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Carb shifting diets

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Does anyone know anything about carb shifting diets? I am trying to gather some information about them.  I thought I would ask here before I pay for anything.  
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carb shifting diets usually refers to low carb diets like the atkins diet...  which has recently gone into bankruptcy due to people finally realizing that it is not the healthiest type of diet to do... people usually can't tolerate low carb for a long time and have not learned how to eat a balanced diet that maintains or helps them lose weight as a lifestyle.  So, when they quit the low carb diet, whammo, they go nuts and tend to regain.

Here's an article from a very prominent doctor at harvard explaining the risks of these low carb type diets...  it's kind of towards the middle.
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also, have you looked at the articles here in the library at calorie-count?  some gr8 info there on nutrition, counting calories, balance in the diet, etc...  check it out :)
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1 last thought...

have you googled carb shifting diets?  tends to pull up the high protein, high fat, low carb diets/strategies, aka the atkins types of diets...
Thanks for the info.  I think I might have called it the wrong thing.  What I am talking about is more the zig zagging  diet that I found in another link.  I did find one site however that talked about starting with higher carbs and working down.  I am not interested in that.  I like my  I should have said calorie shifting.  Thanks.
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