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how many calories in a tsp of butter?

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I thought it would be better to have a tsp of real butter instead of margarine in my oatmeal this morning with a little sugar twin and should of looked first. I thought for some reason that butter because it was more pure it would be better for me, guess I was wrong. Thanks!
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Well, real butter usually has about 100 calories per tbsp and there are 3 tsp in a tbsp, so I would say about 33 calories.
thanks! Do you know if margarine would have been a better choice?
Check the ingredients on your margarine. If it includes hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils of any kind, it is a better idea to go with butter. If not, margarine these days is an ok alternative to butter.

Thanks again I will do that!

Check out whipped butter. I think it has about half the calories of butter in stick form.

um, isn't "whipped butter" just butter with air?  so if you're going to melt it, won't you need more?
danceswithforks is right.  if a fat is solid at room temperature, it's a bad bet. 

butter is yummy, though.  i suggest you set a threshold amount, then decide that you're going to stick to it.  if you buy a pound of butter, it should be all the saturated fat you're going to get for so many days/weeks/months.  if you run out early, you just don't replace it ;-)

butter is a natural food.. It is so much better for us than margarine... margarine has so many bad artificial ingredients...I've heard some of those ingredients are close to plastic... butter has a little higher sat fat, but it helps us absorb essential ingredients in other foods .. butter is a good fat.  Smile

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