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Weight Loss
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A Calories is NOT a calorie (?!) Losing weight fast and increased by 1000

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Hello everyone!

So since most of you look at past posts you can see I'm gluten/soy/dairy intolerant and have eaten the same healthy things everyday for a long long time. This past week I had an awful IBS flare up and my doctor put me on something like this ( ) ...again. Since I really can't eat too many nuts because my system doesn't process fats too well I am eating rice and lots of it so I don't lose too much weight. Usually I would eat about 1400-1600 calories before this to maintain my weight but since my diet is basically fruits, vegetables, canned tuna, almond milk, puffed rice/brown rice and little bit of green valley lactose free yogurt this past week, I have just let myself eat as much as I want calorie-wise and focused on feeling better. Now, I really wasn't eating too much gluten besides about 300 calories of oatmeal a day with about 200-250 calories of greek yogurt for dairy. but I was eating egg whites, and lots of artificial sugars. I have also quit smoking for this week. The past few days I have eaten about 2000 calories if not more with more fat (from the milk, yogurt, nuts) and more carbs (about 500-650) from rice and have lost enough weight to make me underweight.

So what is going on? It's not water weight because my sodium intake is no different (always low) and I don't work out at all, I'm a art student who sits at a computer or studio desk all day long. I really believe that you can eat as much as you want if its high fiber and simple and healthy. I am not trying to lose and I don't have an eating disorder even though I did in the past which is why I have extreme IBS (for those of you contemplating eating disorders- ibs is not worth itttt!!) but I thought it might be interesting information for those trying to get healthy.


Any type of response would be great- what do you all think??

ps. sorry for the lengthy story I just had to explain everything :)


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Well since you have been eating between 1400-1600 calories and you are a young active student my guess is your metabolism revved up out of excitement at having more food/nutrition. You are at least 5' tall so 1600 really should have been your minimum especially as you were trying to maintain not lose. Eating more after not eating enough (contrary to rational thought) boosts your metabolism, like throwing a log on the fire. Plus if you never restored past the lowest healthy weight for your height then you didn't have much of a cushion between healthy and underweight. (don't know if that is the case for you or not but that is a factor) The best thing to do is up your calories and/or fats. Throw in some avocado, olive oil etc. Good luck.

I have celiac and when I have had gluten, I have a voracious appetite- but don't absorb all the food, so I don't gain weight. Maybe your body can't absorb all you are giving it- good luck, I hope you feel better.
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