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how many calories am I supposed to eat on a diet?

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I have been on a diet since the summer. I have lost alot so far and I'm proud.

I'm 15 I think I weight 130 pounds.. my goal is to reach 119 (healthy weight?)

despite dieting I still feel completely obliviouse to what I'm supposed to be doing. I'e been counting calories but my parents are very worried about me because I've become very obsessed about my diet.  I'll admit I have ):

I ate ALOT for these past three weeks (holidays and events) and I finially got back on track today. I keep crying and getting angry at myself when I eat too much and I need to STOP. I think I'm ok now. I atle a few spoon fulls of this pie yeterday (couldent resist) and I felt just fine. I didn't cry that time and I'm glad dpsite me over indulging on cereal that day.

but now to the point. I try and eat a range of 500-1000 calories for my diet with exercise inbetween. Am I on a healthy diet?


I don't know anymore because with reserach some say 2000 calories other say 500 and so on. I'm not sure how healthy I'm dieting and I don't want to go  anywhere near anorexia!

 I really apologize for how un educated I am with dieting. I just need some good tips and see if I'm doing ok.  

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How tall are you? At 15, you shouldn't be eating any less than 1800 a day, I believe, as you're still growing.
whoops forgot about my height. I'm 5"2


At your current stats, your BMI is 23.8, which is considered a healthy weight (per the CDC calculator), and in the 83rd percentile for girls your height and age.  The 85th percentile is the point at which a person would be considered to be "at risk" for being overweight, but you're still at a healthy point.

At your stated goal, you would have a BMI of 21.8, which is also healthy, in the 70th percentile for girls your age, and a reasonable goal.

However, you should realize that the calculators and tools on CC are designed for use by adults, and you need to consider that as a still growing teenager, you have higher caloric needs than an adult.  As stated above, a balanced diet of 1800 cals a day and staying active is the best way to keep healthy.

Did you know there's a "young calorie counters" forum?  You can get a lot of support and ideas from peers as well:


Welcome to CC!

This is the caculation the personal trainer gave to me.  I hope it helps.  Take your current weight times it by 10.  Take that and times it by your lifestyle factor (very light activity-seated most of the day-1.4, light activity-on foot most of the day-1.6, active-athlete-1.8).  Take that total(which is your maitence caloric intake) and minus 500 to lose a pound a week.  I hope that helps you. 
I'd REALLY like to know where is says that you should be eating 500.  Become educated and read more because it wouldn't say that in any actual published sources.

You should be so super proud of yourself for realising that dieting can become extreme and anorexia is a reality for girls at your age. Firstly, 500-1000 calories was too little to begin with. I'm 5'2" and aiming for 120 (138 now) and I'm supposed to eat at least 1200 calories a day. This is what I tried to average over a week. Its been pointed out that even that is too low, especially if you exercise...you could bump it up to 1400/1500 calories and you would still lose weight,thats what I'm doing now. I think especially since you've lost a lot of weight already, let yourself lose these last few pounds slowly...they definitely are the hardest. I agree that you are already at a suitable weight but if you feel you want to lose more than thats okay, as long as you are realistic and do stop at a healthy weight (119 is fine). The danger is that the more you lose, the more it feels nice and soon the line between 119 is fine and "just a little more" begins to dim and then you can get caught up in a vicious cycle. Also, you want to bump up your calories slowly because you haven't been eating enough as it is and if you do it too fast you may gain some back...try adding 100 calories a week or up 50 calories every three days (I've done this before and have gotten out of "starvation mode" without gainging weight). Maybe dont focus on losing but on maintaining while you increase your calories because you may find that you dont lose for a while as you increase your intake. You will eventually start losing again at 1500 calories. Just think, you would be able to maintain your goal weight (119) at 1600 calories without exercise...1900 with exercise!! So you see, even if you eat 1500 calories you will continue to lose until you reached your goal weight...well, theoretically:) Goodluck, and do keep checking in on here...you'll find a lot of help and ask questions and dont let yourself become dangerously obsessed-you're young and should be enjoying it without worrying about weight but at the same time, it is important to be healthy:)

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I have read several times that women shouldn't eat less than 1200 calories per day.  When you get less than that your body goes into starvation mode and your body won't process nutrients naturally, instead store them. So if anything you need to be above 1200 to be healthy and I agree, you're still growing, try 1400-1500 calories a day of healty foods. Good carbs, fiber, protein, etc. Stay away from processed carbs, fats, and salt (sodium)
Good luck!

thank you very much :)

119 is honestly when I'm gonna stop. I'm glad I know when to stop and when to go. Thank you for informing me with how much I should eat. I'm ashamed of how bad my knowledge was. 

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