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How many calories in 1 pound?

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Don't get pissy if you've already...  answered this question a hundred times.

How many calories does one have to burn off to equal 1 pound?



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i've heard 3500 more often
So if my calorie intake is 1600 and I wanted to lose a pound a day (I don't...just an example) I'd have to burn:

1600+3600= 5200 calories a day?  Interesting.  Thanks! 

So a quarter pound loss a day would be...*thinking*

3600/4= 900 calories

1600+900= 2500 calories burned daily.

I think I calculated that right.

Thanks again...and correct me if Im wrong!  :p 
It's 3500.  And I don't think people get 'pissy' when a question is asked that's been asked before, I think there's just a bit of an expectation that new users will attempt to use the tools available. 

its 3500

to lose 1 lb a week you cut 500 from your intake to maintain.

cut 1000 to lose 2 per wk.

above 1200 rule if you are female.

3500 calories = 1 lb

To lose 1lb / week - they generally suggest you have a 500 calorie deficit per day.  that equals 3500 calorie deficit per week and thus 1lb loss per week.

With the exception of it being 3500 calories equalling a pound, your calculation above is right.

Thanks guys!

I just said pissy cause someone else brought it up in another post...lame attempt to be funny I guess.
I know that the rule is 3500, but according to the numbers on these tools, I should be losing a pound a week and I have been losing 2.  Personally, I don't think that either the tools or my counting is off by much, but rather that there are nuances involved that are different for different people at different points in their journey. 
hey - is your name a reference to the hedy burress/angelina jolie movie?  i love that movie!
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