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chinese food

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I have no idea on how many point for a chinese lunch.  My parents ordered dishes instead of individual meals.  I had very little fried rice... a 1/2 cup at the most.  I had a few pieces of dry roasted chicken(similar to orange chicken), I large spoonful of mangolian beef.  three peices of shrimp in a lobster sauce and filled up mainly on a vegetable deluxe dish (vegetables in a light sauce)I had one wonton and chinese soup with tofu. 

Can anyone help me?
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I hope you enjoyed the meal, sounds lovely.

FORGET about it, you DESERVED it, carry on with your weight loss program!

We all have days like that, I've never seen anyone suffer any harm from the odd day off.
I also think you deserved it! Just drink some water tonight to help flush the sodium out of your system, and start fresh tomorrow.:)
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thanks ladies.  I am new to this site and so pleased I found it.  I tend to eat to few calories on most days and I know that I am putting my body into starvation mode.   I also tend to gain weight when I undereat, my body stores every little calorie I eat.  But I really am new to the calorie game.  I tend to eat by the weight watchers point system(eating less than my minimum daily points).   I guess I have gotten used to finding the lowest point foods and have taken it to an extreme(most days, because I do eat high cal stuff once in a while. And meals like chinese are rare and they scare me because I don't know how to calculate the calories and I know it is high sodium.  I know that I also don't get enough milk products, good oils and maybe protien.  I will continue with this site.  thanks again
My suggestion is to do a "search" for those foods and just use whatever comes the closest. That's what I do when I'm unsure of something. For example, "homemade bean soup" -- I searched for "bean soup" and took at guess at which particular soup it was most like and used that soup in my log. That way at least you have an idea.
Here's a chart I found.

http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calorie -counter/calories_in_chinese_food/ 

I use this as a guide, and also look up the menus for Panda Express and P.F. Changs - they have nutritional information.  Chinese food is tricky because the method of preparation varies from place to place.  The best you will be able to do is guess-timate.
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