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Cheat day

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Does anyone else have a cheat day? I have one day a week where I don't count calories. I use this day to eat any unhealthy food I've been craving. It keeps me from sneaking food.
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I havent had one yet but sun i am going to eat at pAPPADEUX'S SEAFOOD - HOPING I CAN STAY IN RANGE. 

personally, if i "plan" a cheat day/meal, i'll get there and not be in the mood. i always keep little things on hand (frozen chocolate pudding cups, 45 calorie mini fudge bars, 100 calorie cadbury thins, etc) so when i DO ant a treat, i can do it without binging (usually).

alot of people suggest not having a cheat DAY, but a cheat MEAL. when people have cheat days, they tend to do more damage than they think (big mac for breakfast, bacon double cheeseburgers for lunch, 62 oz steak with buttery mashed potatoes for dinner, followed by 2 lbs of brownies and a couple dairy queen blizzards with potato chips and ranch dip, etc), and then they have trouble getting back on the wagon the next day.

so, if a cheat day works for you, you have no problems getting back on track the next day and you don't overdo it, then have a lovely cheat day, and enjoy.

We go to the sports bar most Sundays to watch our team play football, so while I try to make the best choices possible-- it is out and I know there are hidden calories everywhere-- so I guess that would count as my cheat meal.  We don't go out other than that, and I always have some sort of treat within my calorie limit on hand in case I am craving something (like my current fave, sugar free fat free jello pudding).
sunchips are my cheat food on saturdays.  it's not the worst food you could eat-  but I douse my mouth with them.  and love every minute if it!!!
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My cheat day is Sunday. Has been, since I started my new lifestyle. I still eat pretty light in the morning and early afternoon, but my dinner is whatever I want, plus dessert. It makes it easier for me to start the week off fresh, and back to calorie counting Monday morning. So far, so good! Good luck
    I usually go out to a few pubs or a friday or sat night,  i usually have 4 or 5 drinks so that would be my cheat meal because i dont adjust my eating that day because i dont want to go out hungry...then i will be a bit tipsy and start ordering food or worse eat everyone elses by picking.
a planned cheat day keeps me from uncontrolled binging.  I like to relax my diligence on weekends.  I'd stopped relaxing on weekends to speed things up but it backfired as I recently woke up sick of dieting.  Took awhile to get back on track.

I cheat but within reason and as someone else said, when I allow it, sometimes not in the mood. I have a small frozen pizza DiGornio, that i like,  in the freezer and this morning saw it and thought, hmmm, wonder why I haven't scarfed that down.
I do, too.  For those of us who still crave unhealthy food, having one day a week or every two weeks to just eat whatever we like keeps us on our diets.

If "cheating" 3 days out of 30 in one month keeps me eating right those other 27 days, then they are totally worth it, IMO.

It doesn't work for everyone, though, I admit.

I also have a cheat "meal", I did a cheat day once and did not enjoy it. I enjoy the cheat meal much  more. Less guilt and I don't feel like crap and bloated all day. I plan for them so that day I adjust my calories a little bit, and work outs accordingly. I cheated yesterday because my work catered Pizza, Roundtable which if any of you know if it is my weakness. I had 5 pieces of and XL, which was more then I planned. But I had a light morning, I walked 6 miles at different elevations then got home and ran 5 miles. Even lifted a little weights and had a light dinner, didn't hurt me at all. Actually went down a tad. So I felt like not only did I earn it because of overall weight loss but because I know I am making up for it that day. It was a lot of work yesterday but I burned over 1700 calories and it worked out ok. Drank a ton of water to get that damn pizza out of my system.


And yeah for me, I took home no leftovers! Back on track this morning. lol

Not a whole day, but one or two cheat meals sure :)
I dont do a cheat day but i do have a cheat meal.  I allow myself one meal a week to have something i really want.  This actually has helped me from craving things. 

I was actually going to let my cheat meal be today at lunch but all my friends want Chipotle, which i love, but the burrito i get is like 1000 calories and something crazy like 400 calories from fat.  I can't do that to myself.
After reading the post I realized its more like a cheat meal. Usually what happens is I use one night a week to eat brownies. I LOOOOOOVE brownies and if I thought I could never have them I would sneak and eat them or something like that. I don't plan to have one a week. I just limit myself to one. So some weeks I don't have one. It just depends on how much I'm craving brownies.
I'm a firm believer in a regular cheating day.  For me, it's Friday.  I usually eat a healthy breakfast.  Lunch is a sub sandwich and chips from a nearby deli.  Dinner is generally barbecue.  I usually don't count the calories on my Fridays.  I did count them one day (baby back ribs and onion rings for dinner).  I managed the signal achievement of getting an "F" on my analysis grade.  
My "cheat" day is Sunday.  I do try to maintain calories, but I don't so much care where they come from.  Like tomorrow I have EVERY intention of having the last piece of Apple-Pear Crumble Pie from my mom's bday (330 calories) and I'm having biscuits and gravy for breakfast while I watch football.   Basically, my goal is to not eat above my maintenance calories, but I'm not nearly as strict.  I let myself indulge, but it does give me a day to have the "not-so-good-for-me" stuff that I have been craving.  I think its good for the soul...and if you're going to be healthy, might as well make sure that you're healthy mind, body, and soul, right??? Cool
I can't do 'cheat days'. I always feel like I've messed up :(. So I just allow myself one unhealthy snack a day. My 'unhealthy' food isn't crazy junk either so I don't beat myself up about it.

I don't have cheat days/meals either. I'm waiting for the day when we can afford to go out for sushi. I'll let myself enjoy for sure that night. Minus the fried stuff and will still be careful not to over do it. But I will have those yummy sweet sushi and yes, dip them in soysauce with tones of wasabi mixed in.

Till then, for dinner, I let myself have some of the unhealthier desserts after my meal. Yesterday it was pumpkin pie with low fat frozen vanilla yogurt on top. It's all with in my calorie range and I eat healthy through the day. My sodium levels never hit the max it should be, so I can afford it and it lets me enjoy better from this permanant life style.

My mom went shopping yesterday, so she bought a lot of junk. She even got the wrong yogurt, so it'll stay in the fridge and rott. 90 calories for 100g of yogurt, forget it. My yogurt is 40 calories and tastes good. The pie is the only junk I had and it was 80g of it. I won't have anymore. My family can finsih off the rest. As long as I find out what something tastes like, I can stay away from it. I don't get cravings really, least not yet. Guess cravings is a maturity thing or something.

no cheat day here because i know if i had one i would feel incredibly guilty right afterward and it would probably take over my mind! my cheats are eating large portions of healthy foods and going to whole foods and buying a whole bunch of their premade veggies & meats: yummy!!!
Cheat meal, not day for me. You can do real damage with a whole day. And I dont mean just cals. I mean mentally. I do a cheat meal if i have a week of healthy eating. Cos if i had a cheat day I'd just eat ALL the food I woudlnt have anyway

Or I do a no count day but the rule is everything has to be healthy
or a no count meal whenever, when its a sensbile meal, but everything is healthy (ie. salmon and sweet potato fries, with ehalthy greens and bean mash. High cal, wouldnt fit in my normal plan. but its healthy)
i lean more towards a cheat meal rather then a whole day. makes me feel better.
i had a cheat day, but then i went into mantainance so I have enough calories allowed for me to just eat what i want.
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