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How much calories do you burn with Ramp it up!

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Can some one please tell me how much calories are burned with slim in six - Ramp it up!
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I personally use this y/16.html

I asked a week back and nobody had any input so I did some research and this is the closest. I log 40 minutes since that other 7 is yoga, etc. I get about 335 cals. Not bad!

Don't you love it???
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Well that's wonderful, but I am not sure if we are losing so many calories, because when i was going to the gym, i worked on the step machine for about 40  min. and I would have lost  
about 200 - 230 calories. (sorry about my bad english) And i think RIU
has lower impact than the step machine. What do you think? Have you ever tried the step machine? Can you make comparanse?
With all those lunges and squats I'm sure we're burning like crazy. Our heart rate slowly goes up and she keeps us there for about 40 minutes. I'd say at least 300 calories are burned. I'd say a step machine and squats/lunges are rather comparible. I wish there was more info on the beach body website but there's not. Today is my break day.... I feel helpless when I take a break day.

I wore a BodyBugg calorie counter today for my RIU workout and it told me that I burned 250 calories (I also did Slim and Limber).

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