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how many calories do we burn a day without added exercise??

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i know this is a broad question but im trying to wrap my mind around this.

if i consume 1200 calories a day and i burn 1200 calories a day because it takes a deficite of 3500 calories to loose a pound id essentialy loose nothing

 now taking into considering normal physical exertion (calorie use) to live,( exs. driving, kids, cleaning, sitting here typing this. . .) how much more am i burning? slightly confused. in need for cold hard facts.

please help :)

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Hiya Blika,

How many base calories (just to function each day, not including exercise) each of us burns is dependent on severals things: age, weight and gender being the three biggies.

You can figure out your own base metabolic rate (the cals you burn just to function) by clicking on the "Tools" option in the above menu, then selecting "Expenditure". Type in your stats, and choose "Sedentary" (even if you aren't) to figure out how much you burn as a base. You can add all of your activities on top of that.

Feel free to personal message me if you need help! Good luck.


It all depends on your daily energy expenditure (how active you are throughout your day), your age, weight, and gender. Calorie count plus should be telling you much you are losing on your main account page. If not, go to your tools and there is a tool that calculates your daily expediture. Trust me, you are losing a lot more than 1,200 a day. The average caloric expenditure of a normal person, by FDA standards, is 2,000 calories (hence why all those food labels base their percentages off of a 2,000 calorie diet), so if you are overweight and have a normal active lifestyle, you will be burning more that that.  

good thinking!

thankyou very much its all a bit clearer.


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