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How many calories does a 19 year old girl need to consume to lose weight

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Look I'm really confused by the tools on the website. I've been using this website on and off since I was 17. I'm now 19. I always see brilliant results using the adult calculators (I once lost a stone in 2 weeks, no word of a lie) However I've been wondering if I've been punishing my body with the adult calorie limits and thats why I can't stick it out. I'm 5"1 189 lbs and it's hard to imagine me needing a childs calories seeing as I am very much a young woman. But then I read these things about bones not stopping till i'm 25...basically should I be going off the children's calculators? They aren't as helpful as the ones on this site they said I need 1900 cals day and I'm not sure what that means, does that mean to maintain my current weight, does it mean as a minimum for my body to grow and function? Or does it mean thats how much to lose? It's very confusing!

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okay, i'll bite.

first, losing 2 stone in 2 weeks isn't "brilliant results."  it's unhealthy and unsustainable (you gained it back, right?  obviously that's not brilliant).

physiologically, 19 is on the cusp on adulthood, but you are still growing.  notably, your brain is still growing.  don't want to starve your brain, do you?  the very fact that you lost weight so quickly on adult allowances should tell you that you need a lot more (28 pounds/14 days = a deficit of 7000 per day.  that's...well, it's hard to imagine it's even possible, without being--say--900 pounds and on chemotherapy or something).

as far as your last question, i can't tell you what that 1900 means because i don't know what you told the calculator.  if you set a weight-loss goal, you'll get a weight-loss recommendation, but if that's your daily expenditure, it's mainenance.  but again, those are adult numbers. 

if you can't find a calculator that accounts for your exact age, maybe strike a balance between the child and adult numbers.

Have you tried "Ask Mary"?

I have read that the "child" calorie expectations are supposed to be good until you're 21, and on another thread I saw someone tell a youth that 1500 was the bare minimum for under 21.

That's all I got to offer ya, shannona.  Perhaps if you title a forum topic "How Many Calories Should a 19 Year Old Female Consume To Lose Weight?" you may attract people with the information you want.

Or consult with your physician.  That's always the best bet.

You can lose weight with any amount of calories, as long as you burn more than you consume.

Best wishes...

Thank you! I'm sorry I don't mean to be grouchy it's just immensely confusing.

For weight loss on this website I got a calorie goal of 1200. For my very first weight loss (when I was 17) I went on 1500 a day which I now know is bare minimum for under 21's. Sorry it wasn't 2 stone in 2 weeks, it was 1. Which was still an immense amount of weight to lose in a short space of time. I don't beleive it was fat loss personally. I didn't aim to lose that quickly I was aiming for 2lbs a week but I was using the adult calcs.

I don't know what the number means either pg! I put my stats into the child calculator and I get my bmi and for a sedentary 19 year old of 189lbs and 61inches of height it says i should be consuming 1900 cals a day.But I don't know if that means as a bare minimum or to lose weight or to maintain my current weight. I'm currently trying to average on 1700 a day and I still don't know if thats too low. No I don't want to starve my organs :( I want to be healthy and lovely.

Thank you for any advice that anyones got.

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It told you what you need to maintain.


So you'd be losing close to a half a pound per week

I think the 1900 cals/day is probably the bare minimum.  When I weighed in the 170s, my bare minimum was 1500 cals/day - and I'm in my thirties.  Since you're about 15 pounds heavier than I was, that'd add about 100 cals/day to the bare minimum then add 300 cals/day for the fact that you're a youth, and I get exactly 1900 cals/day.  To maintain your weight, you likely need to consume something like 2200-2500 if you're totally sedentary; higher than that if you're active.

So, 1700 cals/day is not enough food.

ah, so i should be eating about 1900 to lose then? But I should not go under.

1900 for your RMR-  that's if you did nothing but lie around in bed all day. 1900 should cause you to lose with no activity, of course if you're exercising, you can eat a little more and still lose. 

bloody hell this is confusing :P

Well I am incredibly sedentary. 1900 seems like masses of food! But I must have been consuming much more than masses of food to get to this weight.

