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How many calories should I be eating for breakfast?

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I'm wondering how many calories I should be eating for breakfast and what I should be eating for breakfast.  I am about 5'5'', 160 lbs, and 18 years old.  Calorie counter has told me that I should be eating about 1700 calories a day.  Breakfast has always been the hardest meal for me because I don't like many  "normal" breakfast foods.  This problem has been made even harder by the fact that I am in college and have to eat in the dining hall and because I have become a vegetarian.  Normally I end up eating lots of breads starches.  I also tend to overeat.  However I can keep some foods in my dorm room (I have a small refrigerator).  If anyone could tell me how many calories I should be eating for this meal and give me a suggestion as to what I should be eating, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know about calorie-meal splitting because everyone is so different, but eating refined starches mostly alone can be part of the problem. If there are whole-grain options, pick those instead, and try not to eat starchy foods without protein as well. Eggs are a good vegetarian protein source unless you're vegan.

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i prefer to eat lots of protein in the morning, I find myself to be less hungry throughout the day If I eat things such as egg whites, turkey bacon, greek yogurt, etc. Breakfast is the most important meal!

Aim for 300 - 400 calories of both protien and whole grains. If you have a small fridge I'd suggest buying some milk/soy milk and a box of good cereal (shredded wheat for example) and getting a good protien shake that has at least 10 grams of protien, preferrably closer to 20 grams. If breakfast hasn't been your thing try having the protien shake first and then the cereal about 15 minutes later.

Im realy not sure, but id recomend you to get some all bran and some skimmed milk :L, i loove that, and even if you eat 100g of all bran (which is a biig bowl) with a good 100-200 ml of skim milk and a banana on it it is 400-450 kcal (if u take the banana away its just 300 kcal more or less), but well its up to you, i normaly eat 700kcal on breakfast, but i think u are aming for less :)

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It varies person to person.  As a rule I never eat more calories than I have already burned.  With out exercising I usually have just over 500 calories burned by breakfast time and use that at the starting point for eating.

I have found using this method I was able to make my goal earlier than planned with a smooth decline in weight (averaging 2 lb's per week). 

Meh depends on you. I used to eat 300, then 400, now I eat 200, with "snack" couple hours later (well more like recovery drink, then a snack an hour or so later). Changes were due how hungry I felt, and then how stuffed I felt. I should mention I exercise right after breakfast.


try quaker no added sugar instant oatmeal packets, organic instant oatmeal packets with nothing added at all, or kashi instant oatmeal - thats all to keep in your dorm room.

you can try carnation instant breakfast, also to be kept in the dorm room.

cottage cheese with fruit, oatmeal, or eggs can be found in your dining hall.

DONT eat cereal of any kind- it is EXTREMELY easy to overeat cereal. search these forums. it's most people's #1 binge problem food. it was mine, and the only way i realized i was going to stop binging on it was to never start eating it in the first place. dont eat bacon, scrapple, sausage, canadian bacon, and probably not ham. oh you said you're a problem then! :) if you can, avoid butter and cheese. whole eggs are fine, and cooked any way! just be careful because scrambled eggs are often made with whole milk and alot of eggs. if you're going to have toast keep it to one piece and dont have jam or butter.

i can tell you whats good and bad, but in the end, if you have a proportion issue, no one can help but your own will :( good luck

I've been having yogurt and granola in the morning. You can keep it in your room, and the only dishwashing you'd have to do are utensils unless you use disposable ones. Or I have some fruit in the morning. You don't really have to eat normal breakfast foods in the morning. I've had leftovers from dinner in the morning, or a sandwich.

I usually shoot for 300-400 calories for breakfast, but I try to stay around 1200 calories per day.  I only burn around 1700 a day so your breakfast intake may need to be alittle different.

I suggest eating fresh fruit first thing in the morning.  This is great for your digestive health.  Bananas are very filling.  I would follow that up with a snack in an hour or two.  Perhaps an apple with with a natural peanut butter or fiber 1 cereal with sliced almonds.  Both of these options with add fiber and protein to your morning.  I also have a small scall and weigh everything.  I had no idea what a portion size really was until I started doing this.  Good luck! Schools do not make it easy to eat right!

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