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Carrots Not Digesting? kind of gross

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Kinda of gross, be warned!

My body doesn't seem to digest carrots?  Whenever I go number two,  I can see carrot chunks in my stool.    Is that normal?

Anyone know why I can't seem to digest them?

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Are you sure you are chewing them up really good?  Try drinking lots of water with them too to add in digestion.  Might help..
Maybe this food group simply does not agree with you. Carrots are high GI (higher when they are cooked) so they are not always the best veg to have anyway.

I would agree with salome, you could also have a digestion issue. So yes lots of water and perhaps some bio yogurt.
Hey Uncompromise, what's GI? Glucose Index? (Stab in the dark) ANd.. what does it mean?
hk - here's what I found:

Glycemic Index (GI): The Glycemic Index is a dietary index that's used to rank carbohydrate-based foods. The Glycemic Index predicts the rate at which the ingested food will increase blood sugar levels. A detailed explanation of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load can be found on ND's Glycemic Index page.

Located at: http://www.nutritiondata.com/glossary.html#G
Aha. Thanks! *will look at it when not at work! :D *
Different foods are digested in different parts of the digestive system, (upper stomach, lower stomach, small intestine, colon). Foods that are high in fiber are digested in the colon, and are often best described a cleaning out the colon rather than digesting.

Corn is a good example, it's high starch, high fiber and will always show up when you go number 2. This doesn't mean that it's not good to have once in a while, especially since it does clean your colon a bit.

Carrots are another one that are digested in the colon, so it's definately normal that they show up again sometimes, especially if you are eating them raw, or not cooked to mush.
wow thanks supersized!  didn't know that!
you should realy begoing by the GL....the load is more practical and is better than GI

http://vanderbiltowc.wellsource.com/dh/conten t.asp?ID=655 there, hope it helps!
and it might be your digestion is weak thinking about it, from too much exercise or possibly your stressed out? when your stressed your digestion can bugger up.. just a thought
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