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How many calories at one meal should you eat?

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I was wondering, how many of your daily calories should you eat at each main meal? Like breakfest, lunch, dinner.

Lets say you have 2000cal to eat a day. How should you break that up? How many calories at one sitting break,lunch,dinner should you eat?
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I think it all boils down to preference.

My preference is to eat the most at dinner, about 900-1100 calories.

I hate being hungry before bed.

I usually have a small breakfast 200-300 calories.

and a medium sized lunch 400-500 calories.

And of course snacks inbetween =)
I'm allowed 1200 a day and I usually have 2-3 snacks at around 100 cals and 3 meals around 300 cals. I do the same when I work out when I add the cals back that I burnt working out. That may work for you. :-)

I have a big breakfast (400-600 calories) and then I aim for 300-400 for each meal afterwards...
I mix it up based on what's going on during the day.  Usually I eat more at breakfast and lunch, then less at dinner, unless I'm going out.  I find that if I eat more in the morning and early afternoon, I'm not as hungry throughout the day or at night.  Along with zig-zagging overall in-take, I tend to change-up the amounts during the day.  It seems to be working.

Hopefully this helps.
I do the same as others...I eat a really light breakfast (usually a big apple) at 7:45, a snack at 10:00 (100 calorie pack), lunch at 11:30 (usually about 300-400 calories), another snack at 4ish, then dinner I'm pretty free -- I watch my portions and then IF I have extra snacking to do (calories) I'll have another fruit OR something "naughty".
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What I do probably doesn't apply to you, but you can regulate what I do to suit your size and weight. I am currently 18 years old, 189cm and i weight 78kg. I am roughly 7.5% body fat.

From what i have read of the other replies, for instance hyrids big breakfast (400-600) calories, to me that breakfast is not big at all. Along with salas only eating an apple. It might work for them but personally my biggest meal of the day is always breakfast. But I try never to go over 1000 calories or to much over in a meal but the are exceptions for instance christmas dinner where you eat as much as you humanly can.

I exercise 6-7 times a week. Some days I break my training up into sections, always in the morning (around 6-8am) and sometimes in the afternoon (3-6). Meals after exercise are always important so thats why I consume tons after exercise. However, even on the days where I do next to no activity I still have a breakfast of around 700 calories and finish with a dinner around 600-700, but never to late at night around 6-7:30. Snacks at 2-3 hour intervals of around 200 calories are also good to keep your metabolism working.

But if you consume 2000 calories a day, I would say 7am breakfast - 600 calories

10am snack - 150 calories  1pm lunch 500 calories 4pm snack 100 calories 7pm dinner- 500 calories. This leaves you having consumed 1850 calories a day which if you want to lose fat will work, but make sure you keep your protein intake up for that will help you maintain muscle mass. Also complex carbs are also good for keep you full for the periods between meals, don't snack on sugars and fat because then you will be hungry again an hour later.

And most importantly.. have a high fibre breakfast and what ever you do don't skip it. Breaking your fast is the most IMPORTANT meal and missing it can cause fat gain when you body begins to store fat from starvation and also when you over eat because you are so hungry.

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Only taking in 1200 can actually counter a weight loss plan. Reports say 1200 calories or less send your body into starvation mode which causes it to hold on to those calories even more which keeps people from really losing weight. 

Breakfast is your most important meal of the day. You want to eat more calories because you then have the entire day to burn them off. Where as if your biggest meal is dinner you then go to bed and aren't burning off nearly as much (your not active). A nutritionist will recommend having breakfast be one of your bigger meals and then 4 smaller meals throughout the day roughly every two or three hours I believe. I've lost 10lbs by listening to the nutritionist about that. Also, she told me you have to eat to your blood type. There is a book that tells who what types of foods are better for your blood type. I'm "O" so eating protein based foods is important. I eat fish, eggs, greek yogurt, and chicken and when I eat beef it is usually very lean beef. 

Breakfast is actually only important if you OVEREAT as a result. You're counting, so if you don't want it, it's actually healthier to have a longer fast. Fasting for most of the day and having a small eating window is actually, scientifically(objectively,etc) the healthiest way to go.
as a result of not eating bfast
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I have approximately 350 each meal and have the rest of my calories as 3 daily snacks that are around 100 calories each.
Breakfast example: 2 eggs, chopped tomatoes, baked beans, 2 slices weight watchers bread = 350kcal

Lunch example: spinach, watercress, tomatoes, low cal dressing, ham, low fat crackers/crisps, apple, nuts or chocolate = 400kcal

Snack: fruit or yoghurt or nuts or biscuit or chocolate = 50-150kcal

Dinner example: stir fry veg, stir fry sauce, chicken breast, yoghurt, nuts, sultanas = 400-600kcal

Snack: 50-150kcal

Daily allowance = 1550kcal
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I NEVER eat breakfast because it makes me more hungry throughout the day for some reason.

AND i eat my dinner late (around 9pm...sometimes 12am after work). none of this has prevented me from losing weight like ive been told it would - i have lost 30 pounds in 2 months eating this way. this is actually more than i lost when i lost weight a few years ago (but i ate breakfast and stopped eating after 7pm).

so although it may be healthier to eat breakfast, i do not agree that you HAVE to do any of that stuff to lose weight. to me its all about calories in vs calories out, not when or how you eat them.
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chrissyshort - not to be mean, but i really don't think you should be giving anyone advice when you eat 400 calories a day -_-
Chanty19- I only gave my personal eating habits, I dont suggest to anyone that they should do the same which is why I said they should have all three meals with snacks
Oooooh it's getting Cray Cray up in here :p
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im not even going to waste anymore of my time trying to make you see sense. you're not going to be around for mych longer anyway at this rate.

just look after yourself
Chantey19- I appriciate your concern but it isnt necessary, I look after myself very well thank you
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