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is cheese good for you EVER?

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so i went to the grocery store today and bought those little Disney Snack mild cheddar cheese.  .75 oz., i think it's about 95 calories.  cheese is the absolute BEST possible way for me to overcome certain craving and hunger pains.  but of course the grade is a D, which makes me want to not eat cheese at all.

so is cheese ever okay?
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I eat the string cheese.  It's a pretty good sized piece for only 80 calories and if you peel it off in pieces it seems to last longer. 
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I think it is really sad that cheese across the board on here has such a negative rating!  We require a certain amount of fats in our diet (even the healthiest diet!) and it is never good to completely cut it out.  It cuts out those cravings because your body NEEDS that fat, and small portions of fats are excellent fuel and keep hunger away longer.
Cheeses can be high in calories, but if eaten in moderation can be a really good part of a healthy diet!  Dairy can be a good way to get calcium in your diet, as well as other nutrients, and protein.  Don't be scared away by the 'D'.  As with all things, eat it in moderation, and if you are worried you might look for lower fat options.  Trader Joe's has a yogurt cheese that is pretty good, and I personally love (it is lactose free, and I am lactose intolerant).
ah, with cheeses, oils, or a variety of other things, you get a bad rating simply because of the nature of the food.

laughing cow cheese paired with celery is really good for you....
Cheese (real cheese, not processed cheese-food aka the stuff that cheese eats) is wonderful for you... in moderation.  There are a lot of things on this site that have bad letter grades, but the right combination of them can make up a wonderfully balanced diet.  Yep, cheese is high in fat and low on carbs, but it is certainly a part of a well-balanced diet. 

I particularly enjoy feta cheese on my salads and in my lunch wraps.  Yep, it's high in salt and fat, but I personally only need a half tablespoon.  So a serving size is 1/4, you can do the math.  It helps fill me up and adds wonderful flavor and I don't go over-board on calories!   

So a serving of cheese = good.  A brick of cheese in one sitting = bad. 
Do you have any idea what makes up the grading system here and why cheese got a grade of D?

I love cheese.  I eat it every day. 
I think because cheese is very fatty, it gets a D. 
I LOVE laughing cow swiss cheese wedges (35 cal). they're great on sandwhiches. I don't add a sauce or extra cheese. the wedges are enough. or baby bel cheese gems. 50 cal. very tasty. just small portions so I don't feel bad about the fat, plus, I get my dairy and calcium.
I love feta cheese, mozzerella (although I try to buy reduced fat where possible) and especially halloumi which is about 90calories for 30g I think. I'm not meant to have dairy anyway due to my eczema, but a little bit doesn't tend to have any effect, I just hope it wont stop me losing weight...
cheese as a focus of your diet? bad. 

an ounce of cheese here and there? good.

your body does need some fat after all. :)
"There are a lot of things on this site that have bad letter grades, but the right combination of them can make up a wonderfully balanced diet."

Yes yes yes!  Well said.
I hear ya.  Ever since I saw that "D" glaring at me, I've developed a sudden irrational dietary fear of cheese.

Hi.  My name is Tammy.  I have taken to eating mice since they get higher grades than the cheese I am longing for.

I eat a little cheese every day. I would die without cheese. Hell, I could happily go vegan if cheese didn't exist. LOVES THE CHEESE. Plus it has calcium and vitamins, and like you say it is filling.

I just buy super-strong cheese -- sheep's milk feta and Black Diamond ultra-sharp cheddar -- so a little goes a lot farther.

Yum. Cheese.
yeah i was always under the impression that cheese was GOOD for you. hmm. I never knew it had such a bad rep. Same with peanut butter. It's just overdoing it that comes to kick us in the butt i guess.
Oh by all means continue eating the cheese, it's good for you, and eaten in moderation won't affect you if you count it in! It contains good fats and protein that will help you fight cravings and will fill you up better and for longer.

Every day for lunch, in my salad, I add 1 string cheese, cut up in little slices. 60calories and it tastes so good!
lol, Tammy! :-)

I personally love cheese and couldn't live without it.  I eat 2 or 3 oz daily on average, and still get "A" grades.

One good option is low-fat swiss and cheddar.  Just a little pinch on top of just about everything- soup, salad, sandwiches- makes it better.
i think it is bad on its own but when you put it with the rest of the food you eat for the day is when you see the better grade. i think the grades are based on the daily average and the cheese by it self is bad but when you include all your food it averages it self out.

hope that helps
No single food is "bad", unless it contains trans fats or high fructose corn syrup.  Excess in anything is what's harmful.  A serving of hard or semi soft cheese is 1 ounce (about as big as your thumb).  It will provide calcium, and protein.  It does contain saturated fat, but not enough to hurt you in any way.

It's good for you!
cheese definitely is good for you.  It's a very good source of fat because it also has calcium and protein.  Eaten in moderation, it has a A+ in my grading system. 

I think the grading system here is based on the protein/carb/fats ratio.  Other sites grade foods based on how many of the different nutrients they provide.

This is's grading criteria:

  1. They are whole foods (in contrast to adulterated or refined) foods. They are real foods complete with all their natural endowment of nutrients, and they have not been highly processed.
  2. They are the "Richest Sources of the Essential Nutrients" in their natural state, and not from artificial or synthetic sources.
  3. They are "Nutrient Dense," which means they contain the highest amounts of essential nutrients in proportion to the least calories and fat.
  4. They are foods that "Contain No Synthetic, Artificial or Irradiated Ingredients
This is just one sample of their rating system -- I use it because it is about calcium and dairy:

Why turnip greens, mustard greens, and tofu are ranked as better sources of calcium than dairy products For example, our food ranking system shows turnip greens, mustard greens, and tofu to be better sources of calcium than dairy products. We arrive at this conclusion since our ranking system looks not only at the amount of calcium in food but also at the caloric content of food and how many calories of a food are necessary to provide the desired amount of calcium. Dairy foods - which are often listed as excellent sources of calcium - turn out to be very good sources of calcium in our ranking system (just one step below turnip greens, mustard greens, and tofu) because of their lower nutrient density.

Low-fat cheese is listed among the 130 World's Healthiest Foods, as determined by

What is a good moderation for string cheese.....I eat about two a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I workout 5-6 times a week and keep my calories between 1300-1700 with out increasing what I am burning at the gym.

Its the one thing that keeps me from cheating all day.....

I prefer a real cheese, like  a good, old, white, English cheddar. It is nice and strong so a little goes a long way.  Cheese is one of the finer things in life, the finer the cheese the better the quality of life. Real cheese is therefor not only good for you, it's freaking fabulous.

Say Cheese!Smile

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