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Chinese soup- healthy or not?

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I'm Chinese and I eat Oriental food nearly every meal- rice and soup for dinner everyday.

My family prepares Chinese soup often, and I've always been wondering about the calories of Chinese soup. Chinese soup is usually prepared by putting around 500g of raw poultry meat (usually pork or chicken, fat removed) , small amounts of assorted chinese condiments which I don't even know their names in English- into around 1000ml of water, and all the ingredients are cooked and boiled in the soup pot for around 3-4 hours. We take the soup only and we seldom eat the "solid ingredients" as well, so basically it's like drinking water, flavoured- does that mean that it has very little calories, or do I have to take in the fats and stuff from the meat into account as well??
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I do think it's probably very low calorie, but to determine exactly how much fat or protein "leaks" into the water? I have no idea. SOrry.

But.. it is probably very low cal, yes.
yes...traditional chinese food is some of the healthiest stuff you can eat! Let me ask you this: did you become overweight on traditional Chinese food, or on American food?

Going back to a traditional diet may be the best thing for you. I Try and cook a lot of oriental food myself; I have a rice cooker and I use oyster sauce and black bean sauce and what not to season most everything....it's all very low cal.

You only have to take into account the things you eat, even if what you eat is flavoured by a bunch of solid items you don't eat.
chicken broth like this one is fairly low in calories

usually the concern with broth is that it contains a lot of salt

since you're making it at home, you can control that somewhat

if the condiments that you add are not terribly high in salt (sodium) then it should be very healthy - they say a healthy amount of sodium each day is between 1500-2000 mg

I'm assuming that you also eat other vegetables and things to get a variety of healthy foods....
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Actually I wasn't overweight, I was just fat because I ate without restrain at all during my teenage years- I used to have 2 bowls of rice for dinner, and I took a lot of snacks and junk food and all- so despite the healthy asian diet, i was fat, but not really overweight.

Anyway, after I joined CC, I successfully lost weight and am now maintaining. I've learnt to be more cautious with what I eat and I still count calories even though I'm not aiming to lose any weight. I want to live a healthy lifestyle. Since I drink around 2 bowls (typical chinese rice-bowls) of soup every night, I thought it'd be better to check their calories.

Hkellick I share the same concern with you- I'm just worried about the fats and oil that "leak" into the water from the meats. Sometimes they put half a chicken with skin to make soup, and I can see tiny droplets of oil on the surface. Though we usually spoon the topmost layer of oil away, still... I'm still not quite sure about how much fat they have.
a good trick to get rid of that fat is to put the soup in the fridge and let the fat solidify on top - then it's very easy to get rid of and you just heat your soup back up and you get all the goodness without the fat...
See the calories in rice DO add up...

and the junk food is probably what got you. If you just eat a little bag of Pocky, that's cool, but if you're also eating butterfingers and chips and that kind of thing, THAT'S what gets you. You already know that, though.

Traditional Asian food is VERY healthy, low cal, and filling.

The bowls of soup are perfect because they're low cal and they fill you up so you don't over eat on the other stuff.
What is Pocky?
Lets put the emphasis on TRADITIONAL chineese food... not General Tao Chicken...  :-(
hi sytso...chinese broth/soup has very low calories...but it depends how you drink it...i understand you don't eat the ingredients...but there's usually fat floating on top of the soup...so steer away from that...and it depends if the ingredients are stuff that'll extract sugar stuff (like those prune-like things)...if the soup is sweet...it's probably gonna have more calories...but usually...a cup of chinese broth is usually 20-40 Calories...so it's not bad...not bad at all...and according to the chinese...there's GREAT nutritional value...hope i helped...:)
omg Pocky is like the best thing in the world.

They're these little breadstick pretzel stick type things dipped in all kinds of different flavours; you can get seseme flavour (tastes like peanut butter), chocolate, coconut, even weird ones like red wine and green tea.

They really satisfy cravings and they're relatively low cal in that they're just little flavour dipped sticks.

POCKY! :) U sure it's low cal? o.o? they too gooooooooddddd......
Hmmm. I'll have to try the Pocky.
My mom always cools the soup and scoops the (disgusting looking) layer of fat off the top.  Even when she doesn't have enough time to cool it, she'll try to skim as much fat as possible off the top.  It's low in calories and nutritious but she does tend to overdo it with the sodium which is what I'm more concerned about (for her health more than mine really). 

Pocky rules!
Look at it this way, sweet tart: it's low cal if you eat one of those little 150 calorie packets that has about 10 sticks in there. It's NOT low cal if you eat an entire box of pocky lol

I just like em because they're big on flavour, little on substance~

I have lived in China and currently live in Viet Nam (Viet Nam shares much of the food with China, and the day usually starts with a soup). One thing I always noticed is how few overweight people you saw. That is, until McD and PizzaHut came to town (80+ McD+ in Beijing alone!)

Generally, Asian food is very healthy, with lots of veggies, fruits, fish, etc. I lived for a year in a part of Viet Nam where only local food was available, and I lost 10kg without even trying.

Cut out all the junk, and you will be doing fine. I am going for a big bowl of "Pho" (Vietnamese noodle soup) now:-))
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