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how many cals does HULA HOOPING burn??

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the hula hoop that i have is similar to this

those "ball-like" stuff are supposed to "massage" into you.... this type of hula-hoop is for toning ur abs. but does that actually WORK?? it's pretty heavy too... but not THAT heavy.... maybe even less than 2 lbs.. idk...

anyways, i wanted to know how many calories you burn hula-hooping!!

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help please!!!

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Hula hooping is suppose to burn 80-100 calories for 10 minutes. I'm sure this will vary depending on someones weight. The heavier you are the more you'll burn. The best way to know is to get a heart rate monitor.

how about a female who's 130 lbs? 

would she burn roughly 80 kcals in 10 mins ?


man... it realy seems like i need a heart rate monitor afterall.... haha

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Hehe, a Heart rate monitor is the only way to know what you burn. Everything else is just guessing. If your out of shape your going to burn more then someone that is in shape. The heavier the hoop the harder it is to work the more you'll burn etc. If you don't work out at all, then you'll lose as long as your diet habits don't change.

Rayna from hoopnotica says it can burn 400 to 600 calories an hour. I'm sure the 600 is for someone heavier and really out of shape. I'm actually waiting for my own hoop to arrive via fed ex this morning. I can't wait to get started, it seems like a fun interesting way to get fit. I do DDR (dance dance revolution) for weight loss also. Anything that is fun and doesn't seem like traditional exercise I'm all for.

Good luck!
Original Post by synergi:

 Anything that is fun and doesn't seem like traditional exercise I'm all for.



you know, in DDR, they tell you how many cals you burn? i think it's severely OVERESTIMATING...... what do you think?

i can hula hoop for 2 hours easily if im watching TV.... but last time i did it, i got SERIOUS bruises (1 hr & 15 mins) on my sides, right where my hip bones are. why is this?!?!

my aunt, who also hula hoops, said that it was because i was hulahooping the ring too low?

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Well I heard that if you haven't been hooping long and you are using a weighted hoop you'll get some bruising until your body gets use to it. I'm still waiting on fedex to come. I'm really anxious to try it out.

DDR I have found has either been to low on calories or to high. It varies from game to game. That's why I stick to a Polar heartrate monitor.

Yesterday I was riding a stationary bike that has a pulse reader along with my heart rate monitor. It was close in reading heart rate but off on how many calories. I was burning more then it said I was. This is because the monitor tests you based on height, weight and your range of heart rates while sitting. From this it has a good idea of your physcial condition and I think more accurate at giving you calories burned.
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Mine just came. I will do some once I can actually keep it up. I can say the 30 seconds or so I managed to keep it up was really shooting my heart rate up. :)

oooh congrats on yours coming!!! can you take a picture of your hula hoop and put it up on this thread??? i wanna see whether it's similar to the one i've been "hula-ing" hahahahLaughing


and please do tell me how many calories you burned and what your speed was!

oooh ~ and i got 2 tips for you on hula-hooping!

  • watch TV while doing. your favorite channel! time flies byyyyy!!!!
  • carry weights (dumbells) with you while you're hula hooping! burns more!
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lol Well before I get around to do fancy things like holding weights I need to keep it on my waist lol. The bad thing, my husband whom has never ever picked up a hula could keep it up first try.

This is the one I bought.   Here
 I will certaintly try the watching tv once I get the hang of it. I'll probably order hoopnotica so it can teach me some movies.. (I hope) I don't know, i'm pretty hopeless but I'm going to give it a try!

For me, at least, the number of calories burned per hour hula-hooping would be about the same as the number of calories burned by bending down to pick up the hula hoop, raising it to waist level, and dropping it repeatedly for an hour.  The mathematically inclined could calculate it by the following formula:

(Number of calories to bend down and pick hula hoop off the floor) * (60 seconds per minute) * (60 minutes per hour)...

I'm a pretty bad hula-hooper.  Laughing

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LOL I'm terrible myself. I've seen tons of people on youtube hooping. They look so graceful and beautiful, fluid and I feel like a clunky dork lol.

