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Cheesecake Factory

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Hey everyone! So I'm going to dinner tomorrow night at the Cheesecake Factory, and I've searched all over the website and even called the headquarters and they don't have any nutrition facts! Oh no! So I'm wondering what's better to eat.... Chinese chicken salad, chicken teryaki with brown rice, thai lettuce wraps? Some fish? I'd like to keep my calories at no higher than 350 for the meal. Any suggestions will help!

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if you have never forwarned they have large portions.  the chinese chicken salad isn't that great for you unless you tell them to not put the fried wonton on there and the dressing on the side, plus there is a lot of nuts (almonds or something). my fav if you like ahi tuna is the seared ahi tuna salad with all dressing on the side so you can use or not.  it is sooooo good!!  there fish tacos not so good...chicken teryaki sort of sweet high sodium and calories...

yes we eat there often, BF loves to eat there...he always gets the huge BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger and fries...he sucks. he looks great and eats stuff like that!!! oh well genetics.
Hi there,

I love eating at the Cheesecake Factory but we know how all those calories can start adding up. Here's an email that was posted on another site from someone that works there: Hope this helps.

To: Michelle
Subject: The Cheesecake Factory
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:42:23 -0700


At the present time, we simply do not have this information available.
Certain types of foodservice operations (i.e. hospitals, public
schools, military services, etc.) are required by law to have this
information available. The law requires that all food prepared for sale
and consumption through places like your local neighborhood market, must have
this information printed on all containers from the manufacturer. However,
at this time, restaurants are held exempt from this law.

We understand that the government is in the process of establishing new
guidelines to help companies like ours, so that we may be able to provide
you with this information. In the meantime, we will continue to prepare
food for you that we hope you will enjoy. I can tell you that we do not
add any preservatives, other chemical stabilizers or any artificial flavor
enhancers such as MSG to our food. We pride ourselves on using only the
freshest and finest ingredients available to us. Almost everything on our
menu is made in-house on a daily basis so that we can maintain the highest
food quality standards.

Here at The Cheesecake Factory, we try our very best to accommodate any
special requests that our guests may have. If there is a certain
ingredient(s) that you are trying to stay away from such as garlic, oil,
butter, dairy, etc., we will be glad to prepare you a dish close to your
specifications. When you place your order, just inform your server of your
special requests.

* Thai Lettuce Wraps
* Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls
* Any Salad can be modified and you can get Oil and Vinegar on the salad
* Asian Stir-Fry over steamed rice
* Grilled Portabella on a Bun- with no Mayo, no Cheese and fries!
* Grilled Chicken Medallions - with no Mashed Potatoes! You can ask
for a salad or steamed veggies instead of Potatoes.
* Any Fresh Fish
* Any Steak (Pure Protein)- with no Potatoes, no Steak Butter or Onion Strings!

I hope that this helps! Please also feel free to ask your server for suggestions!

Thanks for your inquiry
Thai lettuce wraps for sure! Mmmmm mmm!!!
Not sure if you've been there before, but if youre getting a slice of cheesecake - my advice is skip the meal or eat light salad!! The cake is EXTREMELY filling! Have fun :]
those cheesecakes sure do sound about get a pudding instead of a main course? hehe

naughty but very nice!!
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