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So I chew gum pretty much 24/7. It keeps me from binging by giving my mouth something to do. The thing is, I crack it and blow bubbles etc and it really works the muscles of my cheeks and jaw. I know it sounds really weird, but it does. Lately I've noticed my face looks, well, fatter. I have gained 1.6 pounds recently but I don't think it could have been that much of a difference. Could it be the gum? or is it just in my head.

Sorry if this is weird.

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I chew gum too, pretty much all day long, but never noticed it making my face look bigger.  Maybe just your imagination?  Sorry, just never heard of it.
Just in your head.
No, chewing gum is not causing your face to bulk; the constant movement will, however, cause wrinkling.
Is chewing gum always the best choice to avoid eating? My roommate who tried to lose weight after me chew gum so that she wouldn't eat any snack doung my study hall hour in the dorm (study hour in a boarding school). But she chew it SOOOO LOUND!!!  Is there any other way better than chewing gum?
It's just in your head.
Thanks :) And charming_imy27, I do make a point not to chew loudly. My sister does and it drives me nuts.
I am a chronic gum chewer and haven't noticed a difference in the way my face looks.  I HAVE noticed a difference when I go to the dentist.  My enamel is starting to be thinner and I had a cavity.  Probably not totally due to the gum-chewing, but it's something to think about.Laughing

I doubt that chewing gum would make your face look bigger, but it will ware out your jaw joint. My dentist told me to stop chewing gum because I was developing a click in my jaw and over working the joint.

 It is not quite the same thing, but when my dad stopped smoking, he started sucking on whole cloves. I liked it, too. They do fall apart in your mouth after a while, but I like the taste. It has quite a spicy bite to it.

I have a friend that sucks on cinnamon sticks to help kick the smoking habit.  Not a bad idea since cinnamon is supposed to be good for the heart.

I read somewhere that if you were to chew gum all the time you are awake, that chewing gum alone would cause you to lose .5 of a lb in a year.

 Extremely small I know, but I think this just shows that the more movement your body is doing, the more calories you are burning.  But it seems that that movement could also cause muscle growth.

 If you have very little fat on your face, then  I would think your face would 'tone up' but if there is some fat, then you might be building muscle underneath it causing it to look bigger.

In my opinion, I think chewing gum will not cause your face to get larger in a bad manner.  The main goal is to burn more calories than you eat, so keep chewing especially if it keeps you from eating.

 Check out this article on WomensHealthmag.com  It gives 100 ways to burn 100 calories. Number 39:

39. Chew calorie-free gum for 9 hours.

 http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/cu t-calories-and-lose-weight?page=4

honestly it isnt weird. i chewed gum to the point it gave me a double chin but see thats where i had made a mistake. i thought by chewing gum i'd have a well defined cheek line so i chewed like mad. almost like a chewing marathon daily til my jaws started aching and to my dismay my face grew huger and i had a double chin to the point i had a fat face but a thin body. i have since reduced my fat face but yeah chewing in moderation is good but excess chewing is totally bad. btw when i was chewing gum i had not gained weight.

Chewing constantly makes your saliva glands swell. I experience this and I know others do too. It's not in your head, but it's not real weight gain either.

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do you ever notice how some people had really defined muscles in their face when they chewed gum or clenched their teeth or whatevr.....anyway, i thought it was from constant motions like chewing gum!!!

This actually happened to me. Turns out, the gum chewing was causing an inflammation (related tangentially to TMJ) which, in turn, was causing my cheeks to swell. Stopped chewing the gum (switched to lozenges), and the swelling diminished.

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