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No Carbs Together With Protein? Say what!

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I read a magazine article yesterday glorifying Mariah Carrey's recent weight loss and I was shocked to see that her nutritionist was quoted saying that carbs and protein shouldn't be eaten together b/c the body uses different enzymes to digest different foods and so, something a/b it wouldn't burn the food as efficiently.  I was just curious if anyone knew a/b this-is it semi true or complete bogus. On that note, I was disappointed to see Mariah Carrey excited a/b her new size '0' figure.  A-b/c she said she's trying to be fit while eating sometimes 1000 calories a day! and B-Mariah Carrey's 5'9 and uhhhhh, I think if she's a 0 then I must be able to fit into child-size clothing! ...which is NOT true. But-the real question is regarding the carbs and protein combo:)

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What messed up weird eating she must have to maintain that unrealistic size and diet?!

Sounds crazy to me.

It has to do with the Acid/Alkaline environment necessary for proper absorption of all the foods nutritive values. Here is an article about it.

http://www.newtreatments.org/FoodInfo/ga/458/ Food%20combining:%20Don't%20mix%20carbs%20with %20proteins%20or%20fats

It's actually impossible to separate them entirely. What that particular nutritionist is advising, I'm guessing, is to not make a meal containing large amounts of all three together.

My sister tried eating that way for awhile and she said it was really, really hard to do.

Check this out ... a thread is already in action talking about Mariah Carey's diet:

http://caloriecount.about.com/forums/post/935 01.html

Umm.. that's physically impossible. Most forms of Protein have even a little carbs in them, and most forms of carbs have a little protein in them.

And, anyways, let's talk about my favorite protein/carb combination, beans! *fart* Sorry. Anyways, the thing about beans is that they're good for you, filled with micronutrients and they're a good source of protein, especially for vegetarians. They also both carbs and protein in them. But little to no fat (depending on the bean, I guess)

They also make me gassy *fart* Sorry.

Anyways, I wouldn't take that seriously. You can go back to eating your meat and potatoes, just not too much, OK?

It's called the Hay diet, it's a fad diet that's been around for quite a while, and there is no scientific evidence whatsoever backing it up.

IF it makes a person lose weight, that's only through the decreased intake that results from controlling the types and combinations of food one eats. Just like Atkins or the other "all you can eat" diets out there that allow liberty with only one kind of food and the other kinds are banned or severely restricted. There is no metabolic or biochemical magic involved, it's just calories in vs. calories out.

Hay's diet might be a little different as he was trying to maximize digestion & associated discomforts in certain people-- but that aside-- Drs themselves can't even agree on a good diet-- so what do they all really know is best other than watching calories?!

the media is trying to expose what some star does to suddenly 'get to a size 0' or they become 'fit' all the sudden is ridiculous-- you don't really know what MC did to suddenly bc so low in body fat-- as i saw on a cover of some mag rag at the commisary that she had some ripped abs coming thru-- so obviously, she started weight training (at least her abs) to lose some fat--

i wish the media would cover someone- anyone- who grabs media attention & shed light on the fact that they eat 'clean' weight train, and are a healthy normal human weight-- jessica biel is the only healthy female I can visualize at this point!

i just saw madonna get ripped on that same mag rag for having stellar biceps-- what's wrong with nice arms on a woman? she is very low body fat wise, but she eats 'strict clean' according to her & waht exactly is 'strict clean'? eh, at least she has muscle!

just what is of value anymore in the media when it comes to famous & health/nutrition? the fact that these women are role models who are so thin is what is making more young women either a) too thin or b) too fat!

let's just hope MC or whoever the next famous person is stands up to say they just ate a clean diet & exercised-- like the rest of the human race does!

I'm a "protein" metabolic type. The rule for me is never eat a carb without a protein on the side. The theory is that protein slows the oxidation process giving my body a chance to burn the quickly converting sugars in carbs before they get converted and saved as fat (for that "rainy" day that never came.) Come on burn!

auntmussy, I hate to break it to you, but biochemically and metabolically, that makes no sense. Nor does any aspect of the Hay diet.

It really is calories in vs. calories out when it comes to fat loss, and the combination/timing/consistency of those calories really doesn't change anything. The only exception is that protein requires a little more energy to digest than does carbs and sugar, but the effect of this is so minuscule that it will not actually help weight loss.

Then again, if eating foods in certain combinations helps you be more mindful of your eating and limit your intake, and therefore lose weight, there's certainly no harm in it. :)

Hi trustwomen, I'm not advocating or trying to defend the hay diet or any diet for that matter. I never heard of the hay diet until today.  My comment was prompted but the earlier post that seemed to state the opposite of what I read in Metabolic Typing.  Are you suggesting that eating according to metabolic type is mostly hype?  The idea that there are discernable variations in how people metabolize food rather than some big squishy "average" body engine strikes me as truth.  When I eat according to a protein type my blood sugars stay level and I'm not starving between meals.  We'll see what happens at the end of 30 days.  I'm not fanatical but I apply the guidelines as often as possible.   

I never even knew this diet had a name perse.

@auntmussy-I can totally relate. I'm a fast oxidizer too.


iknowmychicken~  I intended to send you a note agreeing with your earlier post re: metabolic typing. I discovered it about 18 months ago and checked out some books from my local library to read up on it.  I'm quite a skeptic about this sort of thing.   I may not be an ideal spokesperson, but it totally made sense. I followed the guidelines for about 2 months. I'm married to a carb type - opposites attract - grrrrrrr- so things got complicated around meal time.  We were always at odds.  You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a good, portable protein that hasn't been adulterated with sauces, oils and isn't 80% SAT fat when you need one.  It is a bit inconvenient but it was a satisfying diet. I didn't count calories back then and sat on my rear end all day, but still managed to lose 1-1/2" around my waist.  Did I suddenly lose a chronic bloat?  Did I lose fat?  Don't know. Who knows what would have happened if I had stuck with it and exercised.  Roll the clock forward 18 months.   In my commitment to reaching a healthy weight in a healty way, I recently began eating according to type.  I'd be happy with 40% protein since I need to respect my hi chol issue.  So far, just eating protein with each meal seems to make the difference for me.  Hunger is kept at bay.  Most eating plans are geared for the average person, or in this case the "balanced type".  They will thrive eating according to standard RDAs, while the minority are left on sidelines sulking and trying to figure out why it doens't work, or worse why we're gaining instead of losing.  I deserve an eating strategy that allows me to thrive!!  I don't care what it's called (btw, this is NOT the Hay diet - never heard of that one). This is simply referred to as eating according to metabolic type.  If it gets the job done and long term health is not sacrificed for short term gain I call it good.  I'll drop you a note every few weeks to see how you're doing on it and let you know how it's going for me.   

Auntmussy~ That is fantastic! I wish I would have known about it sooner. Eating by my metabolic type has made a huge difference in my energy level and my satiety as well. I completely agree that most eating plans are geared towards balanced oxidizers and have simply not resulted in much weight loss for me personally. I seem to be losing more weight than the "math" even accounts for now so I'm definitely sticking to eating according to my metabolism!

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It sounds similar to the Suzanne Sommers diet. She swears that separating your carbs and proteins is a way to successfully lose weight. I personally think it would be pretty hard...unless you are a vegetarian!

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It's totally bunkum.

Six year old threads don't need to be bumped to say this...

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