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Weight Loss
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cc v. weight watcher. Those who have done or are on ww come in pls.

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I've been counting calories using this site as a guide.  I know many us this along w/ ww.  I also have family & friends that just do ww.  Which works better and why.

My friend's gf just became a ww trainer.  She gave me what my points should be.  I have access to a copy of the book/guide.  I'm curious of the difference verse calorie counting or can you do both?

Wanted to see what might work best for me.


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I know a lot of people on WW who after they lose the weight have no desire to stick with it and easily gain it all back.

Also as long as your calories burned are more than what you take in, and you're eating a healthy amount you will lose weight. So it's not that either is better really. The best type of diet is a lifestyle change, one you wouldn't mind keeping forever.

I did WW for a year about 6 years ago.  I lost a total of 6 pounds and then the weight started to creep back on.  I stuck to my points and none of the meeting leaders could figure out why it wasn't working for me.  Looking back, I think I've discovered 2 sources of my problem:

  1. In order to lose weight, I need to excercise just about every day.  And not just a leisurely walk -- I need to sweat.  In the first couple of months of doing WW, I was in school and had a gym, and I used it.  Then I lost that and didn't come up with a good alternative.
  2. You can easily turn 20 points into 2000 calories.  Once you learn to work the system, it's fairly simple to find things with a lot of fiber and very little fat, so that a 110 calorie serving is only 1 point.  Plus, all non-starchy, not-fatty vegetables except carrots and onions have 0 points.  So, I was racking up calories without actually racking up points.  I swear I put together several 350 calorie meals that only came in at 2 points.

It's been a long time since I was there, and they may have changed things, but that was my experience.  I prefer CC.  It keeps me honest, and I've lost 10 pounds so far.  Plus, everything about it is free, so long as you don't mind the horrible ads for acai berry extract and splenda.  It was so depressing paying WW week after week and making no progress.  They set losing 10% of your weight as a first milestone and gave members a congratulatory keychain when they reached it.  I never even lost 5%.


I absolutely loved WW! I am useing this site for personal reasons right now, but I would totally use ww again if it was possible.

CC and WW have a lot of the same guidlines. They both preach about eating right and eating in a way that you dont deprive yourself. They both have a lot of information and help from others. I will say that a plus for ww is they have the weekly meetings and weigh ins so that you can be held accountable if you have a problem with keeping with it. They also have acknowledgements when you have an accomplishment. For someone starting out and having emotional problems staying with it this can be a tremendous help. I will say that the comradery that you get from the meetings is something that is really cool. I still see people from my 'group' and it makes me happy everytime!

With any kind of 'diet' you can beat the 'system' and try and cheat or you can stick to it, it depends on the individual. I have seen that whether it is atkins, Jenny Craig, WW, CC, South Beach, whatever it is at the time, that people are prone to not stay with and motivate themselves to live better and healthier. It is just too easy to give up. I think it comes down to the person not the plan.

*stepping down from my soapbox* lol

I didn't mean to sound so completely negative about WW.  Honestly, it really is a good program; it's just not the right program for me.  But out of the 3 weight loss programs I've paid for over the years, Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and WW, WW was by far the best, and it teaches a lot of people how to have a healthy lifestyle.

For some people, being held accountable every week at the weigh ins is a good thing.  For me it was awful.  I felt like I was being judged every time I'd gained instead of lost.  Even if I'd done everything right that week, the person weighing me in would solemnly tell me that I'd gained .6 pounds or whatever, and I couldn't help thinking that she must be assuming that I wasn't really following the program.  Those weekly weigh ins wreaked havoc on my emotions and I let the scale have way too much power over me.  I weigh myself every day now, and that has desensetized me because I know that there's no possible way that the scale could be expected to show a loss every single day, and the little gains don't faze me anymore.

I'm a people pleaser.  I hate disappointing people, and those meetings and weekly weigh ins made me feel like I was trying to lose weight for them.  I need to only be accountable to myself for this, and CC lets me do that.

Original Post by alex4422:

I know a lot of people on WW who after they lose the weight have no desire to stick with it and easily gain it all back.

Also as long as your calories burned are more than what you take in, and you're eating a healthy amount you will lose weight. So it's not that either is better really. The best type of diet is a lifestyle change, one you wouldn't mind keeping forever.

I agree.
Everyone I know who has been on WW has failed it, essentially. Whether it's because they don't want to follow through with it, or they simply are tired of it, they fail.

