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How many calories do you eat a day?

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Hi! i just was wondering how many calories everybody else eats a day.  So give your age height and weight and how much calories you eat a day!
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132 lb.

hey! :)

im 5'4'' and 21 yrs old, weighing 126.5 lbs, hoping to go down to around 115 lbs

1200 cals
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I'm 39

5 foot  3  1/2 and small frame

I weigh 163 pounds

Goal weight = 115 

Calories per day = 1250
I'm 29, female, 5' 5". 

Currently weigh 155.4, down 15 lbs in about 10 weeks.

Goal weight is 135.

Calories per day - 1200-1300 non-workout days, 1500 on workout days.  Every two weeks I have like a 2000 calorie day. 
Female, 26, 5'4".

I weigh an avg. of 118.

My goal is to build muscle and stay lean.

I eat between 1100-1800 calories depending on type of exercise. I exercise 6 days a week alternating weights and cardio. 1800 would only be if I am doing heavy weight lifting and cardio. 1100 only if I am sedentary and balancing a high calorie day. I average 1400.
Guy 5'10" currently 181 lbs.  My goal calories for the day are around 1900 according to this sites estimates.  I usually come in around 1700-2000 a day.  Sometimes I'll wind up a bit less but I try not to do that.
5'4", 129lbs, medium frame- per the calculator tools here, I eat 1200 on days I don't work out and ~1300-1400 on days I do work out (factoring in exercise). This is to reach my goal of 123 by May.
I eat almost as much as fitdan and I am over 60 lbs less! Ha. Too funny. Goes to show it's not always evident in the numbers. Each person is different!!!
i am 5'2"  currently 127 pounds. I try to stick to 1200-1300 calories a day until I reach my goal. Sometimes a little more on days I excercise, but I find when I stick to one set amount I see better results and feel better.

i is 5'5", 117lbs, and eat about 500 - 700 calories a day...
|'m 15, 5' 4" , 125 lbs, & have 1,200 - 1,400 weekdays. 1,800 on weekends. =]
I'm 1.5 months away from being 19, 128 lbs, and I aim for 1200 - 1300 net, and usually burn off 200 - 300 through exercise, so my actual caloric intake is 1400 - 1600 calories.
Hey Wildeye,

According to another of your posts, you weigh 47 kg or about 104 lbs. Obviously, that's underweight for your height. I maintain the weight I am at with around 3X as many calories as you consume! If you are 117 and your other thread calulations are wrong, then you too could maintain at a much higher calorie intake. So, why eat so little? Trying to lose? Just curious girlie, cause I've been there and it's not fun. :-(
im jus agreeing with shill here, wildeye

your weight of 117 lbs, is actually perfect for ur height.

my goal weight is what u weigh, and its a quite healthy and normal weight for a gal of ur height (im 5'4'' as i mentioned, you and i are almost same height) - so you really dont need to lose, and that amount of calories ur eating isnt enough, not even enough to maintain.

anything under 1200 would be directly unhealthy for you, and since youre a teenager and still growin (yeah its so annoying to be told, i know), you need to eat more cals :)

ignore anybody who says u look fat or anything along those lines (from what i read in ur other posts), im sure you look supercute as you are right now!

just my input although this isnt what the thread is about!
I am 5 6 and am 122lbs age 15 i eat around 1000 a day. I am suppost to be eating 2150.
ooh yeah... i don't really do lbs well...
I weigh 53.3kg at the moment... but about 2 weeks ago i weighed 52? my weight keeps going up and down and up and down.
last summer i ballooned up to like 58 and i was told i was fat... so yeah. kind of a downward spiral from there i guess...
i'm a really picky eater as well, and i go to boarding school, so i that's probably why i don't eat much.
p.s.... although my weight is okay, i always feel like i look really really fat, and everyone keeps telling me i'm not, but then i don't go around saying people are fat, so you never can tell.
Well then, focus on toning and eat waaayyy more calories than you are. Aim for 1200 and see how your body reacts. You may still have baby fat if you're young. I am 26 and I still have fat cheeks! I am learning to get over it. I bet you are mahvelous!

as i mentioned ur weight of 53 is actually my goal weight, i used to weigh it a few yrs back and in my mind, i looked awesome then, so im sure u do too!

and look at it this way:

we dont know you and you dont know us, so we wouldnt be bothered wasting our time just lieing to you. we dont have to be "nice" to you, cuz we dont know eachother. 53 kg at that height is perfect and healthy. actually, cant wait till i lose my last few lbs in a healthy way and look like you probably do right now! :)
30 5'3" 154 1800 cals a day, but I'm breastfeed (but I am also not losing!)
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