This is my new goal, yes I want to lose weight but I'm going to focas on trying to become flexibile and a little more graceful. I got a few stretching dvd's and I have hoop lesson dvd's coming so I'll be all set..
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Ok I finally am to where I can keep the hoop up 7 to 10 minutes. I managed to burn 100 calories in about 10-12 minutes. Keep in mind hooping is new to me and I'm working muscles I'm not use to working. Gawd its amazing I got it to stay up as long as I did. I can't imagine ever getting fancy and doing tricks.. lol..
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I've been experimenting with how many calories I'm burning hooping. For anyone else starting out like me, I'm finding all the free tutorials on youtube is helping me out more then the professional dvd's. While I have only been at it a week or so and I still suck, I'm better then I was a week ago when I couldn't keep it up at all lol.

Anyway, Calories I'm 5'4 and weight 195 give or take. I'm finding I burn more calories if I'm througlly warmed up.

First session..
15 minutes-- 100 calories.
2nd session
20 minutes-- 150
3rd session
10 minutes 85 calories.
4th session
11 minutes 125 calories..

The difference between 3rd and 4th session is they were aout 45 minutes apart and I hadn't fully cooled down yet as I had with the other sessions the same day. The reason my sessions are so short is because I poop out after 10 minutes.. I try to do at least 15 since it takes about 5 minutes to warm up..

Anyway, for those 4 workout sessions, very short and doable I burned 460 calories. I think this is most useful way to exercise for people with a short attention span who'd rather have dental work then worktout 45 minutes in one session. These little 15 minute burst are so short yet i'm sweating like crazy at the end of them so I know its working.

Todays session 15 minutes at 120 calories. I use a polar heart rate monitor if anyone is wondering how I'm figuring this out.

I suggest finding friends who are into it too. Me and a couple of my girl friends recently got heavily addicted to our hoops! We go to the closest gym, pump our techno music and rock out. Its a blast once you get into some little tricks and stuff, and can teach each other your new moves. We usually go and bust out for 3-4 hours!! Careful though, its addicting!

Hi! I am new to this site and happy to find fellow hula hoop practicing people. My daughter and I joined a hula hooping class at UCSB 5 weeks ago. Let me tell you, I have bruises in places that never, ever hurt before!!! I saw on a new weight loss show (I Want To Save Your Life) that you burn up to 600 cal per hour -- no wonder we are so tired after class! Check out our teacher on her website -- she started 7 years ago and practiced 4 hours a day -- ouch!! We also do other cross training exercises, such as rebounding (5 min of rebounding equals 15 of running -- according to the BBC show You Are What You Eat), kick boxing (me - 51 years old ), swimming (my daughter - 20 yrs old - ex ballerina who gained lots of weight after quitting), the bun trainer (now only available on-line - but it made me drop 5 inches in my buns, thighs and hips - no kidding), the ball (for situps), she uses the bean, and the sean t hip hop series. We have lots of other DVDs. Hooping is so much fun! I finally learned how to do the float, after hitting my head, elbow, legs, feet, and getting lots and lots of bruises!! By the way, we only exercise a total of 30 minutes per day. The hula hoop and rebounder keep us in great shape, and is helpingher to lose the 40 lbs she gained in a few months (she is only 5' 2" and went up to 155 lbs).

We also drink a ton of water. Several years ago I went from 125 to 160 lbs. That was a wake up call. I had been athletic in my youth, then I let it go by the wayside and ate everything. I have lots of food allergies - which was the reason for my low weight throughout my life (most of it I struggled to keep it on and was sick because of it). Being too skinny was just as bad as being over weight, as they both have their struggles. Lots of people would ask me if I was anorexic or bullemic (which I thought was rude). Being 106 at 5'6" was way too low.  

Anyway, when I gained weight, it was due to finally being able to eat without getting sick from my food allergies (lots of years with diarrhea episodes due to severe allegic reactions). I was correctly diagnosed, then I learned what foods not to eat, and there is the reason for my eating everything! I joined WW online and learned a ton of stuff and began eathing healthy -- no crash diets, just smaller portions (stopped using 12" plates and scaled down to 8" plates and no second portions -- I did that over 3 months - I don't believe in starving nor depriving), more salads, protein, lots of water, no soda (I rarely drank them so no loss), and more fruit as a snack. I am now at 133 and feeling more healthy and energetic.

Good luck to all with the hooping!


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