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how many calories do I need??? help please

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Hi all. I have been doing this calorie counting thing for a year and have lost 12kg so far so have had to change my diet and exercise a bit to get off my plateau!

My calorie allowance to get to my goal weight is 1700 calories a day.

If I eat 1700 calories a day and do 500 cal worth of exercise, do I need to eat more to make sure my body doesn't stop burning fat??? help please!!! I would so appreciate it!
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Yes, you do... :)
f you eat 1700 (which is weight loss for you) and you burn 500 cals, then you would want to eat 2200 cals. If the 1700 is what the site is telling you to eat to lose weight, then it already has the deficit built in to it.

I know that I normally burn about 1900-2000 cals in a day, without a workout. So I try to eat about 1400 cals a day on a day I don't workout, and about 1900-2000 when I do workout, to keep a 500-700 calorie deficit per day!
Thank you so much for your help! I am about 96kg at the moment and am pretty active so 1700 is what I need to lose another 10kg by april. I will try eating some more when I exercise :) 
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hmm well

I've been eating around 800 for about a week and I havent been hungry at all!

breakfast is usually a yogurt

then I'm fine until lunch, which is almost always a salad

snack is usually light popcorn

(sometimes if I'm doing more than 6 miles on the treadmill I'll eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain to keep my energy level up.)

and for dinner...a small portion of whatever my mom or dad makes or sometimes just a snack

and I walk an average of 6 miles on the treadmill at 4.0 mph

(today I actually did 8 and burned 1000 cals---yay)

then later I take a brisk walk outside for an hour

everyone's been saying I look great!

but stick with whatever works for you :)))
bo_bo_bo, please look at some of the posts on this subject in the forums. You need MUCH more than 800 calories a day to be healthy, especially if you're exercising! You're putting your body into starvation mode, which can make you stop losing weight and then start gaining the second you start eating normally again. It also causes your body to literally start digesting its organs in order to survive. Please figure out a healthy amount of calories to be eating daily.
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uggh I can't eat that much it makes me feel gross
bo_bo_bo  we are like totally the same! I eat 750-800 calories a day and work out about 4 times a week when I do I burn 1050 callories for breakfast I have vegitarian sausage links (ewww gross but they have like 80 calories andd are filling) for lunch I have like nuts (about 200 calories) and for snacks I have air poped popcorn (100) and for diner I have usually salad or what my mom makes (250 calories at the most) and then little things here and there but i barley ever eat bread etc....

Im trying to cut my intake down to 500 calories a day bc. aparently in order to burn 1 pound a day you have to burn 2x as many calories as you consume, im not sure how true this is
ive already lost about 30 pounds and have been ddoing this for like 3 months but am now 5'5 and weigh 117 andd want to get down to 105 or 108

has anyone gone on or heard of the popcorn diet? I know fad diets "dont work" but ive lost like 30 poundds because of that andd exercize

IF i consume 500 calories a day and burn 1050 at the gym is it true i will burn a pound a dday?
To shoppinggirl1229

A better way to keep the weight off, tone your body, and look and feel healthy is to eat at 2000 calories a day with your current exercise plan. At your current deficit, your metabolism will eventually slow down and your body will consume its muscles (eventually its own organs) in order to feed itself.

Eating at 500 calories is no where near enough for your body to sustain its vital functions; keep up this kind of deficit and you'll start to experience dizziness, fainting spells, chills, weakness, etc. As a note, concentration camp inmates in the Holocaust got an average of 300-600 calories a day; what's worse is that you would be burning away all your calories and more by exercising for 1000 calories. Your body needs at least 1000-1200 calories a day to function--and this is AFTER subtracting the calories for exercise. In other words, you should be eating 2000 calories a day if you're burning off 1000.

Even though you might not necessarily feel hungry, your body needs those 1200 calories:
The heart needs 12% of the calories (144 cals)
-The kidney needs 12% of the calories (144 cals)
-The Liver needs 23% of the calories (276 cals)
-The brain needs 23% of the calories (276 cals)
-The skeletal muscle needs 30% of the calories (360 cals)

(http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/3178 .html)

And having eaten at a 600-700 calorie diet for an extended period of time; let me say it's not fun: you lose muscle so you're left with stretchy flaps of skin, your skin loses color so you become pale and sickly looking, you're frequently tired/cold because your body desperately craves the nutrients you're not giving it. Losing weight is about feeling healthy, energetic, toned, and sexy; not bony, dizzy, and irritable.
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haha thanks...I was just about to actually post a thing asking why I am constantly so cold..but like if I go all the way up to like 2000 calories I wwould gain a ton of weight
So being dead is better than being fat?
YOU NEED 1200 calories to fucking function. (if your a sedatary person)


900 is considered starvation diet.

never ever go below 1200. as difficult as it may seem.

ps. OP, boost your calories to 1800, if your going to exercise more, and add weight to your routine. so you dont look thin and flabby.

love sash
bo_bo_bo and shoppinggirl1229:

Believe it or not, I did the same thing when I was a teenager.  After that phase, I went through bullimia.  Guess what's waiting for me after all that?  Weak to none immune system, Calcium deficiency, and so on.  One small cold lasted for over a month and turned into a full blown lung infection.  All this for what?  A boyfried?  Attention?

Think about what you are doing.  Where does your body get the energy it needs when it runs out of fat to burn?  Muscles?  Organs?  This is why we stress the fact that your body needs at least 1200 calories to just function.  An eating disorder is considered a disease and is very very dangerous.

A super thin body doesn't bring you any success in life and doesn't bring you a loving husband.  Hard work and a loving/caring personality brings you those.  I find that often time a person with a happy and sunny aura gets far more compliments and attention than a super thin woman.

