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Cellulite as you lose weight... does it minimize?

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I remember when I was 110 pounds at 19 or 20, I had very little dimpling and cellulite on my thighs.  Now at 25 years old, 134 (and losing!) pounds, I have pretty substantial cellulite showing when I stand up because the fat on my legs "pools" above my knees, or whatever (yes, gross, but you know what i mean!) and gets dimply looking.


I am hoping that as I progress toward 125 pounds and then lower (hopefully!) the cellulite will "regress" somewhat.  Will weight training help that as well?  I know there's no miracle cream, I'm just hoping for a reduction due to weight loss itself.


If you have cellulite and lost weight, tell me if your cellulite looked better or not :)  Thanks guys! 

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I think I'm still pretty dimply, but I have no pics to compare to see if it's gotten better or stayed the same in amount of dimpliness.
I think it minimizes, but I have had cellulite from the time I was a freshman in high school... I remember it springing up on me and noticing it the mirror during dance class! I know its biological....and cant do much about it but hope it goes away a bit as I get leaner. I'm 20 years old and weigh significantly more that you do.. you're more like my goal weight! I weigh 150...and the smallest I've been in 6 years was 135...and my thighs got trimmer and the fat cells shrunk, so naturally my cellulite behaved differently. Celleulite has nothing to do with being FAT, it is inadequate fat distribution under the skin, so no matter how small you there is always a chance it will be there.
Mine got more visible as I lost weight (my legs were less puffed out after losing or maybe my cellulite denial wore off as I got thinner) but now it's getting better as I tone up and continue to lose. My cellulite all appeared after weight gain, I had little before. In fact, I got cellulite on my arms when I was overweight (gross!) which is all but gone now (unless I squeeze the heck out of my arms). My behind has certainly lifted up too since losing weight. However, the cellulite on my belly is still there but I have a long way to go to getting that part of me into shape.

So overall cellulite and general saggage has decreased.

This is really good news to hear!  I hope that the general "saggage", as nycgirl says, will decrease for me, too! :)


Nearly halfway to my first goal weight ! :) 

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