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Weight Loss
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Dude, this is the weirdest. I had been eating waay too little. And even though I didn't exercise today, I ate close to 2000 calories- 600 over BMR!!!! i was just STARVING, and I had all the right carb/protein/fat ratios! I just added a little extra this, a little of that, etc.

I am a teenager, with a BMI of 21.7.

Will this hurt me???
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Dont worry about eating 2000 cals. Thats actually healthy for a teenager. I myself am 15 and when I went into eating disorder treatment, my calorie plan was 2000 calories a day for maintanence and I ended up losing weight. Dont worry about it darling <3
Hey, 21.7 is healthy.
Nah, one day won't hurt, and I'm actually TRYING to get up to that calorie amount--it's so hard, though, because I'm barely up to 1200-1400 after eating only 600 calories a day. You can get away with eating a LOT more when you're a teenager, seriously. And if you're still worried about it, why not dance a couple hundred calories off in your room or something? Works for me :D
No, it'll help you. =)  Remember, teenager = growing = needs calories.  If your body's hungry like that, it's hungry for a reason.  Feed it, healthily!
no of course it wont hurt u... the only thing that hurts you is that u were actualy worried about 2000cal intake for a day...i mean the average diet for the american is 2000 calories (this is for adults who arent very active and who are no longer growing). I currently eat 3000 calories a day and i am underweight and im not gainning either...(i run alot for cross country) seriously though, eat more.
cc says that i am supposed to eat around 2400 cals a day for a sedentary lifestyle, but if i eat anywhere near 2000, like sunday and today, i feel so guilty. today i think i ate about 2300-2400, about 1000 more than what i wanted. in my head, 1300 cals is alright to survive on, but really it's not. i just wish i could eat and not feel so guilty. ugh. i was only going to have a piece of grilled chicken tonight, but i wound up also eating some noodles and corn along with some caramel corn. oh well. i'm going to an amusement park tomorrow so hopefully i'll walk some of it off.  
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