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calories in a piece of cake

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I have a questions that might be answered by someone that is a little more familar with all this then me.

My work brought in cake today and I had a piece. It was so good, but the problem is I am not sure how many calories were in it and I want to be as accurate as possible for my log. I know it had to have been very high because it was really rich.

It is a white cake, with raspberry filling and cheese cake frosting, but it was more like actuall cheese cake on top of it not just a frosting.

Thanks for the help.
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How big was the piece?
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Please for your own sanity, don't even bother trying to figure it out. The person who baked it probably doesn't even know. Just pretend it was 500 calories and forget about it.
LOL How funny... I was just posting about how my coworkers brought in some cake and ice cream. I had one piece of cake and maybe 2 servings of ice cream. The cake was white cake with some kind of strawberry mousse (sp?) filling and the creamiest and sweetest frosting on top. Ugh. It was so flippin' good but probably ate up half my calorie intake for the whole day!

I wouldn't bother trying to figure it out. Dm84 is right, just guess 500 cals (or more) and call it a day.
it was a 2x2 piece and it was commercially prepared, I know there is know way of knowing for sure but I would like to get a good guess so I know where i am for the day and can adjust for dinner and spend a little more time at the gym. I have been at this for 2 months and have lost nothing so I am trying to be as accurate as possible.
Good advise. I am way over my calories for the day anyway and I will still need to eat a little something for dinner.  I added it as 700 and am going to just forget about it. Thanks for your help.
missa ~ that cake sounds freakin' scrumptious!  i hope you enjoyed it :)
It was the best and yes I did :)
I had that problem a while back..........we have this awesome bakery here in town and we ordered a b day cake for my sister and i just logged it as 3.5 pieces of reg cake i's really rich chocolate on chocolate and a double decker thing with frosting in the middle...........i'd rather over estimate how many cal it was than under estimate lol :P
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