight is to get informed on how your body acts and reacts to foods and such. 
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