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Weight Loss
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Hello I'm on cc for three weeks know and I have not see any change in my weight,is 1200 calories a day good for weight loss???
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No, it is not.

Ok so what is a health number of calories for me,I'm 5.2 and 155,my bmi 28.6 need to lose 15lbs so what should I do?

Calculate your BMR. Eat at that level.

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Friendly responses. U have been told!!!

Age ?


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Friendly responses. U have been told!!!

Who me ?

Yes female 31yrs.
I'm new to all of this,what is BMR??

Don't eat at your BMR, eat above it. Eat at your RMR. Exercise to burn calories and lose weight. Or if you choose not to exercise then eat between your RMR and BMR.

Ok thanks,I'm gonna try that and see if anything happens.

Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is 1,475.That is the average rate at which a person of your stats burns calories lying in bed whole day. While yours will obviously vary around the average you should go with that number n eat that as your minimum. Below that your metabolism hybernates n slows down to account for getting less calories making it harder for you to lose weight. Since you anyways burn another 200/300 calories going about your daily life you would lose weight even if you ate at this level. If you are doing considerable exercise you should increase your intake to cover part of what you burn. This minimum calories n increasing calories is not only about energy but also about the nutrients your body needs to maintain itself.

I would go with BMR over RMR.  When I calculated it online, I got a BMR of 1564 and an RMR of only 1073. 

also a basic calorie calculator works or getting advice from a personal trainer. I'm 5'10, female, and have moderate/medium activity level. Both came out to about 1700 cal to lose weight naturally. And it worked for me because Even through the holiday I kept some pounds off. 

why is her RMR so low i though a very small woman was at least at 1200.  this is what people say?

yes it is...i am on 1400 a day and usually don't even go over 1200 some days...i have seen some change in weight but the scale doesn't say so....working out is essential to weight loss i've found out.....for more than 1 hour each day.

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