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Cereal at night

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Is it bad to eat a bowl of GoLean cereal with soy milk at night? I've been having one every night about 30 min to 1 hr before bed.... is it gonna fat me up!?
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It doesn't matter what time(s) you eat. The only thing that matters are your total calories for the day. If your calories are fine, then eating before bed isn't going to 'fatten you up'.
I agree! I eat cereal almost EVERY night FIVE MINUTES before bed! And a lot of times it's Go Lean Crunch! It's not fattening me up! The truth of the matter is any carbs that you do not burn off will be stored as fat but if you have a calorie deficit you WILL lose weight. 
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I have cereal on a night too.  Working late it's a filling meal to have before going to bed and isn't to stoggy or heavy on your stomach. 
I also eat that at night after I finish my workout!  Haven't had any problems except that sometimes the extra food stays in my digestive system and I'll see the scale go up the next morning but it's only temporary.
My favorite fast, low cal supper is cereal with milk and fruit.  It really helps if I've come close to my calorie limit for the day, and it fills me up.  Cereal for snacks is great!

The only reason I don't eat before bedtime is, it keeps me awake. 
I heard somewhere that it is harder to get to sleep if you eat too soon before going to bed. Apparently this is because your body can't go to sleep yet because it has to digest the food first. (not that i take this into consideration :P )
Here's the deal:

When you sleep, you have a great opportunity to tap into your fat stores, but only if you don't eat before!

What happens is, your body 'lives' off of glycogen in your liver while you sleep if there is no food in your stomach (glycogen is the secondary food source). Your liver can only hold 300 calories worth of glycogen at a time, so once your body subsists off of that, it will tap into the tertiary food source which is fat.

Now, you don't burn too too many calories per hour while you're sleeping, so it is hard to get through the first 300 ANYway, even if you haven't eaten and glycogen is all you're body's got.

But yeah, it will make a small difference, but nothing to get obsessive or weird about.
ahhh! i loooove that stuff! i have to eat it every day. although i try not to eat it before bed cause it can cause GERD and other stomach problems for me. but i do tend to eat it after i work out. from what i've read, it doesn't really matter if its before bed, just like everyone said, as long as your diet is balanced and has the right amount of calories per day, you'll be fine.
i have been most successful on my diet by eating a bowl of cereal at bed time esp if I am hungry. it helps me go to sleep
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