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Weight Loss
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How many calories should I consume?

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Hi you guys, I'm in need of some info. I'm kind of confused on how many calories I should be eating in a day. I really try hard to not topple 2,000 a day and on a "cheat day" I will consume about 2,500. At the gym I usually burn around 800-1,000 calories from swimming. Yesterday I only consumed 1,400 calories and burned 800 at the gym and by the time I got home I took a shower and was in bed and I had no energy and was just really lethargic. I'm 5'2, female and I weigh 314 lbs. Anyone who can help, I would surely appreciate! Oh, and I should mention that 90% of my diet is vegetarian and I always try to steer clear from red meats and pork.
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hey :)

first off - no wonder you had no energy left yesterday after eating 1400 and doing that amount of exercise! i don't know how you managed it lol

secondly, i guessed you to be around 25 years old and your bmr cames out to be 2200 calories. so if i am anywhere close to your correct age you should not be eating less than 2200 calories a day! i mean, i weigh 290 pounds, although i am 5"11, so we have about the same bmr; but i lose 2-3 pounds a week eating an average per week (including cheat days), of 2400 calories. plus i don't even burn half the amount of calories from exercise that you do!

i'm not sure of your activity level, as you don't mention how many times you go to the gym/swimming, but with the amount of calories you say you burn, you are probably at least moderately active, in which case, you probably burn near to 3400 calories a day! if you are doing that, you are WAY under eating at 1400 calories, because that would have gave you a -2000 deficit, and -1000 should ideally be the most we aim for at our weight, although a few hundred more probably won't hurt if you have a high bodyfat store.

so, if i was you, i would start by eating 2400 calories a day (or averaged over the week, whatever suits you best). try this for a few weeks and if it doesnt work (although it should 100%). lower it and try again, but never go below 2200! remember you shouldn't rush the weight loss, it will just lead to massive plateaus, damaged metabolisms and even more saggy skin :( lol

ps, with being a vegeterian, make sure to try to eat enough protein!

good luck!
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