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Does chewing food, but not swallowing it, give any calories?

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Sometimes I get way out of hand and just snatch up something that has too many calories, so I usually get half-way through chewing it, then I make myself spit it out.

Very disgusting, I know, but I'm really wondering if it gives any calories?

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I would say that depends on what actually makes it down to your stomach.  Otherwise I don't know of any other way nutrition can be absorbed.


edit: - Note that sugars and some things can be mixed with saliva immediately, etc, and saliva goes down to your stomach naturally, so yes it is possible a few calories are being absorbed.


edit: - I wasn't aware that this was a destructive habit, I was speaking from a purely biological perspective.  Always make sure you are getting the proper nutrition balance for your age & activity/weight levels!!

The fact that you ask indicates a future of doing it if you get a favourable reply- please don't go this route. There are loads of threads on "Chew & spit"- do a search & have a read. 247

Astronautjuice, I'm sorry to say this but what you are doing sounds very unhealthy, mentally.  You sound like your on the verge of an eating disorder "bulimia", chewing things and spitting them out.  Just eat it, a few more calories isn't going to make you gain weight.  As long as you are hungry, its no big deal.  If your not hungry just stop eating.  Hear your body, your hunger pangs, and feed them.  Your body knows best.

Yes, you will get calories from doing this.

No, it is not a healthy behavior, and should not be done.

If you realize you just took a bite of moldy bread, by all means spit it out. But this is not a weight loss tactic that should be pursued.

I really had no idea this was a bad habit.. I'm going to try my best to stop.

it's not a "bad habit."  it's a symptom of mental illness.

Original Post by astronautjuice:

I really had no idea this was a bad habit.. I'm going to try my best to stop.

 No worries. It's a slippery slope though?

A lot of 'dieters' develop what they think are 'tricks' to let them eat more/naughty foods, it's not the way to go, as I'm sure you're intelligent enough to figure? 

In answer to your direct question -- I would also say that you are still absorbing calories. After all, chewing gum has calories, though you spit it out. So, you are still taking in some calories, while wasting food. It is better to just work on self-control.

Look at her other posts, she needs to be swallowing that food !

I'm ate 900 calories yesterday when I normally eat 400, and I gained .5 pounds....

Original Post by bmfan77:

Look at her other posts, she needs to be swallowing that food !

I'm ate 900 calories yesterday when I normally eat 400, and I gained .5 pounds....


But seriously, astronautjuice, you need to seek professional help.  Anorexia is not good.

You'd probably get some calories - maybe 25 to 45 % depending on how far into the chewing process you were. But honestly, if you eat healthy foods, you can chew & SWALLOW them! Trust me, it's good and it feels great and it makes tummies VERY happy!!

honestly ive put something in my mouth before and thought about doing this, the food just melted away before i could spit it out x.x my mouth is just too fast

First off, I'll address your question. I'm pretty sure that if you chew something, some of the nutritional content enters into your saliva and travels down your esophagus immediately. Also, simple sugars are easily broken down by the amylase (a digestive enzyme) in your saliva and quickly taken up into the blood stream via the tissue in your oral cavity... it sort of acts the same way many sublingual medications quickly diffuse into the bloodstream through the tissue under the tongue. So, while not all the calories are gained, some calories are definitely absorbed through chewing.

Secondly, if you are concerned that you are "gaining calories" through chewing and spitting this is actually a serious ED. I have to tell you that "spitting" is not a healthy practice, and can lead towards the horrible world of binging & purging. Beware, and get some help before you slide down this slippery slope.

Astronautjuice, please speak to someone regarding your diet, physical and psychological health.

physiologically speaking calories will absorb if you are chewing foods that are carbohydrates.  Those nutrients and calories will be digesting already in your moutch, therefore, chewing then spitting will make you gain weight.

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ok that may be a START to something more serious as you have ben told a million times before by others :\ but please swallow cutie pie :D I did the same thing nothing bad happened but I only did it like 2x. I didn't like it becase I was wasting food and I was unhappy for not letting myself indulge a little :( So yea it's no fun espisially when you have to spit beacuse it looks like barf X( lol so just plan your meals whisley and exersise at least 3x a week for and hour :) I lost weight fast on the All fruit diet but I ALWAYS had a protein shake in the morning because I didn't want to completely deprive myself of my nurtients. It had calcium and protein and iron in it and tasted like a chocolate shake ;D for only 150c!!!! It's called Carnation instant breakfast :D you can find it in the breakfast isle. On the all fruit diet you MAY get diarrea for a day or so but really it helps. If you feel super weak eat a chunk of peanut butter or some nuts. try your best not to give in to cookies or sweets, meat (RAW veggies r ok) bread nothing (I did one day but din't gain any weight) and just try chewing gum instead. :D I'm a vegitarian and lactose intolerant, I don't drink soda or eat at fast food restrausnts AT ALL. A little indulgence is fine for a DAY but yea do ur best gurl ;D

Chewing and spitting is an unhealthy habit, and one that is commonly connected to an eating disorder such as EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.)  This is often considered to be a precursor to more dramatic behaviors and should be considered a warning sign.

Do I Have An Eating Disorder? can help you determine if you have an eating disorder.

You need to EAT in order to lose weight in a healthful manner, with a REASONABLE deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories and not more. 

I encourage you to check out the information in the library from our Eating Disorder Guide, Matthew Tiemeyer.

Eating Disorders Guide

Please be aware that posts involving eating disorders and other unhealthy methods of dieting will be locked or deleted if they appear to promote the behavior rather than attempting to recover from it.


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