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Weight Loss
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Can't eat all this food!

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Hi everyone.  I'm posting because I am very confused, and I want to make sure I've tried everything I'm supposed to try before I go see a dr. about this.

I am quite overweight, trying to lose 70lbs, so far little luck.  I eat healthy foods and go to the gym every day working on strength and cadio. Overall I think I'm quite healthy but I know that won't last forever if I don't lose some weight. 

So since I eat healthy and I exercise, I have always assumed I don't lose weight because I eat too much. So I used the various calculators out there and found I should be eating somewhere between 1600 and 1800 to lose weight.  The problem is I started tracking my calories and found out I typically eat WAY less than that. I figured out what I would need to eat to get to 1600, and I just don't see how I can possibly get there without eating junk food. 

Today for example, I have felt stuffed and bloated all day long trying to eat enough, and I just added it all up to a grand total of 1021 calories. And I'm counting absolutely everything. I even double checked the calorie estimates off of another site and they seem to be accurate. I think my weightloss has increased slightly since I've started eating more, but it's not worth it because I feel uncomfortably full.

I've gathered from other posts and articles that eating under 1200 regularly is unacceptable.  So my question is, does anyone know what might be preventing me from eating enough?  Are there ways I can increase my appetite?  If the answer is I just have to get to 1200 no matter what, does anyone have ideas for calorie rich foods I can add to my diet that aren't sugary (my sweet-tooth is what got me to this weight and I've worked very hard to eliminate dessert-like foods)?

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you are probably not getting enough fat.  Try avocados, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, grass fed beef.

My suggestion is to start increasing the calorie intake slowly until you are consuming your goal amount. Couple extra ounces of meat with dinner and an apple mid afternoon or something like that. I find that if I don't eat breakfast than I have a hard time consuming enough that day so I've been working at having a 3-400 calorie breakfast.

Without getting into the intricasies of it eating below your BMR slows down your metabolism, eating below 1,200 can cause health issues. Increasing your calories to your BMR or plus a bit can help improve fat loss. Smashleys recomendations are good. Eat a 100 gms of unsalted cashew n you add 587 calories. Just find a few calorie dense healthy foods.

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So eat higher calorie foods.  Peanut butter, peanuts, avocados, some olive oil, low-fat cheese, etc. will all give you some calories, but with nutritional value to boot.  The number of calories you ingest isn't directly correlated to how much you eat.  So just incorporate in some more high calorie foods into your regular meals to get the extra that your body needs, without forcing yourself to eat tons more low-calorie food (since it would require a much greater volume of low calorie food, as opposed to the quick calorie hit of the foods mentioned above).

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Thanks for the suggestions!  I have one more question: Is it healthy to just keep adding servings of healthy fats (like those suggested) until I reach my calorie goal? I have always seen it recommended that you just eat one serving of fats per day, but is that only suggested to keep people from going overboard with the calories?

I just want to make sure because I have a large gap to fill in and I don't want to overemphasize a food group that should only be eaten in moderation.

I think the beauty of this website is that it tracks for you the amount of fat-to-calorie ratio you need and lets you know in the final analysis. 

I have never heard the "1 serving" thing before and think it would almost have to be unhealthy - there are a lot of fat-soluble vitamins in veggies that will not be absorbed if they are not eaten at the same time as a fat.  I would say for each meal, 1 protein, 1 complex carb, some fruits and veggies and a bit of fat.  That way you set yourself up to absorb as many of the nutrients in the food as you can. For snacks, mix it up, but try to not only have fruit or ONLY any one type of food...  hummus with carrots (fat and complex carbs AND veggie) or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit (protein, calcium, AND fruit/fiber).

Also, you can add milled flax seed fo oatmeal and fruit in the morning or yogurt or smoothies.  It is healthy omega-3 fats and fiber at 70 calories for 2 tbsp - so it won't add a lot of bulk but will help up calories.  Toss some walnuts or sunflower seeds on your salads. 

