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I Can't Tell if My Scale is Accurate

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I have a non digital scale and my bathroom floor isnt quite even but i still try to balance it out with small hand weights... i even am adding 2 lbs onto it

still the scale seems to say i have lost a decent amount of weight recently despite last week it being like... 4 lbs more. I don't look or feel any different... and 4 lbs would look different on my because i am already pretty slim.

anyone else use non digital scales and have problems? what cheap digital scale would you recommend?

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i use a digital scale and it still fluctuates .

i weigh my self 5 to 10 times to check the machines accuracy and 4 times out of 10 i get a diffrent weight O_o. i mean it fluctuates between 2-3 values all variables given the same.


If your a woman your weight can go up 5lbs or more before or when you get your period.

I got tired of this annoying " scale dance" and just went out an bought a new scale (a "taylor" digital if you are interested) reviews online said it was extremely reliable and my experience has proved this to be true.

Now (if I could be bothered) I can get on and off five or six times when I weigh and the number will be exactly same each time.

EDIT: most scales will be inaccurate if they are moved constantly. Pick a spot where your scale can remain undisturbed and leave it there.

Sybil is right though; if you are weighing at different times of the day, this will give you misleading numbers and as a woman you must take your cycle into account. 99% of women gain weight in the few days before their period and then lose that extra weight approximately 3-4 days after their period starts.

Other variables that can affect your numbers are:

  • Time of day - you must be constant with the conditions, same time of day, same clothes/ naked, before food but after going to the bathroom.
  • Food weight- if you ate a lot / large volume the day before
  • Water weight (also see below)- drinking a lot or not enough
  • Sodium (related to water weight)- too much sodium can make your body retain water, which shows on the scale.
  • Exercise- if vigorous or unfamiliar, your muscles hold on to water while they repair themselves. 

Other than the above, most people find that if they weigh-in daily, their numbers fluctuate up and down slightly every day and it should not be the cause of any concern.

When you log your weight into CC take a look at the green "trend" line on your weight chart. That is a combination of your last ten logged weights. If that green line is heading south, you are doing okay and have nothing to be concerned about.

if anything it might be sodium since the amount of calories i eat day to day is pretty constant, but what i eat isn;t... and i eat soup pretty often which is full of salt.


buuuut i am not close to menstruating and i weigh myself at the same time everyday.

There you go then... too much sodium and crappy scale.

Sodium solutions: make your own soup (less sodium) or buy the low sodium versions.

Drink LOTS of water. Eat high potassium foods (this helps your body eliminate the sodium).

Save your sanity and get a reliable scale!

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