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How many carbs do YOU eat a day?

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Ok so i tend to go over my carbs sometimes but they're all healthy carbs so i dont know if im doing the right thing or what? i dont eat bread, pasta, soda or any other bad carb at all. I get my carbs mostly from fruits and vegetables, but i've noticed that my weight isn't dropping much.The highest carb that i eat is from old fashioned oatmeal and i usually get around 120-160 carbs a that ok? how many carbs do you guys eat? 

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My "analysis" for yesterday shows 185 and it is still listed as "good".  I think a key issue is trying to keep them healthy carbs.

I thought you were only suppose to have 30 carbs a day to lose weight.  Maybe I am wrong but I think 120 a day is way too many.  Good carbs or not.

Weight Watchers use to say "You shouldn't eat the same thing everyday"  Your body gets use to it ......same as doing the same exercise everyday.  You need to  every once in awhile eat something that you normally wouldn't so that it shocks your system and then it revs up your metabolism.  Try and see.

The villianfication of carbs bothers me. I lost 80lbs eating potatoes and bananas every single day. And I still have a banana and white potato every single day. In fact, during the bulk if my weight loss I didn't measure carbs either. If it was green, I was happy. If it was slightly below I was okay with that but it rarely happened. I will say I never let them go over. Now I run and lift heavy wasn't until I started liftin I paid attention to carbs and that was just a side effect of focusing on protien. You need carbs. You protein. You need fats. You need food and it falls into one of those three catagories. Just my two cents.

Original Post by golfingcheri51:

I thought you were only suppose to have 30 carbs a day to lose weight.  Maybe I am wrong but I think 120 a day is way too many.  Good carbs or not.

Maybe. Probably. Definitely.

30g of carbs a day is 120 calories from carbs. Even on a 1200 calorie diet (which is too little for most people) that would be only 10% of your calories from carbs. There is absolutely no reason to eat that few carbs. You can (although I would question if you are getting enough vegetables) but you certainly don't have to to lose weight.

And 120g is not too many. That would be 480 calories from carbs, or about 40% of a 1200 diet. Again, ignoring that very very few people should be ever be eating as little as 1200, getting 40% of your calories from carbs is not at all excessive, regardless of your weight loss goals.

Depending on what you want your results to be can help you choose what the right amount of carbs are in your diet.

If you're looking just to eat healthily then carbs in fruit and veges is good!

For weight gain carbs and protein are essential.

For weight loss reducing carbs in any form, especially wheat based, will assist your results. If you up your protein a lot with very little carbs, potentially having only oats in the morning for breakfast and no other carbs throughout the day, should definitely result in weight loss while also making you more lean and potentially less bloated. That's what I found at least :).

If you're worried about carbs in fruit and veges then try choosing those with lower carbs like broccoli, spinach, apples, oranges etc.

Good luck! :)

cc tells me I eat too few carbs but my doctor says I am doing the right thing for my body. I eat mainly fresh fruit, veg, eggs,fish, chicken, meat, non cow dairy, nuts , non processed grains and definately no added sugar. I am below my goal weight and still losing. My health is better than it has been for years and doctor says my body is 10 years younger than it was 10 years  It is amazing how much money you can save when you cut out all the canned and packaged foods allowing you to afford the better cuts and quality of protein.

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Original Post by glenna515:

I have lost 60 pounds and have been struggling for 3 months to lose any more, only 3 pounds in all that time.  I've been eating exactly the same as I did to lose all 60 and exercising just as much if not more.  I keep my carbs under 100 a day, most days only 40 to 50, oatmeal once a week is the only grain I have, all the rest of the carbs come from veggies and no more than 1 piece of fruit or berries a day.  I certainly can't figure it out at all!  So I certainly understand your frustration!  LOL!

Hi Glenna. Sorry if someone else has already answered you, but it sounds like you've plateaued. This has happened to me, and I found that increasing my carbs once in awhile breaks the plateau by jumpstarting my metabolism. It's a tip I got from "The Biggest Loser" actually. :P  Web search "carb-cycling" to learn more.

I used to lay off carbs like bread and pasta but found that if you choose wholewheat versions they can be essential parts of a healthy diet and help with weight loss and maintenance. Be sure to include all complex carbs like, whole grains, fruits and veg.

If you work out you need crabs to sustain the necessary energy for muscle growth.


120-160 is fairly low. I'd say you need to look elsewhere to find out why you aren't losing.


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When people say "x carbs", I do wonder about the units people use. Grams seems most likely. Servings of carbs? Some dedicated Weight Watchers points system that is exactly 15.75 gr of carbs? I don't know. 

All I know is that carbohydrates need to be a good chunk of the diet.

I usually eat 350-400 grams of carbs a day and 150+ grams of sugar.

I'm at 50g carbs 100g fat and lots of protein

Ambereva, that's awesome! I can't wait until my metabolism is at a point where I can maintain on that!

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