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Calories from fat? what's the difference?

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Hey everybody,

i just logged on to this website about a month or so ago and it's been great in helping me keep track of calories. i was wondering though, what's the difference between calories from fat and regular calories? you see i noticed that in the calorie listings for all the food they give an estimate of the calories, and then an estimate of the number of calories from fat. it reads like:

Calories: 250           Calories from fat: 80

so what's the difference between the two? and when we're counting our calories, should we just count the 'calories from fat' or all calories?

also, slightly off the topic, but raisin bran is considered rich in dietary fibre right?

hope somebody can answer for me!

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Calories is how many total.  Calories from fat is how many of those total calories are from fat.  Now, whether that is important to you or not depends on what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Personally, I keep a very close eye on my percentage of calories from fat intake, and I‚??ll try to explain why.  One gram of carbohydrates takes 4 calories to burn off, so one gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories.  One gram of protein also is 4 calories.  One gram of fat takes 9 calories to burn.

Protein = 4

Carbs = 4

Fat = 9!

So if I am careful of my fat intake, I can actually eat more food, more bulk, for the amount of calories I have allotted during a day.  That way I don‚??t get hungry, but stay within my limits every day.  Instead of one slice of cheesy pizza with sausage and pepperoni, for example, I can eat a cheese-less, veggie pizza and eat half the whole pizza for the same amount of calories.  What‚??s going to fill you up, keep you going during the day, and give you energy to get through it?  One measly slice or half the pie?

I also am a big fan of Dr. Dean Ornish.  He‚??s a heart doc, and he has the highest heart patient recovery rate in the world.  What‚??s good for your heart is good for all of you.  To get fit and for good health, he recommends no more that 15% of your total caloric intake be from fat.  Now, I don‚??t always go that low, I don‚??t worry unless I go over 20% calories from fat for the day.  But today I had a great day!  13% calories from fat!
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