Calorie counting is so much more versatile. It's not really a diet to me, it's just controlling yourself.

Besides, all those WW foods have so many chemicals in them. It's disgusting what they say is GOOD to put in your body...

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Hi dolphinclick...

I did Slimming World a few years ago (sorry I've not tried Weight Watchers) but I just wanted to say that I am so with you regarding "weighing in" at slimming group meetings.  I too hated it, on the day of the weigh in I would literally starve myself- I would hardly eat anything during the day- then after the meeting I was so starving hungry that on my way home I would go and get a massive portion of fish and chips or a Domino's Pizza- this couldn't have been good for me!  and as you say, I was paying somebody £5 a week to tell me that I had "maintained" (stayed the same) or put a pound or two on because it was that time of the month- what a waste of money!!!  I too weigh myself every morning- and I am not obessed- it's just that I've only been doing Calorie Counting just over a fortnight and I want to try and understand my body- i.e. natural weight changes during the month etc...  I also like to chart every pound lost- it gives me motivation- another small step towards my goal.

Also, I'm not sure how Weight Watchers points system works but with Slimming World they gave food "syn" values and I found it TOTALLY frustrating when I couldn't find a syn value for something I had ate!!!  How was I to record my food diary properly and know that I was on tract??!! - this really bugged me!!!  At least when you are actually counting calories- everything you buy comes with a nutrient label and you know exactly what you are consuming- no converting to silly "syn" values!!

I'm loving Calorie Counting!! -I love the "diet plan" and the people on these forums to provide support and information are just fantastic! 

I find WW and CC to be similar in many respects, but ultimately I agree with dolphinclick's first post.  It makes more sense to be counting actual calories than 'points'. I actually felt the points were restrictive and tempted me more often to eat more unhealthy foods. Also - CC (IMO) seems like a much more realistic PERMANENT lifestyle whereas WW definitely has that 'I'm on a diet feeling'.  I do love the WW icecreams though for 110 calories (or 1 point!).

Either way, what I have learned during this process is that exercise and that extra burn is really key. You can eat more if you want to maintain, and you see MUCH better results if you want to lose.

Good luck!

I am (was) a lifetime member of weight watchers.... I had used it after all of my children to lose weight.  I loved it, it was a great plan at the time.  However, after time I slowly gained weight back, I believe it was due to no exercise, I don't believe ww focus enough on exercise. 

I also hit a major plateua @ 150 I couldn't lose any more.  I found cc and base everything now on cals eaten vs cals burned I am currently down to 131 and am hoping to go even lower.  (as long as I can do it healthily) 

So the base line for me is on ww I was starving, I was in starvation mode, and couldn't lose anymore.  On cc I broke the plateau and am in awesome shape, I work out, feel good and eat HEALTHY!

I hope this is helpful

CC is free for a start...!!

And like was mentioned previously, once you get to know the system, it is easy to work it. And yes, you are only cheating yourself etc etc..

Also, it promotes ready meals, and snacks etc, which are often packed with sugar and salt.

I personally find that CC is much better and far more effective.

Thats me anyway

i went to weight watchers when i was younger, found it to be not very useful. the lowest I EVER got on ww was 149 and that was just for a week, using cc im now at 142. the whole point thing is kind of a pain, its easier to count calories because its right there on the box for you vs. calculating the points. ww leaders weren't very useful, not very motivating in my opinion and same with ealier posts, 0 point foods are stupid. cc > ww

I lost a lot of weight on WW in 1982, and thought it was a really good program.  I maintained my loss for several years, then got married, my job became more sedentary, and I stopped counting points and controlling portions, and gradually gained about 5 pounds per year for the next 20-odd years.  This of course leads to a huge amount of weight to lose.  This time I am going with CC because I know how to lose weight -- I have done it before, and could probably do it again on any sensible program.  What I failed at was maintaining my loss, in hindsight, because I felt that WW was a diet, not a lifestyle.  I got bored with being on a diet over the long haul, and couldn't imaging being on a diet for the rest of my life.  This is probably my fault, not WW, but that's how I feel/felt.

