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calories per meal

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is there a general rule of thumb..."you should eat X number of calories per meal."?? I was just wondering how many calories i should aim for at each of my meals.

any suggestions?
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I think it would help to know what amount of calories you are planning to consume for the entire day, and then break it down into three meals and two snacks.  For example:

1400 calories per day=

Breakfast= 300 calories
Lunch= 300 calories
Snack=150 calories
Dinner= 500 calories
Snack=150 calories

Of course, you can always play around with the numbers, but I personally try to keep my calories at 700 or less before dinner, that way I can have more for my evening meal.  Hope that helps!
I do the same. I'm hungry and tend to snack more in the evening so I try and  have more calories available in the evening.

A lot depends on when you are the hungriest. Some people do real well in the evening and may need their calories more during the day. It gets easier.
I eat most of my calories before 5PM just before dinner that way I have all day to burn off most of my in take. Seems to work for me. I know a lot of people have snacking issues at night. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I might have a small snack around 7PM, but done after that. I was told by my nutritionist that you should snack pretty much all day which I do and eat a little more than 1/2 your calories before dinner. That way you are not starving for dinner and you can burn off most of it before hand. But then again, I get more calories than a lot of people here. I eat it is easy for me to do that...
If I don't eat at least 300 cals for breakfast I tend to nibble too much at night----mainly because I have the calories to do so. I try to have a larger lunch than supper, too, about 400 calories. I have a small afternoon snack of maybe 100 calories, then I light dinner of maybe 250. Evening snack is around 100-200. I really feed most heavily when I know I will be needing the energy most. Hope that helps!
Just depends on how many cals your supposed to be on for the day.

If im having 1400 cals that day planned.

I will have a nice sized breakfast right around 4 or 500 cals then I will have a light lunch of around 300 cals 2pm i will have a snack at around 150cals then a decent size dinner at around 400 cals and a 50 cal bedtime snack=1400 cals.

i like my breakfasts and my dinners to be decent those are my most hungriest times so just make whatever time of the day the hunger hits you increase your cals. You can do this as a day to day thing nothing is set in stone when your counting cals if you eat less in the morning u can always make up for it during the day and vice versa.
I went to see a nutritionist 2 weeks ago and for me I am 5'5 and weighed 151 when I went in. She told me to eat 1200 calories a day and burn 1000 calories a week through exercise. The exercise is important so that your body burns fat not muscle. My 1200 calories is broken up per her advice as follows:

8 AM- 200 cal

10AM- 100 cal snack

12PM- 300 cal lunch

2PM- 100 cal snack

4PM- 100 cal snack

7PM- 400 cal dinner

According to her eat something every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism in check. I find that the snacks every two hours are very helpful with the hunger issue. I've noticed alot of people are saying that they are hungry all of the time. I am not. I was for the first week but I find that I get full very easy and since I eat every 2 hours I don't have slot of time to get REAL hungry. Hope that helps.

Oh yeah two weeks doing this I now weigh 147!
How many calories are you supposed to eat in one day? General rule: snacks should be less than 250 cal at a time, You will see that everyones answer is different.. I eat more calories for breakfast and lunch than dinner because thats less food in my stomach to digest and your burn more while your sleeping.... Go with your judgement!
I start feeling a little guilty if I eat more than 400-450 in a sitting.  That usually happens if I didn't plan my day well and I'm stuck with a large dinner. 
My target intake is about 1600 calories. I aim to have 900-1000 of those eaten before I leave work in the afternoon, leaving me with 600-700 for dinner and 100-calorie dessert.
Well I have to get to 1600. But I tend to eat alot of high calorie things when I'm home with my boyfriend after work at night. This is what my day looks like

Breakfast: 200

Lunch : 300

Snack: 100


( it's about 5 pm now and i'm home with my b/f)

Snack: 600 lol 

I work out at 8 pm and I dont eat after that so I'm pretty active all day lol
I've played around with this trying to get the best situation for me and what I've come up with is I eat around 300 calories for breakfast and lunch and then eat the other 900 or so for dinner. This has given me good results as far as weight loss and good results as far as fitting happily into my lifestyle. If for some reason I wind up with a light dinner then I have a serving of nuts or seeds to make up the cals.

My plan isn't ideal but it is working for me and is something I can live with for the rest of my life.
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