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800 calories for breakfast? :(

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I can resist the craving for biscuits, chocolates, ice cream, chips or other unhealthy snacks. I never fry my meals, and eat fast food only if we order pizza at a party. And I train for at least an hour every day... Overall, everything's fine with my weight and regime, but recently I discovered those calorie count websites and found out my cereal breakfast varies between 600 - 800 calories! I tried to cut this down, but it leaves me hungry and it just makes me eat more during the day. How can I fight this addiction? Or do you think I can keep it? :(

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If everything is fine with your weight, then clearly your breakfast is not too much for you.

Maybe cut the amount of it you have in half and add some protein is just a thought.
What the heck are you eating for breakfast?

I eat a serving of regular (not instant) oatmeal (1/4 c dry) with sliced raw almonds (2T) and honey, a big bowl of strawberries, coconut milk (8 oz) and 2 hard boiled eggs. I'm stuffed afterwards!
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If you're still losing weight, then why worry about changing?

I almost stopped eating breakfast cereals completely since I started losing weight. I found the recommended serving of 30g-40g was a minuscule portion that didn't even put a dent in my hunger after a nights sleep. A more reasonable portion for my appetite was 100g but 100g of a healthy breakfast cereal like Fruit n Fibre, of Special K, Bran flakes or something is still 370 calories. Add milk and a cup of tea and that's almost 400 calories.

I have other stuff now, wholemeal bread, reduced fat soft cheese, a bit of honey, eggs, fruit, mushroom, peppers, tomatoes etc. I get more from my calorie allowance and I find it more filling too. Breakfast cereals with milk are usually now only reserved for the occasional supper when I can't be bothered to cook and need some fast food.

Thank you for the replies,

Whoablackbetty, I tried eating oatmeal but I miss the crunch... And I can't really afford a very diverse breakfast with my salary. Embarassed

Sumayah, I choose only healthy cereals, Fruit & Fibre is my fav, but I eat 150-200 g of it, and it's already more than 600 cal. And it never leaves me feeling stuffed! Even if I've already had breakfast, I can always eat cereal... And it doesn't seem to cause anything to my outlook. But I'm still worried as thus I eat a lot of sugar, and it may cause other health problems in the future such as diabetes.

Back in my country, I was eating the same quantity, it was more caloric, but I was training every morning and evening. When I moved to UK, I found myself addicted to the crunchiness, but I can't find a healthier (and still cheap) alternative to the cereal. Only cabbage and carrots but this won't be breakfast, it'll be torture. Laughing

I know what you mean about the crunch! I would suggest trying to eat a breakfast that isn't centered around cereal, that is still fairly inexpensive--eggs, perhaps in some form of scramble with veggies, nuts, or fruit. Then, because you're craving the crunch, perhaps you could limit yourself to a serving of lower-calorie cereal with low/nonfat milk--cornflakes or Rice Krispies come to mind (~100 cals/cup--not sure how many grams that is).

Try other breakfast foods instead.  You might find you like something else better that's healthier.  Plus you can eat some fruit such as canteloupe or orange and reduce the cereal.  Try all kinds of combinations but tally up the calories for each.  

Thank you! :)

I experimented with my breakfast for a week, and did finally managed to cut the calorie intake by replacing the cereals with whole wheat biscuits and low-fat yoghurt. Almost no sugars and fats in those biscuits, and they still keep me fully energetic in the gym. :)

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