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Calories in/out for a 65 year old man?

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Hi there,

I've got my mom and dad on the calorie count program.  My dad isn't sure if his burn meter/calories per day is correct.

He is 65, 195lbs and 5'10", he is fairly active working out 5+ days a week.  His major issue is his gut  - apart from that the rest of his body is in great shape.

CC says 1950 is his target per day - and he burns 3000/day without exercise.


What is your advise?

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I calculate that he needs between 2500 and 3000 cals a day to maintain his weight depending on how intense his workouts are.   1900 sounds like a good place to start in order to lose a few spare lbs.   At the same time, if he tries to get as good a diet as possible with a wide variety of foods.... vegetables, wholegrains, lean meat/fish etc.... and if he drinks plenty of fluids then that should help his shape change.   Things to avoid if he wants to reduce the 'gut' would be very salty foods, sugar, alcohol, refined starch and other heavily processed foods.

Thanks!  Really appreciate the reply.

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