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Weight Loss
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any chance of a little help?

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ive been maintaining about a 1000 calorie deficit (dont worry, i still eat about 1500 cals every day, im only 20 so thats the minimum i should eat). i lost a fair amount in my first 10 days (4kg) but ive completly plateaued since then (another 15 days), maintaining 166-165 kg. could this be due to my increased exercise building muscle (although its mostly cardio). its nothing to do with what ive eaten as i always weigh myself first thing in the morning before i do anythign else (not every day but every 3 days). i even have off days where i trick my metabolism into not getting used to smaller amounts of food. these days i will have 1800-1900 calories. my diet analysis since 5th jan is 61% carbs (mostly vegetables though), 23% protein and 15% fat.

any advice would be wonderful as im starting to lose mtivation a bit as im not noticing a difference... i know its only been almost a month but ive worked so hard at this!

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Don't lose motivation! Even if you're not seeing results on the scale right now, you will. There could be a number of reasons why you're not losing weight right at this moment, but if you're eating right then you're body will adjust it's weight. 

Recently I stayed the same weight for almost two weeks. I was getting very discouraged even though I knew there was no reason I shouldn't be losing. I later realized that I was just getting my period. Now that it's over I lost 2 pounds in the past 3 days! All that access water weight!

I had another issue a couple years ago when I was exercising about 5 days a week. The scale was barely budging, even though I was working out very intensly. I realized that it was because I was gaining muscle weight while losing fat. My clothes were fitting me better, my muscles were more defined and so on. If I had measured myself, I probably would have found that I lost inches off my waist and thighs. 

Definitely don't give up! Regardless of what the scale says, you're doing good things for your body and eventually your body will adjust and lose weight. The one thing you don't want to do is eat less calories because then your body will think it's starving and it will hold onto all possible weight. If you haven't taken your measurements (i.e. waist, hips, thighs), I definitely recommend that. Take your measurements once a month and perhaps that will reveal that you're losing inches off your body. 

Good Luck!

I agree with pseudolink.  My experience has been similar.  There are times that my body will hold on to water and then all of a sudden, the scale will drop 3 pounds in 2 days.

Tape measurements and body fat measurements have been extremely satisfying when the scale wasn't moving.  I could see those moving while the scale wasn't.  Also I learned for me a BMI of 25 is about the lowest I will want to go because of the muscle I am carrying is throwing off the calculation, under 25 my body fat will be too low for good health.  I also keep a log of how much weight I have lost in the last 30 to 35 days.  It usually shows about 6 pounds.  Sometimes more and sometimes less, but it lets me know I am making progress.

Don't loose hope, weight loss is more science and art rather than mathematics.  However over the long run, the math will play out!

thanks you guys. i was just reading loads of posts which were saying there should be a steady loss each week and i was starting to get worried that my body was somehow (miraculously) deciding that losing weight wasnt for it. i just want to get into a more healthy BMI, when i first started i was classed as slightly overweight but now im into the top end of healthy. i just want to get into the lower middle end of healthy and maintain that!

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