My approach to food is that it is fuel for my body.  Without enough, my body/metabolism is not working efficiently.  It's like a car, if you give it no "go-juice" it isn't gonna go very far or fast...  Give it some fuel and it'll really take off!  Look for nutrient dense foods and let the analysis on this website help guide your choices.

*** As a final thought, I have been making smoothies every day.  I usually use a bit of banana, some mango sometimes, some blueberries (or any other berry) a bit of almond milk, sometimes a bit of Trop 50 orange juice, some Greek yogurt and a LOT of spinach (turns it a horrible color, but adds no real taste and LOTS of nutrients).  They end up being between 225 & 325 calories depending on the content, but I sip on them in the morning, put the rest in the fridge and then bring it out in the afternoon for a bit of a snack.  That would be an easy way to incorporate more  (and YUMMY) calories into your day without forcing yourself to eat.  It somehow doesn't seem like so much when it's blended and drinkable (hence the dangers of milkshakes)! ***

Hope some of this helped!

I am having the same problems...I am so full by the end of the day and still barely getting 1000 calories...I will be watching this for more ideas!

I agree with the other posters, best way is healthy fats. Almonds, walnuts, heck any nuts and/or their butters are great way to get your healthy fats in. Don't worry too much about healthy fats, they are called that for a reason, want better skin, hair and nails look no further than healthy fat filled items.

Personally I eat walnuts or almonds everyday and have lost 85 pounds since July, so can tell you they work! Dairy is also a great way to bulk up calories and dairy in small portions is good for you, just don't over do it.

PS if I have a spare 100 calories, nothing makes my night like a spoon full of Nutella, yummy!


I also dig the VitaMuffin brownies (they may be called VitaBrownies).  They are small, 100 calories, taste great and pack 10 g of fiber and a lot of other good nutrients...  That might also be a good idea for adding calories.  I have been known to eat one of those if I am short on nutrients and have the calories.  I like the Silk Almond Milk with them.  Light texture - not too heavy - but LOTS of calcium and the dark chocolate is pretty decent... 1 cup is 120 calories too!  I drink the unsweetened or original usually though - depending on picked it up because my husband tends to pick up the wrong stuff :)  BUT, if you had one of the brownies and a cup of the dark chocolate, it would be very much like yummy dessert AND not be a lot of food or too heavy AND up your calories by 220!

Oh!  And omlettes!  Good protein, decent fats, mostly veggies with a little cheese of choice is a good way to get nutrient dense without a ton of food or calories.  I made a Greek inspired one last night for dinner with tomatoes, spinach, grilled chicken and a little bit of Feta cheese folded in only one egg and topped with 1 tbsp of Greek yogurt w/dill.  Yum!  Not a TON of food - espcially when the veggies cooked down a bit, but lots of good for me stuff and flavor!  (I don't like to eat too heavy at the end of the day.)

Are you certain you are being honest and true with your measurements and portions?

I'm not trying to be mean or anything - but someone who has 70-ish pounds to lose really shouldn't be full of 1000 or so calories.

Calories add up quick. Are you measuring everything? To get a better accuracy, weight everything with a digital food scale. You'd be surprised at a "serving".

Do you have any problems with passing a LOT of gas. Do you get nauseated? Or bad cramps in your abdomen? DO you have issues with being constipated or bouts of loose stools?  If so It could be a form of IBS, or something like that. Last year I got VERY sick over and over. I could barely eat. I lost 37lbsd in 2mnths  and they finally "diagnosed" me with IBS. I say "diagnosed" because there is no test for it basically is they rule everything else out then they say that's what you huh? Anyways It can be frustrationg but might be something you need to look into.....Good Luck

I would suggest looking into the clean program, it is a cleanse I just competed ( and is super great btw!) but they have lots of recipes on there for smoothies and meals that are really good for you and calorically dense.
Also, I forgot to say to check your serving size as well. I am often surprised that a serving is so small, even on packages they will post half a serving - like anyone make half a package of noodles...
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