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cant get past a certain weight...help

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i have been trying to lose weight for a while now.  have gained a lost the same pounds over and over again.  my main problem is that i can't seem to get past 220 lbs.  that is the point were i start to gain weight again.  any suggestions.
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What are you stats?

Age, height, weight, daily caloric in-take, daily expenditure?
rebecca is right, we can't provide much advice without more information.

I am of the opinion that our bodies have barriers that are tough to break through.  I'm not sure why these barriers exist, or why they are set at what they are for each of us, but I suspect it has to do with the set point theory, that our bodies try to maintain a certian weight as long as possible, fighting against everything to lose or to gain.  In your case, you give up and start gaining before your body can breakthrough the barrier going down.

Or it may simply be that what you were doing isn't enough to push your body down any further.  If you weren't careful enough about how much you were eating, or not burning as many calories as you thought, then you body bottomed out, and unless you do something more rigorous or get stricter on the calories, you won't be able to go below.
i am 5'1", 230 lbs, i walk alot at work but barely do anything at home...planning on changing this.  i just bought a pedometer to guage and increase my expediture and doing strength training in the mornings.  i have just started logging my calories and i am pretty sure that i generally do not eat enough or over eat.  my goals oare to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
It sounds like you know what to do already!  Add some exercise, get a good and steady calorie level going, and eat more healthy food and you'll see that scale dropping before you know it!
oreo, how many calories are you consuming per day? 
i just started calulating so i am not entirely sure.  today i am at 1050.
my trouble is not knowing what to do...it is being able to keep it up.  it seems that i am unable/unwilling to cross 220 lbs.  not sure why i sabatoge my efforts is the main issue.
It sounds like you should up your caloric in-take. Give your metabolism a kick start so that your body isn't hanging on to every thing you eat and don't need to expend immediately. 
I don't know if you are anything like me but I usually get stuck at 145 once I hit that number I start to crash diet and everything goes to shit, the fact that you only ate 1050 cals makes it sound like you may be doing what I usually do. On a positive note I have been eating a steady 1200-1400 cal diet and running regularly and I have broken way past that and I'm now at 133, so maybe if you upped your cal intake, and take it slow it will pay off in the end. Remember weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. And the longer it takes tyou to lose the weight the better chance you have of keeping it off. :) good luck!
sftbalgirl - do you mean you eat 1200-1400 calories and then run and not eat back the calories? or do you mean that if you burn 600 calories on your run you eat them back? I'm stuck at 149/150 and I'm wondering what you did to get past 145.
I think oreo may have meant so far today she's eaten 1050 cals, but going to eat more.. but I'm not sure.
Hey I eat 1200-1400 total and i typically run 4-6 miles a day. however I will sometimes go a little over :)
I'd recommend upping your calories for a couple of days. It REALLY helped me get out of my plateau recently. Didn't lose a damn thing for a couple of weeks.. even GAINED 3 lbs.. and then I upped my calories and dropped like 7 right away. CRAZY.
thank you all.  i did end up eating almost 1200 calories.  i do know that is not enough.  went the other way today.  ate almost 2000 calories, but was at work and get alot more exercise and also did strength training this am.  i am confused by the way that people are saying that you need to eat more if you exercise.  why add more calries if you are tryingto lose the weight.  i understand that it would not necessarily be good if you only eat 1200 cal.  i did the activity log and my caloric intake is still almost 1000 calories less than my expenditure.  i understand this correctly?!?
The reason behind eating back what you burn is that you should have a healthy deficit of about 500-1000 calories.  If your deficit is a lot more than this, your body could hang onto every calorie you eat, and you end up burning less throughout the day just staying alive.  If you do eat enough during the day, and you exercise, it speeds up your metabolism, and you end up burning more during the times you're at rest.  
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