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What causes carb cravings at night?

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I did pretty well today in terms of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eating about 1800 cals total. I had 3 slices of whole germ bread, milk, some rice, some fruit, some veggies (cooked and uncooked), some nuts, a little chocolate and some salmon. I don't understand why tonight after dinner and a grapes/banana smoothie, I started craving carbs, and ate 4 small butter cookies, a chips ahoy cookie, and a small box of granola. What triggered this craving? =[ It caused me to go 600 cals over my maintenance!

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Hmm I'd really like this question answered xD

yeah, i'll bump it too because i'd like to know. i have a serious problem with it!

It could just be boredom. Or proximity. When I'm at work and busy and don't have junk food around I don't really think about it, but then I get home and sit down and watch TV and start thinking about the pretzels in the pantry, or whatever.

Your blood sugar is probably dipping and after the stress of the day, our adrenal glands kick in and demand to be revved up again--especially if we have been taking in caffeine or other stimulants during the day. Carbs/sugar is the best way to do this.  It is really like an addiction physiologically, and SO hard to break/say no to, but I'm doing much better now on this than I was a few months ago. A couple things that have helped me:

Cutting back on caffeine (drinking green tea instead of coffee), almost no alcohol, changing up my vitamins (B complex, zinc, buffered C), adding flax seed everyday (grind up in coffee grinder) and staying away from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners (fruit) are good enough for me most days (though resisting cookies or chocolate cake will always be hard!).

I really recommend doing some reading on this. The book Potatoes Not Prozac is really interesting if sweets are your downfall (like me--that is where I got the vitamin recommendations from) and also this website:

http://www.womentowomen.com/adrenalfatigue/de fault.aspx

Hope that is helpful...

I almost forgot too, I have been taking 7-Keto also, a DHEA supplement. More info here:

http://www.womentowomen.com/adrenalfatigue/dh ea.aspx

Be sure to research any supplements thoroughly though before spending the $$

i am no expert but have done my share of research and i have found that if i eat sugar or white bread/rice (which turns to sugar in your system) it leads me to a carb craving at night. if i do not, i wont have one. i also get tired at night if i eat sugar.

so, i usually have oatmeal for breakfast with non sweetened apple sauce in it 210

a piece of fruit around 10:30am 100

lunch is a turkey or garden burger with a salad 300

another piece of fruit with milk around 3pm 90-120

when i get home i have a latte with non fat milk 80

dinner is lots of veggies and whatever jeff has grilled 400

then, if i am hungry i have a snack before bed that is about 100-120 calories.

this i try to stick to as i am trying to lose 15 pounds

good luck.


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