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Weight Loss
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Calories and Fat Grams

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According to this site, I am supposed to have 1250 Cal a day, but no mention of how many fat grams.  Anyone have an idea of how many I should limit myself too?  Thanks!

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The Mayo Clinic recommends the following percentages:

Carbohydrates:  45%-65%
Protein:  10%-35%
Fat:  20%-35%

Cholesterol:  less than 300mg a day
Fiber: 21-25g (women) and 30-38g (men)
Sodium:  1500-2400mg

That depends on your percentage for fat, really, not grams.

I try to keep my fat percent around 25%, My protein at 30% or so, and my carbs between 50-60%. It's never perfect, but it works. According to this site and your calorie intake, however, you need around 42 grams of fat a day. 

Thanks!  42 sounds like an awful lot to me...I guess it because years ago I followed a low fat diet and if I remember correctly I was limited to 20 grams or so a day.  All this math gives me a headache. Embarassed  I am going to check out that site right now.  I appreciate the point in the right direction.
20 grams is actually relatively low. You need good fats in order to metabolize foods, and keep your body running.

from bobkitten: I am 5 feet 3.5inches tall and I weigh 145lbs.  My totalcalories are

1600because I do moderate physical activity.  My total calories from FAT are only

304 daily.  this is my CEILING! To weigh 130 lbs which is a tempory goal. to weigh

120lbs my fat calorie ceiling is only 281 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way I have a medium frame and am a 62 year old woman who works out for 40minutes 4 times a week and I 'run' at least 5 miles once a week.  I hope this helps because all calories are NOT created equal.Thank you

The amount of fat needed is going to vary for everyone. Especially if you lift or exercise regularly or hard.
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hi, yes, if you want to loose weight in a healthy way, the suggested fat intake is 30% of your daily calorie limit.

Yeah, you need fat. But you need good fats - not like junk food fat. This is what I try to stick to:

 Fat: 20%

Protien: 30%

Carbs:  50%

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