  1. WW used "points" instead of calories, which feels a little artificial to me.  Sometimes I want to eat 1 ounce of chicken and have 3 servings of grains, which was against the rules when I belonged, even though I can make the calories work on CC.
  2. WW had lots of "rules" which made me want to rebel after awhile.
  3. WW decided when I was eligible for "maintenance" counseling.  On CC I can decide when I am at a weight I want to maintain, and get help doing so.
  4. WW wasn't customized to my energy burn and body type, it is easy to customize CC to exactly what works for me.
  5. WW is only as strong as the leader and the group, and I often felt that we spent way too much time worrying about how big a medium apple was, and how to log it if it was too big.  On CC, I just weigh it, eat it, and adjust my other calories if it was more calories than usual.  I don't know about anyone else, but I never  gained weight from eating a large apple rather than a medium one.
  6. WW got pretty expensive, CC is free.  I even block the ads, so I am not annoyed by the Splenda ads.
  7. CC forums have lots of good information, and I only read the posts that apply to me.  At WW, each person deserved to be heard by the entire group, but, for instance, I am not an emotional eater and don't have much help to offer to those who are.  At CC, the people who can relate can chime in with advice, others can ignore the posting (without being rude).
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Weight Watchers Rocks! If you are a carb lover (which Iam - weight watchers is a great program) It teaches you to cut out fat and include fibre...

I had amazing sucess on weight watchers. My issue was food, and eating way too much of it! Im a very active girl and started my weight lose adventure with the hitting the gym hard, but the scale was moving too slowly for my liking! From going to the gym strictly I went from about 155lbs to 150lbs in about 6 months. With weight watchers I went from 150lbs to 132lbs in about 3 - 4 months, (I lost the first 10 in a month)..

I found weight watchers much stricter than calorie counting. I calorie count now, but if Ive had a weekend of eating alot (ie. holidays with family) I will do weight watchers for a couple of days to get me back on track. I do want to point out through that by the end of three months of weight watchers I was very prone to binges, as I was craving things I had never craved before in my life. So you have to have great will power to do WW. I also had very little energy on WW so I stopped going to the gym and opted for light jogging and long walks, as WW is probably less calories than you would eat if you were calorie counting.

I highly recommend weight watcher to learn about food, and how to eat better portions and make better choices, WW has changed the way I eat.

Good Luck!!



Having tried both, I would definitely say that for me, CC is the way to go.  With my lifestyle I don't want to have to plan out portions, calculate points, etc. I like CC because, as it was mentioned earlier, all of your totals are right in front of you. No guessing, and it makes you honest.

It killed me to pay every week to step on a scale -- i'd already weighed myself at home during the week anyway. WW does not focus enough on exercise, which is so important. And as far as a lifestyle change... eventually, you are going to give up on counting points-- portion control may or may not just evolve into part of your eating habits. So CC wins there.

Try WW for 3 months and see if you like it. But use CC as a way to keep track of your balance in nutrition.

You'll find what you like best.



I have been on ww so many times, I do love ww and have lost 40 lbs on it BUT gained most of it back and decided to give the cc a try. On ww roughly every 50 calories equals 1 pt depending on how much fat and fiber are in the food. on ww you can eat real foods but having to count the points for it, it doesn't seem like you get enough (so you fill up on freebies) the way i see it on cc i'm eating more real foods and whatever i want as long as i'm in my cal range for the day. It seems to be working for me, but either one is good i just got very tired of analyizing every food that i was going to eat for the point value, when you count cals it's right there for you on the package..

  I did WW online 2 years ago and lost 50lbs. I have been able to keep all of it off, so far. The most important thing for me to keeping it off is that I weigh myself every morning. If I lost, that's great but, if I gained then I no that I need to watch what I am eating a little closer. I know that my weight it going to change day to day but, as long as it is only a lb. or 2 then I am OK with that. This site and the WW are very much alike. This site shows you the grading scale where WW has the points. I like the A & B's better. The one thing that I did like on WW was the way that you could add your own recipes. It was a lot easier to do. But over all I like this site much more.   For one thing this site is free, while WW charges you $55.00 for 3 months.  This site seems to be more friendlier.  I also like the thumbs up. I will be with this site for a long time.

I just canceled my ww subscription. I hadnt lost any weight in 4 weeks even though I followed the plan to the letter. When I say I didn't cheat, I didn't cheat. I wish I had cheated then I could say "well there you go gaining weight becuz you went over your points". Anyway I plugged my foods for the last few days into cc and found out that I was eating well over my suggested calorie intake, by like 500 calories a day, no wonder I wasn't losing weight. The thing that I did learn from ww is measuring my food. If I can't measure or have no idea what is in my food I make a smart choice (fruit instead of fries, etc) cut the portion in half, immediately box up half then eat until I'm full. I find that most of the time I'll overeat just becuz my food is yummy not becuz I'm hungry.

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