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Weight Loss
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400 calories a day

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I used to be able to only eat about 400 calories a day. but i let my self go one day and havnt been able to get back on track. i have how about 5 days been having 1150 calories a day. How can i get back to 400 or lower. how can i stop or ignore hunger?
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Eating 400 calories a day is simply not healthy.  You probably "let yourself go" because your body is STARVING!

Please desist from trying to starve yourself in this manner.

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But if i eat 1000 calories a day i will gain weight. and i cant gain weight.
Um, I think you need to go see a doctor. First I would see your family practicetioner, and he/she will say you are going to kill yourself with that few calories, and if you can not eat a healthy amount without feeling like you are getting fat, I would suggest seeking a eating disorder clinic.
Why are you afraid of gaining?
you need to see a doctor. i'm sorry, but if you insist on eating only 400 calories or less a day, you are medically sick and need to see a doctor.

if you do not have a doctor, go to your nearest ER department. you may be dehydrated and suffering from anemia (lack of iron).

you need help...and i hope you have the strength inside of you to seek the help you to someone, eat more and get help. please.

sending you thoughts and prayers...
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you definitely should not ignore your hunger. your body is telling you something important. even if you need to lose a hundred pounds you should never eat just 400 calories a day. you can't possibly get all the nutrition your body needs. your heart needs that much just to keep beating. if you want your brain and your intestines and all your other parts to keep working, you definitely need more than that. if you were responsible for taking care of someone else, and you fed her only 400 cals per day you would be guilty of abuse or neglect. why would you not take more care of your own self?
1150 is great!  Listen to your body - it seems to know what you need to be healthy.  You might have some initial weight gain after starving yourself on 400 cals, but when your body realizes that it's not in danger of starvation then your metabolism will speed up and you'll be losing weight at 1150 too! 

(Without more info - age, height, weight, etc, I can only generalize.)
Don't go below 1200! Ever! I recommend 1500-1800. With exercise, you can take in that many calories and still lose weight. 1500 is ideal for me.

Since your body is used to so few calories, you probably will gain weight if you go up, but it's in the name of health! After your body gets used to more calories, you will probably go back to losing weight again. It gets worse before it gets better. That's life.

Don't ever go back to 400 calories again, and eat more than 1150. That's not great either. Don't be afraid to eat a little more. Your body needs it, after all.
no living creature is ment to survive on 400 calories, you should probably break the plateu and stasrt eating normally, ill admit, you probably will gain a bit of weight at first, but once you stop starving your self. you will be normal and healthy, and honestly, thats all that matters.

i highly doubt your brain can physically function on 400 calories, my nurtionist even said " if Humans were just a blob of organs and skin sitting on a couch all day, doing nothing, we would still need a little over 1000 calories to surive"

so quite frankly, 400 calories is suicide, and probably will only lead to issues.
You must eat more than 400 calories... 

When you eat more now, you do gain weight that's because your body is STARVING and is trying to "save" all it can, thinking it won't get any more food.

Once your body gets used to getting the calories it needs (at least 1200 calories), you will not gain more weight. 
Listen to all these people... and PLEASE take a look at the post below for information on how to eat healthy: 0.html

When you've read all of it, then come back and ask as many questions as you like. 
noitry- like everyone else has said, this is not a healthy lifestyle!  You are killing yourself doing this- it is a form of anorexia, whether or not you see it.  I know you don't or you wouldn't be posting such things as you have.  Truth be told, gaining weight may be good for you.  This is killing your body and your mind, and you should not ignore the hunger you feel- it is your body telling you that you are starving to death right now!  Trust me I know it is hard- I suffered from bulemia in high school...don't take me for an example though, because I continued to have a very unhealthy relationship with food, just I reversed direction and gained A LOT of weight.  Instead, seek treatment...and you definitely need to reevaluate your entire life, not just your relationship with food, because there is usually a deeper root to these things than just food.  I really hope you listen to this and get better, not because I want to force you into anything, but because I want you to be healthy and happy, and not ruin your life.  Good luck
I just have to ask (because it seems to happen a lot here): Is this post for real or an attempt to get a ruse? If real and honestly seek help or opinion, then please elaborate on your profile. :)
I'm thinking this is a troll...
It seems like every single day there's some new thread from someone  who just joined that same day, has no profile, and the only post they ever make is some ludicrous should-already-be-dead-of-malnutrition claim, followed by repetitive, "No, I don't believe your advice, I think what I do is perfectly fine!  But do you think I'm wrong?  Please tell me, even though I'll never actually listen."  People who genuinely have an ED almost always have people in their real lives telling them to get help.  Anonymous people on the net aren't going to be of more help.

Trolls.  Wastes of perfectly good oxygen and bandwidth.  Ignore them, and perhaps they'll go away.
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Based only on the very small response you've had, it sounds like you may have an unhealthy relationship with your food. Please take the advice of the posters above and go talk to a doctor, or at least your parents.
If your average calorie consumption is less than 990 calorie it is very dangers! No jock, your body was not created to dill with those conditions. If you are averaging about 400 calorie a day you body stores all the fat and calorie in a fat reserve so that you cell in your body do not break down. If you eat any thing, your body will store it ALL. A.K.A. weight gain.
Your body is very active, all the time there are chemical refashions and you are always moving around your body needs to have energy to make you work. Right now you are starving your body and it is killing you.
You should be eating around 1000 to 1300 calorie a day to lose weight depending on your activity level. But, Wight now you should problem gain some weight, that would be the best thing.
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I totally understand u
same xact thing happened to me
since jan 17th i havent been able to get back down to 400 cals :(
its so frustrating

I'll say the same thing to you I've said to noitry. 400 calories is NOT a healthy number of calories and you WILL do damage to yourself that way.  Please don't do this to yourself.
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