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Weight Loss
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how do i check if my metabolism is working fine?

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To make my long story short, i have been doing all that is necessary to lose weight.  Limit food intake, exercise by lifting weights and cardio 3 - 4 times a week but i am not losing weight.  To be even more specific, i gained 3 pounds more and my clothes are even tighter. Frown

I therefore want to know, how do i check if my metabolism is working the way it should be?  is there a certain self test that i can do?

please help.

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There isn't a test that I know of, but how many calories are you eating daily and how many are you burning? You may not be eating enough calories, which is just as bad when you're trying to lose weight

i take it approximately 1400-1800 everyday (the latter being on days i workout).  i heard i am already at the optimal ratio but why am i not losing weight?  in fact, i am even gaining weight.  i sure some are muscle mass but why then, aren't my clothes getting loser but tighter?  i figured, maybe my metabolism is screwed up...Cry
How much water do you drink? Have you checked your sodium levels? That, and the fact that you just now started working out frequently, might contribute to the fact that your body is just storing water if you are depriving yourself of it.

I really dont know hw much water i drink exactly but im pretty sure i am within my range.

i have been working out this way for a month now and i gained a total of 6 pounds since i started this workout and diet.  its very frustrating.Cry

Go to the doctor and have your thyroid checked.

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oh my goodness.

do you really think it could be that bad?

its probably just the water storing up. But as a precaution I do recomend that u do get your thyroid checked out as weel. Better safe than sorry.
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Sometimes I fluctuate 6 pounds from morning to evening. Don't take it to heart.

And maybe your just gaining muscle ;) Muscle weighs more than fat.

Also, getting your thyroid hormones checked isn't a big deal. Its a simple blood test, I believe.

HAVE YOUR THYROID CHECKED. Seriously, I was in the same boat, then found out mine was not functioning at all. It is just a blood test, but call ur doctor. If it is, you will be put on a pill everyday. I would check!!

Certainly, muscle weighs more than fat, so that might explain some weight gain. Talking of metabolism - one thing to try is to eat often and smaller amounts, eg 5-6 times per day....don't under-eat as that can cause you body to go into starvation mode, meaning that the next time you do have more calories, you could gain more weight than you would otherwise. Also avoid eating carbs in the evening, get most of them during breakfatrs and lunch ideally (when you body actually needs energy!)
I doubt its muscle gain, becaue you cant gain muscle on a deficit. You can strenghthen existing fibers, but you cant gain mass as it requires a calorie surplus over maintenence.

I say check that thyroid.
Original Post by ricen:

I doubt its muscle gain, becaue you cant gain muscle on a deficit. You can strenghthen existing fibers, but you cant gain mass as it requires a calorie surplus over maintenence.

I say check that thyroid.

 can't gain muscle mass on a deficit?

i am 100% sure that is wrong. personally i have lost weight and gained muscle at the same time for a long time.

the clue in this case is that the clothes are tighter. if it were muscle mass, the clothes would fit better or looser and the weight may go up.

so ~  OP? how long have you been working out? if it is a week or two, give this time... like a month or two. if you have been at this regime for 4 months and your weight is going up scrutinize your diet and workout. 


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I agree, you can definitely gain muscle with a deficit.  This also happened to me.  My clothes got tighter and now after 4 months of hanging in there I am starting to lose some weight.  I would not be so quick to jump to thyroid issues.  I think that is a bit extreme.  Are you over weight?  How long have you been following this plan?  Not everyone loses weight the same way.


It has been 2 months of following this regimen...1200-1400 calories a day, cardio and weight training 3-4 times a week and I have gained weight.  Nope.  Not muscle mass because my clothes are tighter.  I have also been changing my routine up so as not to get my body used to the routine.

I am really out of motivation.

As a brief history, i used to be fine...until the holidays where i literally ate for 2.  I figured, since i have been thin all my life, i wouldnt have a hard time losing whatever weight i gained.  WRONG!  To make matters worse, since i started my super healthy lifestyle, i have even gained weight.  A total of 6lbs so far.

what is wrong with me?Cry

Did you get your thyroid checked yet?

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They said it was normal...nothing wrong with it.Cry

By your other posts I see you are 5'3, 27 and weigh 113. A healthy weight range for you is 104-140. If I read correctly, you used to be a dancer?

My guess is that your body - with current level of activity - simply wants to be 113. That's a perfectly good weight!!

If your clothes are tight, heh... use it as an excuse to buy a new wardrobe!

Otherwise, assuming you really are eating only 1200-1400 (do you weigh your food, or just guestimate it?), then my suspicion is that you need MORE calories to fuel your exercise. Try increasing a few hundred and see what happens.

In my case, I was not as active as you (I run, but no weight lifting and an otherwise completely sedentary lifestyle), I'm 15 years older, and 3 inches shorter.  I had 20 lbs to lose.

I noticed when I ate only 1200 calories my weight loss would stop completely. But when I stuck closer to 1500, my weight loss was slow but steady. I.e., anything over a 500 calorie deficit stopped my weight loss. A 300 calorie deficit - or even less - worked best. Yeah, it took longer... Don't ask me why. But it worked and that's all that counts.

So try just adding, say, a handful of nuts a day and see if that helps!

Also ... take your body temperature. I don't know if this is correlated but I suspect it is; early on, when weight loss eluded me, my body temp was running low at 97 degrees. (Thyroid tests normal). Then at some point something kicked in, weight loss started happening, and ever since it's been running at 98.6. My hubby now complains I'm TOO hot.

Hey jenmcc.  yup...that would be me...except, i am now 116lbs.  I was of a very small frame so 100-104 was my normal so you can imagine my horror when i went 10 or even 16 lbs heavier!  In my frame, that is a lot.

I was a dancer in highschool and college.  Now-a-days, i just go for fun...but lately, its been more of a must do and hardly ever fun.  Even my workout clothes are tighter and i am borrowing my sisters tops to cover it up.

I am actually guessing my 1200-1400 caories a day.  I am afraid to add more because i pretty much sit of my butt the whole day if it were not for those bursts of dance i do 3 - 4 times a week.  i cannot afford to gain any more weight, now.  seriously.  i would have loved to use that excuse to get a new wardrobe except, thats what i did during my vacation...but for my 100lb body.

I also tried increasing my food intake by adding more difference.  My clothes are still as tight as ever and i am still left with 3 pairs of jeans (which were my fattest jeans...because in all seriousness, even my fat jeans are tight on me).

I really just want to know what happened and what i need to do to get back to my pre-holiday weight.  i never had this hard a time before...ever.


You really need to be counting your calories and not just "guessing" you could be eating way more or way less than you think.
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