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Weight Loss
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can't stop eating :(( ughhhhh

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I really need help. I feel like I'm eating a lot of calories compared to what I should . I'm burning like 2000 or more a day with exercise . Is 1000 calories too little ? I'm tired of overdoing it and being depressed :( helpppp
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1,000 calories intake is way too little. Calculate your BMR. That should be your minimum. Add more if you are exercising. You need more nutrients to maintain your body if you exercise.

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If u r not getting proper nutrition this will make u depressed. U need to eat the proper calories.

You not supposed to eat lower than 1,200 cal. i TRY TO STAY BETWEEN 1,200-1,500. You will have to calculate whats the best calories for your wt,age. Google ;calculate BMR ,its how many calories you burn just living not exercising then subtract 500 cal. to burn one pd a week . More if you want 2 lbs a week . Read about it on line. Thanks! Kim


please, please, PLEASE stop restricting. 1000 calories isn't even close to what you should be eating. You are destroying yourself. I have been there, I used to eat 1000 calories a day and less, while at the same time I was exercising until I almost fainted. DON'T make the same mistake I did. From personal experience, 1500 calories is the absolute minimum you should be eating. You are depressed because you are not eating enough. I am still overcoming my eating disorder now and am proud of myself every day for making healthy choices and eating the right amounts of food. I am eating the double amount (1800 calories) of what I used to eat when I was having my disorder and am still worried if that amount is enough to keep me healthy.

I agree with the others, calculate your body's needs and stick to that number. If you find it too hard or when you relapse, please seek out professional help.

Good luck and I am here if you need to talk...

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