Take care of your body.  I say all this with no intention to harm you, but please remember those who loves and cares for you.  A great way to love them back is to take care of your own health. 
Wow, for a minute there I thought these people were JOKING! You people that eat below the minimum requirement of calories really ought to read about some of the things starving yourself does to your body. I would be SCARED to do that myself. You will RUIN your body. Then later on when you're happy and things are going well in your life, you'll either drop dead or be on some form of medication for the rest of your life. I don't know why everybody thinks their invincible. And if you get thin enough from this starving yourself, but then you decide you made a mistake and want to get better -- well, the prospects DON'T look good for recovery. Your body CAN'T even take food in when you're anorexic even if you WANT to eat. It's really NOTHING to mess with.
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General Doubles and Singles Social - Badminton = 843cals in 120mins
Normal Calorie Expenditure (?) =  2,288cals in 1,320mins

Total Burned Calories 3,131

Im trying to eat under 1000 of required which is 1500 on my standered day with no badminton 2500 is recomented to maintain.

But Today i have to eat 2131 calares? This is quite alot of food but it balances and should rase my metabalisum as long as its all good foods there is nothing wrong with eating it.

If you are currently eating around 800 cals a day i would assume that when you eat what you are suppost to your body will gain some weight, reason being you are starving your body and its metabelisum is probally really low.. you need to work on rasing it. 

Ive created a post about my views on this subject

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/2237 4.html 

Bo bo and Shopinggirl i strongly recomend you read it and believe what it says.
Just a follow up to bobo and shoppinggirl

You don't have to choose between eating 600 calories a day and gaining weight. In fact, the most effective weight loss comes when people accelerate their metabolism and build muscle. And the best way to do that is by eating a healthy amount of calories and doing cardio/weights.

The way you're currently eating is slowing your metabolism to the point that its possible that you'll never be able to eat more than 500-600 calories a day for the rest of your life. If you don't want a lifetime of depriving yourself and ed behavior, you need to get your metabolism into gear ASAP by making sure you have 1200 net calories a day. You might gain a few pounds, but once you stabilize your metabolism, you'll be away to lose just as quickly (and healthier). Otherwise, having a metabolism that only allows you to eat 600 calories a day for the rest of your life isn't fun, nor is it going to keep your weight off.
WOW! I would like to know if the girls ere eating this little are very young? I went through a phase when I was 16 where I ate maybe 500 calories a day and did 6 HOURS exercise a day - I got very pale and was not functioning well at all.

I started this post because I didn't realise that I had been eating so few calories again ( about 800/ day maximum + 1 1/2 hrs exercise when my recommendation for this weight is 2400) and had totally stopped losing weight.

One of my friends pointed out that its because I hardly ever eat - my deficit was over 1800 a day, meaning that if we went by deficits alone, I should have been losing HEAPS but I had lost nothing in 4 months or more, despite my starvation ( I have been very white-looking and tired though, lol) , so am trying to keep within the 1700 range per day with exercise

 I am not sure if this will work but I know for sure that the starvation doesn't work- when you don't eat enough, you stop feling hungry after a while but I don't want to be tired all the time - I want to be FIT and thin! lol, thanks again for your replies, it is really helping :)

PLEASE PLEASE don't just eat 500 calories a day. I used to and it made me feel like crap. My periods stopped for 4months and yeah I lost weight but its not worth it. Starving your body is so bad. Now I eat at least 1500 calories a day and burn 250 calories. I feel great, I haven't gained weight, my periods have started again and my body isn't suffering. Please think about the damage you do to your body before you take on such a drastic diet. :D x

really? u exercise for 250 calories worth and eat 1500 and haven't gained a lb? i just got put on a 1500 cal diet b/c i had been on a normal diet that i lost 70 lbs on, but then i kinda sloped into an accidental 500-600 cal a day diet and became very unhealthy (irritable, uncaring, shaky, cold, etc.) so i've worked my way up to 1500, but i haven't been exercising as much b/c i don't have the time! i'm sure w/ all my walking around i burn 250 cal, is tha enough intake of cal and out put of energy to maintain 113 lbs?

Somewhat perplexed:

So what if your body needs 1200 calories to function? Most of us carry 100000+ calories in body fat alone, not even considering the fact that as our bodies shrink in size they require less heart, liver, and stomach tissue to function.

Not that I advocate very low calorie diets, but I don't think "you'll die!" is a compelling argument.  If you eat a very low calorie diet, it does not necessarily follow that you get inadequate nutrition.  Similarly, if you eat a very high calorie diet, it does not necessarily follow that you get adequate nutrition.  Furthermore, calorie intake is not the sole dictator of metabolic rate, and it does not necessarily follow that if your caloric intake is very low that you will lose significant muscle mass.

Your body needs a certain amount each of a large number of nutrients.  While it is certainly possible for a person with a poor quality high-cal diet to not get them all, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a person with a diet below 1200 cals/day to get them.  There simply won't be enough grams of protein and healthy fats.  There won't be enough fibre.  There won't be enough vitamins and minerals (and the ones in pill form aren't absorbed as well so they aren't valid alternatives).

Yes, your body is carrying around "extra nutrition", if you want to think of it that way, but what it considers expendable and what you consider expendable aren't the same.  If you maintain too high a deficit, it won't go to the fat stores like you want it to; those are for emergencies (and if you're on a starvation diet, your body expects that it needs to store up fat for the coming famine).  Instead, it feeds off muscle - and not just the stuff on your arms and legs, but also the internal muscles like your heart.  So, yes, undereating can kill you via heart failure.  Even under the best of circumstances, your body is only capable of converting about 30 cals/pound of fat into energy every day.  After that, it has to look elsewhere.

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