1900 really isn't "masses of food" if you eat the right foods.


ex. an avocado is like 300 calories

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Oops sorry. I think the others are right.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'm going with 1900 cals and I'll see if I lose and if not then maybe my body is more adult that I had previously thought :)

Original Post by courtneylauren:

1900 really isn't "masses of food" if you eat the right foods.


ex. an avocado is like 300 calories

Nope, it isn't. I'm starving on 1900 calories! And that's WITH 30g fiber, 30% healthy fats and whole grains... but I'm also extremely active and not trying to lose. 

       &nb sp;                Hi i will tell you what the 1900 means, it is the amount of caloric intake you need per day. In other words to reach the amount of weight you wish to loose you must only eat this amount of calories a day. At the top of the calorie count page you will find a place that you can keep account of the exact amount of calories you have eatten that day, it adds it up automatically,like if you ate at subway you enter subway in the search box and it will give you all the items subways serves. And those 1900 calories includes what you drink. See when you joined this site you gave your current weight the wieght goal, that means like I weight 216 and my goal is to be down to 145 by dec. I am down to 190 but you must also put in each item that you put on that sandwitch.You may want to go back and redue your profile because the amount of calories is also figured according to your hight ad and age. I hope this aswered your question. I know what I am talking about, also excercise and watching your caloric intake works hand in hand. I was taught by the best.dac 250 If you are starving it means you might not be eatting your full amount of calories you are allowed.

dac250 - I think you missed what she was saying - she thinks 1900 is too much.

I think she also understands how to use the site.

Mmm I've been eating 1900 but it doesnt feel like I've cut anything out, maybe I'm logging my calories wrongly or underestimating. I don't mean to sound like a petulant teenager when i say 1900 feels like too much, it just doesn't feel like any less than what I've been eating. it MUST be because there's no way someone can get 60lbs overweight eating 1900 cals a day.   

I'm sure you were eating more than you thought and/or you were eating the same amount of food, just more caloric foods.

Original Post by shanonna:

Mmm I've been eating 1900 but it doesnt feel like I've cut anything out, maybe I'm logging my calories wrongly or underestimating. I don't mean to sound like a petulant teenager when i say 1900 feels like too much, it just doesn't feel like any less than what I've been eating. it MUST be because there's no way someone can get 60lbs overweight eating 1900 cals a day.   

Exactly.  You were probably eating about 3000 cals or so every day (maybe as low as 2500 cals/day if you were *totally* sedentary) to get 60 lbs overweight as a teenager.  That wasn't necessarily any more food, though; just different food.  For example, a burger and onion rings from my favourite fast food restaurant is 1000 cals - and that's before the drink and assuming no dessert!  A handful of candy will be anything from 200 to 500 calories (depending on the size of your handfuls).  1 cup of ice cream can be anywhere from 300 to 600 calories, depending on where it falls in the rich vs. fluffy scale.  It would not be difficult at all to consume 3000 cals/day of junk - and it might be a smaller volume of food compared to 1900 cals/day of healthy food.

       &nb sp;   Babe you might be miscalulating your calorie intake, it might be that you are taking more than 1900.in per day. You are right. There is no way that you can get 60lbs.overweight if you are eatting your 1900 cals a day. When you make your entry for your calories for that particular day list each item separte illustratio: like subway, what kind of sandwitch you ate, and list separtely each condement you had on that sandwitch,the calculatior will add it up for you, You enter what you had for breafast, lunch.dinner all the same way along with what you drank with each meal. I do this every day and it does work out great, i stay on my 1200 cal for the day. So sorry about your frustrations, maybe this explains things better to you than my last post.

Well the 1900 seems to be working, I weighed myself this morning (a mere 4 days after starting) and I'm down 7lbs which is incredibly confusing but I really don't imagine it's fat so I'm not vastly worried. 

LaughingGreat!!! Stay on your 1900 caloric intake and you will be miss america before you know it!!!!   I am so proud of you..DAC 250

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