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I love brat's brats with onions and pepers and hot mustard. I have been able to 2 or 3 at a setting. well tonight I prepare my favorite meal I even used green and red and yellow peppers. I made 2 of them and french fries. the brats have 300 calories a piece in them the roll has around 200 to. thats a thousand calories I think. well as I set down to eat them I finished the first with no problem. but then when it came to the second one I couldnt even eat it not at all. I only eat half the fries as well. I think my stomach is becomming smaller and Iam not craving or needing as much as I used to.  has this happened to any one else??? let me know  
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I ate a 6 inch sub at Subway Saturday - chicken breast on wheat, and I was full. I remember how I used to eat an entire foot long meatball sub with regular chips a few years back. Never again!
I notice the same thing.

It's great!

I hear rumors about your stomach shrinking when you eat smaller portions.
from what I have been told thats not a rumor at all. I mean if you think about it your stomach would almost have to shrink wouldn't it?? thats a good question though
I don't think it's the physical size of your stomach that makes you hungry; I think it's when the hormones are released.  But, yeah, your appetite goes down. 
I use to eat alot more to but I cut back on how much I ate and now I don't get as hungry anymore and eat less.  It does make your stomach smaller atleast from what I heard, because that is what Wrestlers do, they will almost starve themselves for a few days to make their stomachs smaller so they don't eat as much so their weight doesn't vary
when we went out for sushi the other night, we discovered that we coldn't finish what would normally have left us room for dessert before.......we have also noticed that lately when i make dinner, there are almost always leftovers for my boyfriend to take to work for lunch the next day ......amazing!
This has only recently been happening to me.

I could normally eat 3 or 4 rolls of sushi (the kind with fish in the middle and on top), but I find I'm very full with only 2 rolls and a couple bites from my b/f's selection.

I also have a hard time finishing off my Chipotle burrito, when it use to leave me feeling slightly hungry afterwards.  Now I can barely move after! xD

Starbucks, most the time now, I can only drink a little more than half a Grande, when I use to be able to pound a Vente no problem, even after eating.

I'm saving like 20 bucks or more a week now. I can save that to buy myself some much needed new clothes.

oh god yes!

i have been wasting money on takeout too...

i am one of those "the ususal" customers.

but the other night we got mexican...i could only eat half of what i used to. and then i felt like thanksgiving happened via mexico in my stomach...ooough.

i just started happening since i have done minimum cal cuts.

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