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chocolate cake?

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I had a quick question- not sure if this forum is quite the right place for it- but does anyone have a good estimate for the number of calories in a relatively large slice of chocolate cake? I would say the dimensions were about 3 inches high by 4 inches by 4 inches (it was a layered sheet cake). Any input would be greatly appreciated! I was thinking (perhaps optimistically) that it was around 800 calories?

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Do you know how to use the tools on here and log your foods?  Im sure the food logger would have choco cake.  Utilize the tools, they are awesome.

Looking at a few sources around the internet, a cubic inch of chocolate cake has around 10-30 calories. At 48 cubic inches, that puts your slice at roughly 500-1500 calories, depending on the type of cake*. Denser cakes, like pound cake, devil's food cake, and chocolate fudge cake would be around 1250. Lighter cakes, like sponge cake, would be 600.


*type of cake - calories, according to various websites:

Chocolate Pound cake - 1344

Chocolate cupcake ("NS as to icing") - 1296

Chocolate Devil's Food (a "pudding type mix") - 1200

Chocolate Fudge cake (a "pudding type mix") - 1200

"German" Chocolate cake (coconut-pecan frosting and filling)- 1056

Chocolate Chiffon cake - 624

Chocolate sponge cake - 528

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